She’s Exploring Her Lesbian Side

[BuzzFoto] Which B/C list singer/musician who writes her own songs, recently came to the conclusion that because she has never really experienced a healthy relationship with a man, she might actually be gay? She’s always had really close women friends who she bonds well with, but her relationships with men always seem to go south and she’s never really felt she’s been in love before. She’s decided to explore this new part of herself and we’ll see if any new relationships pop up in the news. 712

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      • ineedtoknowwho says

        jjonesy, i agree with you. Kelly is more A/B. And no one here better even think about suggesting Taylor Swift. She is definitely A-list. ;/

      • hannavas says

        true; and this is the cause of some divorces although for some people it’s easier to just blame it on a midlife crisis than acknowledge they truly were born this way.

      • saucykitty says

        Yes, and a lot of people who are born that way are shamed into hiding it by bigots and homophobes.

        And some people just realize later in life.

        PS – You should check out Kinsey’s research.

      • lolocolo says

        Yup, people are “born that way”. That’s probably why she’s never had a healthy / true love relationship with a man. Way to be both close-minded and demeaning in only one sentence.

      • rosiedoes says

        Er, having a relationship with your own sex or gender doesn’t make you gay, necessarily.

        Much love, a bisexual.

    • NomiMalone says

      *Fun Fact* one of Kelly’s biggest hits “Miss Independent” was actually written by Christina Aguilera, it was a track that didn’t make it onto “Stripped” in the end, and it later wound up with Kelly who finished it and put it on her album :) you can still find Christina’s name in the credits

      I personally think Kelly is at the least bi, but she’ll always be A List to me!

      • Rock90210 says

        How is that a fun fact – alot of people write for other people. One of Kelly’s songs from her last album was written by Katy Perry. And the gal who used to write with Pink on all of her stuff wrote “I am Beautiful” for Christina. And on and on and on….and of course you can find song writer’s names in the credits – its where they belong.

      • NomiMalone says

        because Kelly was being thrown out as a popular guess for this, and Christina wasn’t, because a lot of people don’t know Christina is also a songwriter. that’s why I said “fun fact”.

        and no, Linda did not write Beautiful for Christina, she wrote it for herSELF. Everyone wanted that song, but she didn’t want to give it away. that is until she heard Christina sing it.

    • cocobeannns says

      Yea right. Taylor is A list. She took home two Grammy’s just last week, had a sell-out tour last year and was named entertainer of the year. Anyone guessing her must be living under a rock.

      • thejadedentrepreneur says

        She should be F list. Her lyrics are sophomoric, silly and read like diary entries from a 12 year old’s journal. Considering she’s the same age as infinitely more talented Adele really puts that into perspective.

      • Rock90210 says

        this is a really uncalled for comment. she has ton of fans which include my girlfriend who is considerably older than this demographic. Please keep your own “sophmoric” comments to yourself.

    • Eryn says

      I totally agree, although I’m searching for clues. I remember when her first CD came out, the songs were all apparently written by her, plus the word “pop” in the blind makes me think of the whole argument between Avril and her fans about whether she was a pop singer or a punk singer.

    • HotTeacher88 says

      I thought Sarah had been out as being bi for awhile. By the way, I can’t hear her name without seeing those sad doggie faces on that commercial.

    • thefantasticspazzomatic says

      Yes! Best guess so far :)
      Don’t believe Taylor Swift AT ALL. She is a professional beard, so she obviously knows the relationships she gets herself into are gonna fail. And if this isn’t the case, then her gaydar isn’t turned on. I just feel if a girl as young as her has had so many bad relationships, the FIRST thought she has isn’t to switch teams, ya know. She seems too young and naive for that type of thinking. Also, I heard she is still a virgin, so I dunno…

    • amagod121 says

      I like this guess. She hasn’t been exactly lucky in love. And Taylor S. would be awfully young to be switching teams due to bad relationships.

      Anyway, good luck to Sheryl or whomever this may be. Hope it works out for her.

    • shannonhumphreys says

      Sheryl Crow is exactly what I was thinking. She was big long enough ago to be B/C list now. Her relationships with men have been disasterous, and she’s got lots of famous close girl friends, like Jen Aniston.

