Oscar Girl Loves Her Bottles

[NationalEnquirer] Which Oscar nominee loves her bo*ze just a little too much? The actress’ drinking binges haven’t raised any red flags in the Hollywood community yet, but her family has been trying to get her to quit because alcoh*l is known to aggravate some of her other medical conditions – none of which have been made public.

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  1. MoeschaB says

    My guess: Rooney Mara

    This years Best Actress and Best Actress in a Supporting Role are:
    Glen Close, Viloa Davis, Rooney Mara,
    Meryl Streep, Michelle Williams,
    Berenice Bejo, Jessicxa Chastain, Melissa McCarthy, Janet McTeer, Octavia Spencer.

      • MoeschaB says

        Understood and thanks. Outlined above are the most current of the approximate 840 nominees we can choose from. Its just a guess: “Girl, Oscar,Red flag, family, not hit Hollywood community yet” Just guesses based on clues we pick up.

      • VeronicaMarsBars says

        Whitney Houston’s last blind was headlined with ‘Grammy Girl…’
        Just for some perspective on the use of ‘girl’ and age of the individual in question.

  2. tiggerlgh says

    No clue, but my guess is Melissa McCarthy. A COMPLETE Guess but is it possible that she has diabetes and the sugars in the alcohol is causing her issues.

    • up2trouble says

      for some reason I don’t know, alcohol has the opposite effect on your blood sugar. When I drink, I have to take less insulin.

      • up2trouble says

        Hmm, I don’t know. My BFF is a pharmacist with specialized training in diabetes. She told me to taper insulin when I drink and I discovered she was right. Maybe it has to do with what I drink and that I rarely drink a lot. It also could be because of other medication I take. She knows me well so she would know all the variables without having to ask.

      • LavaMama says

        Type 1 diabetic here–alcohol makes my blood sugar just drop. I have to either 1) Adjust my fast-acting insulin by almost half if I’m drinking more that 2 glasses or wine or 2 glasses of beer, or 2) Eat something sugary to offset the drop.
        I can totally see this about being Melissa McCarthy.

    • peaches says

      Not joking..you folks are nice to share the info about diabetes..learned a lot of things i didn’t know..thanks

    • sweets says

      I think it depends on how much/what you are drinking. But I think this blind is referring to a mental disorder. Alcohol can cause episodes in people with episodic mental illnesses. Unless you’re Paula Deen, there’s no reason to hide having diabetes. I’ll go with Rooney Mara for this.

  3. MoeschaB says

    Shoot – now I am wavering with Melissa McCarthy “Bottles” in title may suggest baby bottles and she has a little one at home. And she isn’t a “girl” but she is newer to this circle but so are many nominees…ugh. Good One Ace!

    • smokey7 says

      Sorry to nitpick, but her father isn’t “a coach for the Giants.” Her great-grandfather founded the Giants, her grandfather owned- and now her uncle owns- the New York Giants. Her father is vp of the organization (or something like that.) She’s football royalty… and I didn’t even tell you about her connection to the Steelers. All that said, she’s too obvious a guess, but she does have a family history of drug/alcohol abuse.

  4. Kerzep says

    Wild guess – Melissa McCarthy.
    Could be with her weight she has diabetes issues also – and alcohol is not good for that.


  5. darkhare says

    Rooney Mara
    Viola Davis
    Glenn Close
    Meryl Streep
    Michelle Williams
    Jessica Chastain
    Octavia Spencer
    Berenice Bejo
    Melissa McCarthy
    Janet McTeer
    If the blind is referring to current nominees.

  6. Dface says

    Yay! Long term lurker, first time poster! My guess is Rooney Mara, because the 2 words were both starred out on an ‘O’, also, red flag reminded me of football, initially Wayne Rooney but also that she was born into a pro football family?!

    • MoeschaB says

      Not a dumb question – it was a clever clue… The “health issues” of this Oscar nominee “have not been made public” so we dont know. It makes us think a bit. Well done, Ace!

  7. liberache says

    Rooney Mara? Perhaps has bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorder or perhaps these conditions are comorbid?

  8. kurupt says

    just to put it in the mix……Rooney Mara has just replaced Blake lively in a project called ‘Side Effects’……might mean something

  9. apple martini says

    It doesn’t say “current nominee,” but with the Oscars coming up it may be implied.
    Rooney Mara seems like a good guess. She’s still newish enough not to attract to much press attention, which might be why no one’s noticed it yet. She’s from a very prominent football family (actually, two prominent football families), so they have several motives — private and public — to make sure she gets help.
    She was also the popular guess for the actress who was getting into a codependent (but not necessarily sexual) relationship with her director. Alcohol can aggravate some mental illnesses.

  10. Endoracat says

    I don’t think anybody has guess this actress but…
    I worked in the business for a studio and I can tell you a lot of people think Meryl Streep drinks a lot, and certainly gets drunk at public functions. Notice her at awards shows. I’m just sayin’.
    It’s hard to believe, but if you even read interviews with her, she talks about drinking quite a bit. Kinda like George Clooney does.

    • MoeschaB says

      i waited a couple days to see who responded to this but i do agree. Meryl is untouchable and no one “In the Biz” would dare touch her Oscar-Primed Prisitne name but its true. She is professional and her talent is absolute – but she does like the bottle. Who doesn’t??? : )