The Girl You Love To Hate


[Spoiler Alert! Don’t read this if you don’t want to know who wins The Bachelor!]

[BlindGossip] We don’t know why reality shows that taped months ago think that everybody associated with the production can keep a secret. The winner of this ridiculous reality show was selected long ago. It’s the girl you love to hate. Blech. She’s just desperate to be famous. No use telling this nasty, vicious thing to put her clothes back on, though, because she’s sure she has a date with destiny. That’s true if by “date with destiny” she actually means “future meeting with a po*n producer”.


It’s Courtney Robertson! Source:

Yes, that horrible girl wins The Bachelor.

Even when she’s not busy stripping off her clothes, Courtney is Winning! Her friends vouch for her high moral character: “Her best line is before having sex with a man. She’ll ask him, ‘Are your ready for your date with destiny?’”

Ben Flijiniajiakjanik is getting exactly what he deserves.

So these two idiots will be engaged for about fifteen minutes and she’ll parade around wearing a big diamond ring that he didn’t pay for and they’ll do a couple of magazine covers and they’ll have a fight and they’ll break up and get together and they’ll do another magazine cover and break up again and go their separate ways and both try to get on another reality show and then she will pursue an acting career and an FHM or Playboy spread and one of the girls who got rejected will become the next Bachelorette and then this f*ckery will start all over again and… and… oh, who cares.

Congratulations to everybody who got it right, starting with WTFOMGLOLROTFL and Moonshy!

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  1. moonshy says

    The Bachelor and Courtney, the rumored winner. So many clues.
    — Everyone loves to hate her.
    — “…a date with destiny…” referring to the dating show.
    — “…put her clothes back on…” referring to her skinny dipping on the show.
    — “…desperate to be famous…” because she walked a red carpet with Jesse Metcalf a few years ago.

    I’m sad for myself that I know this much about this season of The Bachelor, and I haven’t even watched it a lot (this year).

    • 2legit2quit says

      Allegedly, right before Courtney sleeps with someone she always says,”Are you ready for a date with destiny?” or some garbage like that. I forget what site I read it at.

  2. SayItAintSo says

    Of course it’s courtney on the bachelor. I have had to turn it because I can’t stand to watch her version of mean girls. ugh!

    • SayItAintSo says

      Also Courtney Robinson has gotten naked on a couple occasion’s. Once to skinny dip and once under a tribal top. She is a “model” and is the one that everyone has talked about this season and it’s not in a good way. lol

    • anactoria says

      It can’t be The Voice; that comes down to viewer votes in the later stages, so everything is live.

  3. schrott9 says

    This is Courtney the model winning the Bachelor this season. The show has been wrapped since November, when Ben proposed and they are engaged. All the girls on the show hate her and if you take a look at her past relationships they are all actors or agents. She’s definitely looking for her 15 mins….

  4. gingersnappped says

    courtney robertson from the bachelor. reality steve reported her as the winner months ago and of course clothes back on refers to the skank going skinny dipping with ben.

  5. court929 says

    It’s Courtney Robertson from “The Bachelor.” Nobody likes her because she is fake and rude. Furthermore, US Magazine came out with an interview with a former flame of hers:”Now, Courtney is pulling her moves on poor, unsuspecting Ben. “She knows exactly what to say to guys,” says the source. “Her best line is before having sex with a man. She’ll ask him, ‘Are your ready for your date with destiny?’”

  6. travelingrory says

    First time, long time! :) This sure sounds like Courtney from The Bachelor. Didn’t one of her exes say in an article that before getting it on with a guy she asked him if he was ready for his date with destiny?!

  7. ImAWhoDat says

    This is solved on another site as the Bachelor. I don’t watch the show so I don’t know the names but it’s definitely out there.

  8. Tracy511 says

    I assume it’s someone from the Bachelor? I don’t watch it so not sure, but that’s where the clues seem to point…

  9. redstilettos says

    I’m trying to figure out how many competitive reality shows there are (haven’t they dwindled?). The only one I can think of is Survivor.

