Broadcast Journos Heading For Divorce


[MediaBistro] Two broadcast journos are currently living apart. Like many people, both have had complexities in their personal lives leading up to their own, now troubled union. Will they divorce? Only time will tell. For now, he has been spotted repeatedly staying at an apartment building with another woman rumored to work at the same network. Unfortunately for him, his new neighbors aren’t too thrilled about it.


It’s John King and Dana Bash! Source: and TheWashingtonPost

This always struck us as a really odd pairing. They’ve been living apart for a while, and we’ll let them disclose the identity of the woman with whom he is now living.

BTW, John is on CNN as we’re writing this. Think he’ll include his breakup and the name of his new girlfriend as part of his news broadcast?

From TheWashingtonPost:

Separated: Dana Bash, 40, and John King, 48, after less than four years of marriage, a friend of the CNN stars confirmed to us Tuesday. The veteran political reporters — he’s the anchor of an eponymous prime-time show, she’s senior congressional correspondent — went public with their office romance in summer of 2007 and married on Cape Cod in May 2008. King, a Roman Catholic by birth, converted to Judaism before their wedding. Just last June, she gave birth to their first child, a boy named Jonah. (Both were previously wed; he has two teenagers by his first marriage.) Though still seen together in CNN reports, we’re told they’ve been living apart for the last several months. “They continue to co-parent their young son and to work together with the utmost professionalism,” their friend told us. “They ask that their privacy be respected during this difficult time.” Said another friend: “It’s been a very difficult process getting to this point, one that neither party wanted.”

Pattycakes was first with a correct guess. Well done!

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  1. SnowyHeights says

    Don’t really pay much attention to newscasters’ personal lives, but John Roberts and Kyra Phillips have an interesting story leading up to their union. He switched to CNN’s location in Atlanta to be closer to her since she was pregnant, then left for Fox’s station in that same area. They were engaged the last time I heard about them.

    • lh8990 says

      I agree with John Roberts and Kyra Phillips. Too bad; they just had twins. But now that I look further, I find no evidence that they actually married. Might be King and Bash then.

  2. New2Me says

    Al Roker is married to fellow journalist Deborah Roberts, his third wife. Not sure who he is staying with though.

    • HotTeacher88 says

      This was my first thought! He flirts so much with that Taryn chick who’s on Today and MSNBC, that I was wondering how his wife felt about it. It looks to be so disrespectful and humiliating to her. Taryn put her hand on his knee once, giggling, “He likes that!”. He sniffs around her like a puppy during their segments together. I’ve seen this with my own eyes. Why can’t older men see that when much younger women go after them, they have an agenda? The men end up alone and broken after leaving a good age-appropriate wife. Even if this isn’t Al Roker, he needs to stop.

  3. usadevolved says

    The two that came to mind was John King and Dana Bash; married in 2008. He’s in love with himself and is the better looking of the two. Not surprised that has something on the side.

  4. ekie66 says

    Maury Povich and Connie Chung? Only married journalists I could think of. At least, Maury used to be considered one.

  5. Sunflower says

    Hmmm …. CNN’s John King & Dana Bash are married & just had their first child last June.

    Then there’s Fox’s John Roberts, who used to be with CNN, which is where his baby mama/finacee Kyra Phillips still works as anchor. They had twins last March. I don’t think they’re married yet.

    I’m leaning towards King/Bash … King strikes me as rather arrogant & the type who’d openly carry on an affair.

  6. michaelboston80 says

    Brit Hume and his wife, obviously. He’s still dealing with his son’s suicide, and they both work at FNC.

    • 4sixx2 says

      I’m with you OohDo!! That’s exactly who I thought of. I didn’t know if they would be considered “Broadcast Journalists”, but I think “Political Pundits” would be too obvious.

  7. luvprue1 says

    I think I know this. It’s Bob Sirott( WGN News) and Marianne Murciano (Fox thing in the morning). Or it could be “Jay Levine (WLS and WBBM News) and his wife Mary Anne Childers ( of WBBM news).

  8. GoGetEm says

    George Stephanopolous and Ali Wentworth! I can’t stand her, and the pic looks a lot like both of them!

  9. HeadhuntNYC says

    I don’t think it’s John King and Dana Bash . . . I’ve met him and he’s a nice guy. Hard to fathom that he’d walk from a relationship, a baby.

    Maury and Connie . . . that seems plausible to me. Who is Geraldo with these days?