No Steak For You

[NationalEnquirer] Which morning TV show personality tried to throw his weight around, but was still turned away from an exclusive Indianapolis restaurant during the Super Bowl festivities? The plump correspondent, who was all set on chowing down on the eatery’s famous steaks, tried everything to score a table, but still wasn’t let in!

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  1. lh8990 says

    Al Roker is the only one I can think of who even remotely qualifies as ‘plump’. TV shuns the plump :)

    • hotpinkmomma says

      He is not a racist fart. He hugged my 70 year old momma when she went to the Today Show. He is a lovely person.

  2. HappilyEverAfter says

    Who is the guy who does the Smucker’s happy 100th birthday thing on the today show? Willard Scott? Him?

  3. the dominator says

    al roker probably couldn’t get into st. elmos
    that place has the greatest shrimp cocktails ever!
    makes every other place seem tame and lame.

  4. bubblingmama says

    The Dominator is right. St. Elmo’s was the steakhouse no one could get into. Tim Tebow was turned away as well and he ended up with his party at Palomino’s down the street. Multiple celebs were turned away during Super Bowl festivities due to the sizes of their parties or lack of seating.

    No doubt it was Al Roker.

  5. Rock90210 says

    Agreed on the St Elmo pick – and the comment about the shrimp coctails – that sauce will blow you away! Great place.