    • mehallokitty says

      I love this guess but it looks like the winner hasn’t been revealed yet. If not the case then I’m totally with you on this. It was obvious that she was going to win from the very beginning.

  10. mmmd3 says

    Courtney on Bachelor, obviously. Also saw a spoiler alert that she “wins” this season’s Bachelor.

  11. ZuzuBee says

    Courtney from the Bachelor! Clues: “put her clothes back on” – she skinny dipped and went topless on the show; “date.”

  12. kristiner says

    Big Brother’s Rachel?

    Who didn’t hate her and she was really skanky like and there’s something ridiculous about her relationship with Brendon.

  13. PrincessTiff says

    Has to be the beotch on The Bachelor. Can’t remember her name, but the model with no lips who kinda looks like Jessica Simpson

  14. jordan123456 says

    Courtney from The Bachelor? Where it says it is no use telling her to keep her clothes on is a reference to an episode a couple weeks ago when she went skinny dipping, then last week she didn’t have a top on…i need to stop watching this show.

  15. Beachlover says

    Well,I’m guessing Courtney on the Bachelor. I’ve tried to avoid the spoilers but it couldn’t be anyone else. Blech is right, Ace! She is despicable.

  16. candycane says

    It’s gotta be that girl from the current Bachelor–don’t know her name, just know everyone hates her. The clue being date with destiny, maybe?

  17. eggie89 says

    This is courtney from The Bachelor. I’m embarrassed to say i still watch. I think it’s a hint that this item was posted on Monday, the day the show airs. She also has long, dark hair like the woman in the picture..

  18. Toenail_Stew says

    Nah, it’s Courtney from The Bachelor. She’s a real piece of work but she makes the show interesting at least.

    New poster!! Love this site!

  19. LBoogie says

    This is Courtney Robertson from the Bachelor… she’s a snake and always naked.

    Cheers BG!


  20. tatehill2000 says

    Courtney from the Bachelor?
    1. everyone hates her
    2. she went skinny dipping with ben a week ago
    3. She went topless in another episode.

  21. Dak1928 says

    Gang, of course it’s Courtney, from The Bachelor.

    Here’s an analysis:

    “taped months ago” – The Bachelor is finished taping before it airs.
    “The winner of this ridiculous reality show was selected long ago.” – Ben proposed to Courtney back in November.
    “It’s the girl you love to hate.” – We all hate her, but she’s also why we watch.
    “No use telling this nasty, vicious thing to put her clothes back on …” – Skinny dipping.
    “… date with destiny …” – The format of the show is a series of dates with the bachelor.
    “future meeting with a po*n producer” – An entirely appropriate career for Courtney.

    Also, the reference to “everybody … can keep a secret” likely references the many spoiler sites out there, claiming to have insider information about whom Ben chooses in the end.

  22. jennycee says

    First time poster.. As soon as I read it I thought of Courtney from the Bachelor – as they mention “date” several times – as for being desperate to be famous apparently she has dated around Hollywood. She was also vicious to the other girls and complains all the time about having to wear clothes.

  23. guiltysecret says

    Easy peasy: Courtney from The Bachelor. Everyone loathes her, and she went skinny dipping in a recent episode (thus, the “put her clothes on” comment). Plus, she looks vaguely like the woman in the photo. Long time lurker, first post. *Love* this site! :)

  24. Shouldbeworking says

    I don’t watch, but Reality Steve has spoilers for _The Bachelor_ that reveal the final four and the winner. I don’t know if the woman who wins fits this description, and I won’t spoil it for those who care, but it seems like that might be the show in question.

    • Shouldbeworking says

      Apparently, yes, if you read the spoilers the woman who won does fit this description. Also, the heart sunglasses are a clue that it’s one of the dating shows.

  25. daisy_mae says

    Courtney Robertson from The Bachelor. “date with destiny” is what she reportedly tells all guys before she sleeps with them.
    First time poster!

  26. chiente says

    It’s Courtney from The Bachelor. What a skank. Guaranteed STD. First time poster. Love the site.