    • hannavas says

      Sheryl Crow was my first guess but then I remembered she was with Lance Armstrong for quite a while so I changed it to Kelly Clarkson who I’ve often wondered about.

      • Rock90210 says

        I too first thought of Sheryl Crow right out of the box myself. But she is still “A” in my book – she has to be one of the best selling rock/folk gals of all time.

      • NomiMalone says

        yeah she does, actually. She writes just as much as Lady Gaga, they “co write” their songs and you’ll find Christina’s name first on almost every single song she’s put out since her “Stripped” album with the exception of a few gems that were handed to her. And not her name with a bunch of others, it’s usually just her and one other person. I’m a huge Linda Perry fan and I know how much Christina has written with Linda.

        This isn’t her blind, though, she’s been vocal about her attraction to women since like 2001. Christina has never hid that part about her, ever.

    • ineedtoknowwho says

      nnicole, i swear ive always gotten a vibe from her too. STRONG VIBE. and yes, i know that her first album was completely based on that bad relationship with dave coulier and that she dates ryan reynolds and has a baby now and bla bla bla, but i still think there is something there.

  1. hotel57 says

    I would consider Taylor Swift to be pretty much A list for how man-years she has dominated the Grammys. She sings and writes all her own music as well as does her own guitar.

  2. MoeschaB says

    Ashley Simpson? She is divorced with a baby but I dont know if “healthy” or “in Love” would describe her relationships – seriously, i do not know. Total guess. Definately B/C list, at best, IMO.

    • ChiChiLaRue says

      Ashlee…. writing her own songs? BAHAHAHAHAHA. Not in -this- reality!!

      I have to hop on board with the Kelly Clarkson guess. She’s the first person I thought of when reading this blind.

      • MoeschaB says

        I know she is pretty grimm in talent but her bio’s all say singer/songwriter (as well as actress believe it or not) She is closer to a c/d rating i guess. I just cannot see Kelly clarkson as b/c rating. Only thing not jiving with me yet…

      • ivyleaguer says

        she writes many of her songs. Shadow was based on her living in the shadow of her sister, Jessica for example. And she is more C list.

  3. Herkeda says

    Pink is a singer, songwriter, and plays several instruments. Is she still in that rocky relationship with her husband?

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

      Yes and they have an eight month old baby. She’s busy being a new mom and trying to get the baby weight off so I doubt it’s her.

  4. randaleaf says

    It is not Taylor Swift – Definately A list
    It is not Kelly Clarkson – Definately A/B list (she just sang the national anthem at the super bowl).

    Avril = B/C
    Michelle Branch = C/D
    Sheryl Crow = Maybe B/C – I think C/D
    Pink; She is married
    Kesha= C/D

  5. randaleaf says

    Alanis Morissette = Married

    Here are other Singer / Songwriters:
    Sara Bareilles
    Amy Lee (Evanesence)
    Lisa Loeb
    Stevie Nicks
    Katy Perry – A List
    Rihanna – A List

  6. cutieswift13 says

    Taylor is A or even A+ she won 2 Grammys last week. Not her. I think of Kelly Clarkson. Or Demi Lovato.

  7. CheshireKitty says

    Kelly Clarkson. I’d say she’s low B level now – dropped off a bit since her first two albums – and has flat out said she’s never been in love. Relationships never last or go anywhere.

  8. minxy08 says

    Kelly is definitely higher than B/C list…she has the #1 song in the country right now! Plus she’s not really a “musician” and while she does write some of her own songs she’s not really known for that.

    I would go more for someone like Sheryl Crow. The picture makes me thing of her song “Soak Up The Sun”

    • MoeschaB says

      agree with Minx! Sheryl Crow. That last line reference to “Pop” was gnawing at me and “Have some fun” is it! She has awesome women circle of pals but even she seems higher than b/c rating…the suggestion of “c” list drops talent alot I think – not just recent earning power. IMO

    • thefantasticspazzomatic says

      thought she was just a virgin?! So tired of Taylor Swift gossip, shes SO BORING. I don’t CARE to whom her vag belongs to.
      That being said, we have to consider a woman who sings and writes her own songs BUT more importantly PLAYS INSTRUMENTS! When was the last time Katy Perry, a popular answer so far, has touched an instrument that isn’t her breasts? LMAO
      Maybe its a country singer, as they usually sing and strum. Not a country fan so I would leave that to someone else.

