1. Stinkweed says

    Whoever it is needs to stop by Willie’s ranch and smoke a bone.

    My guess is Stephen Tyler during the Idol auditions.

  2. cheefskiver says

    This sounds like it should be Rod Stewart, but I hope not. I thought he was above this behaviour

    • saucykitty says

      I’m going with this, as he seems to be the only one who fits the bill. Bowie, McCartney, and Starr all have pretty short hair.

      Or wait. Didn’t David Geffen used to sing?!?!

    • Bromance1979 says

      That was my guess, too. The post says rocker and vocalist, so it fits, and he’s in Austin.

    • justplainawesome says

      definitely Robert Plant. A friend of mine tweeted a pic of him leaving a Starbucks in Austin a few weeks ago.

  3. demon squeaker says

    Oh, our Prince of Darkness (aka Birmingham’s ‘most famous veg’.. (according to Mr. J. Clarkson from TG) – don’t get so annoyed, remember where you were when you ordered Mr Osbourne… \m/

  4. Kerzep says

    Aw, Lordy. Say it aint, so! But this sounds like Robert Plant. I’m a huge Led Zeppelin fan (check the moniker)and I hate to hear bad stuff about any of them.

  5. lolamac says

    First thought was Ozzy Osbourne….but could be Meat Loaf, he studied@Uni in Texas….don’t know what length his hair is at present.

  6. sawyer319 says

    Robert plant lives here in Austin, I’m gonna go w/him. Rumor is he can be a diva sometimes…

  7. LaLeche says

    Robert Plant. First time poster because I want to declare my love for BG on Valentine’s Day and because this blind takes place where I live. Love you, Ace!

  8. catsanddogs says

    Sadly this has gots to be Plant.. It all fits. His carer has swung to folk & bluegrass last five or si years (won a Grammy with Allison Krauss for Raising Sand I believe), he’s aging and a hair god and British. Mick isn’t a hair god (least not in recent history) and no one else really hits all the marks/makes sense.

  9. MissMonroe69 says

    hmm…. I don’t know who this is, but at the prices of Starbucks, it SHOULD be what your ordered! I’ve gotten the wrong thing in a drive thru before and it sure did ruin my day!
    just saying….

  10. New Belgium says

    I’m going with Rod Stewart. Aging British rocker, longish hair (which looks ridiculous, in my opinion), and he was spotted a couple of years ago at a Starbucks in my office building while performing here in Denver. So he may be a fan of Starbucks and have a specific drink.

  11. ShockingBlue says

    Long time lover of BG – first time to post.

    Definitely Robert Plant. I live in Austin too and see him lurking around town all the time. Could certainly see his scraggly old rocker self pitching a fit at some poor Starbucks employee. Too bad.

  12. Grrrr8 says

    Dude in the cartoon looks like Johnny Rotten/Lydon…but his hair/spikes, wouldn’t be considered that long…

  13. MoeschaB says

    I’ll go with Elton John. Ha! Even though i absolutely cannot picture him in Austin, TX @ a Starbucks. Pitching a fit – absolutely!Sorry Elton – I do love you!