  27. KiwiFi says

    Courtney from this season of the Bachelor – she’s getting a bad edit, and dated someone famous (if only I could remember who >_<)
    This one was easy if you read a certain bachelor spoilers blog 😀

  28. brunettegal804 says

    What about Courtney from the Bachelor. The other girls dislike her and think she is just using Ben. I don’t watch the show but I read somewhere they went skinny dipping together which upset the other girls.

    I don’t think it’s Rachel from BB. People actually liked her this past season and she is engaged to Brandon. They are doing the upcoming season of TAR so I guess it’s possible but it sounds more like Courtney.

  29. ellebee says

    courtney from the bachelor. But i would be shocked if she makes it much further.
    I think she is talking about getting naked a lot and she is on a dating show.

  30. sarah1441 says

    First post!

    This can’t be anyone else but Courtney from this season’s the Bachelor. Not only did she get naked for the cameras (skinny dipping), but there are rumors of a sex tape, and that she tells men before sex they’re about to have a “date with destiny”. So gross and tacky.

    Now, Courtney is pulling her moves on poor, unsuspecting Ben. “She knows exactly what to say to guys,” says the source. “Her best line is before having sex with a man. She’ll ask him, ‘Are your ready for your date with destiny?’”

  31. maybe21 says

    Courtney on the bachelor. she went skinny dipping hence the keeping her clothes on look. rumor is she “wins”

  32. karaduff says

    Oh God. Please don’t be Courtney on The Bachelor. She is a vile creature I would like to beat the crap out of in a dark alley.

  33. daniiiiiiiiella says

    Whitney from The Bachelor? It’s already been reported she’s the winner and the whole show has basically been focused on bashing her.

  34. Siryn says

    Courtney from The Bachelor? Ugh, she’s just horrid.
    Of course ya gotta wonder how much is scripted with that show.

  35. Capt Obvious says

    Courtney “wins” The Bachelor. Everyone hates her, she’s already gone skinny dipping on the show (put her clothes back on), and Ben proposes to her (date with destiny).

  36. Geriwonders says

    It has to be Courtney on The Bachelor with Ben F. I gave up on this season because of her. Now is know the show is fixed…only took me how many years?!

  37. cjane says

    I am ashamed to have enough information to guess Courtney from The Bachelor. She looks like she has chronic lip sores.

  38. maineiac says

    A lovely lady from The Bachelor? (I don’t watch so no clue – but they seem pretty desperate)

  39. anonymouse says

    maybe that Courtney girl from the bachelor?
    1. everyone hates her because she’s a famewh*re and has blatantly said she’s using Ben.
    2. She always takes her shirt off on the show (example: when she and Ben went skinny-dipping on a date)
    3. “date with destiney”- the bachelor is a dating show that’s meant to help people find true love (yeah ok.)
    4. the bachelor is filmed far in advance.

    oh yeah, long time daily lurker, first time poster :)

  40. KyrasMaMa says

    This is Cortney from the Bachelor. I saw a leak on the net about three weeks ago saying she wins. She is the most evil person I have ever seen on a reality show – and she doesn’t care cuz she’s made it clear she is there to be a star……

  41. sketchy36 says

    First timer here!

    Courtney from the Bachelor…

    Everyone hates her, talking about putting her clothes on goes with the skinny dipping and taking off her top in the Panama Village. Two faced with her intentions with Ben…

  42. smc924 says

    Courtney from the Bachelor. Hands down. She hasn’t one yet but is rumored to. She is is arrogant, conniving, ignorant, and just plain ridiculous. Girl you love to hate is a perfect description. She exposes herself on the show every chance she gets — ie skinny dipping ( clue No use telling this nasty, vicious thing to put her clothes back on, _ As for desperate to be famous — shes dated Jesse Metcalf who has come out saying he thought she was using him for fame. Oh Courtney go to porn, please, so the rest of us can forget you exist and your fan base can be as nasty as you are.

  43. etak108 says

    Someone on the Bachelor? The heart shaped sunglasses make me think it’s one of those phony “love” competitions