  9. kee325 says

    Hmm, just to be different – what about Joss Stone? Or Colbie Caillat? Does anyone know much about their dating lives?

  10. sistersuper says

    Really convinced this is Kelly Clarkson. She has consistently denied being gay, but has also claimed to never been in love. Rumors are that she is dating one of her female managers or backup singers. Who cares though let the girl be happy.

  11. LiamForeman says

    My guess is Kelly Clarkson. I know I’ve read articles where she’d downplay the les thing by saying she’s had boyfriends, but never admitted to being in love with them or any of them going anywhere. It sounds like her. The B/C list bothers me though.

    If not Kelly, the Sheryl Crow. However she seemed to be in love with Lance Armstrong.

    Kelly Clarkson, final answer.

    • ineedtoknowwho says

      the b/c thing bother me too. i think this whole rating famous people is in the eye of the beholder. even if for the most part, we, as the people who log in here to write our guesses, can usually rate famous people better than the people writing these things. that said, kelly is more b/a. sheryl crowe could fit b/c.

  12. GossipGirl says

    This sounds like Kelly Clarkson. I would have thought she would have been considered a B list singer/musician but B/C is close enough.

  13. HotTeacher88 says

    When you say “musician”, I think of someone who plays an instrument. I didn’t know Kelly played anything but her perfect voice.

  14. HotTeacher88 says

    What about Vanessa Carleton, Sarah Borelis(spelling?) or KT Tunstall? They are all musician/singer/songwriters.

  15. PandoraWolf says

    Katy Perry (WITH Rihanna). Maybe with the divorce, she’s sort of in this limbo wondering “did I ever REALLY love Russell? Have I ever REALLY loved a man? Hmmmm.”

  16. timesink says

    Oh, I like the Sheryl Crow guess. I can see how having a relationship with Lance, the doper, would drive a straight woman gay (or a gay man straight).

    • saucykitty says

      The doping allegations were just closed by the Feds. He may be an alleged doper, but nothing was proven.

    • beesave says

      Britney is A+ list.

      The first one I thought of was Taylor Swift, but she’s definitely not B/C list either. Neither is Ke$ha.

      I’m going with Vanessa Carlton.
      Colbie Calliet is my second choice.
      Mandy Moore is my third choice.

    • CheshireKitty says

      Do you actually know anything about her or did you guess because of her genre? Not only has she pretty much admitted to being bi, she’s been married since 1998! Not exactly a string of bad relationships.

  17. lolamac says

    Not much good with ratings, it’s all subjective but what about Alicia Keyes for something different?

    Be gentle im a noob here!

    Ace, i made comments under the grammy no show&tweener &singer items&they didn’t get posted. Did i break a rule/any other reason? Long time lurker New below the line, just want to get along nice! X

  18. catsanddogs says

    No guess, just chiming in to say Kelly Clarkson is A-list-all-the-way-list. No way is she considered anything else. She sang at the Superbowl, hello!

  19. zooby says

    Tori Amos, Michelle Branch, and Mandy Moore are married. Avril is back with Brody Jenner.

    Taylor Swift is def A list… and I’d say Kelly is in that range as well. Plus, she’d look like an idiot if she was truly exploring her ‘lesbian side’ after being so insulted last month when asked if she is a lesbian. Usually gay celebs distract it a bit like Ricky Martin by refusing to ask the question – not denying it completely.

    The best guesses are Sheryl Crow, Vanessa Carlton, and Colbie Caillat… Vanessa apparently said she was bi last year so… so it’s prob her?

  20. CanaryCry says

    I’d say Sheryl Crow or Stevie Nicks – it’s said that at one point, the two gals were more than buddies.

  21. tkw1955 says

    I think “go south” is a clue. I think Texas would be considered southern in this blind. Kelly Clarkson is from Texas. I think it’s her.

  22. americanidiot says

    Pretty sure this is Colbie Caillat. She’s made jokes about her lack of success in the romance department, writes her own songs, and there has been speculation elsewhere not here that her guitarist may be a beard. On the other hand, she’s also said that she and her guitarist have been quietly together for several years.