• ineedtoknowwho says

      I thought this too but I believe they have only been in one movie together and its not even done filming yet so they couldnt have had a press junket yet. I have no clue as to who else =(

  1. Beatrixie says

    My guess is Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston, promoting their movie Wanderlust, with Jen sleeping with a female publicist (dunno who :D)

  2. smc924 says

    Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson from the hunger games … they just had their junkit on January 23rd.

  3. HappilyEverAfter says

    Jen definitely has a bisexual vibe…I could see her and Paul doing that. BUT…I know it wasn’t TOO recent but the first two that sprang to mind were JT & Mila Kunis…

  4. danixo says

    channing tatum and racheal adams is that their names form the vow movie?? im just guessng cause their the only couple i know who were promoting a recent movie. Lol im an amateur blind guesser **shrug**

  5. apple martini says

    It’s not Robsten, they haven’t been promoting any new movie have they?
    I like the Lawrence/Hutcherson guess, for The Hunger Games.

  6. alwayscallandy says

    That would have to be Chris Pine and Reese Witherspoon, not Chelsea. Pine and Witherspoon are currently promoting their spy rom-com, THIS MEANS WAR. I am not necessarily saying that it was them, though it could be, but I like Jen and Paul more for this one.

    • MoeschaB says

      Jen and Paul do make sense with this blind. I just dont see Jenn having the moxy or inner-freedom to follow through and win a bet like this. Now Paul – yup!

    • ClaudeFunston says

      Well, by all accounts (gossip ones and hints by Reese herself, anyway) Reese is bisexual so this could be a pretty solid guess.

  7. MoeschaB says

    JT and CammyD. They are nutz and would totally make that bet. The movie was Bad Teacher(???) But not recent though – Shoot! (JT would have won that bet within a day anyways) : )