The Girl You Love To Hate


[Spoiler Alert! Don’t read this if you don’t want to know who wins The Bachelor!]

[BlindGossip] We don’t know why reality shows that taped months ago think that everybody associated with the production can keep a secret. The winner of this ridiculous reality show was selected long ago. It’s the girl you love to hate. Blech. She’s just desperate to be famous. No use telling this nasty, vicious thing to put her clothes back on, though, because she’s sure she has a date with destiny. That’s true if by “date with destiny” she actually means “future meeting with a po*n producer”.


It’s Courtney Robertson! Source:

Yes, that horrible girl wins The Bachelor.

Even when she’s not busy stripping off her clothes, Courtney is Winning! Her friends vouch for her high moral character: “Her best line is before having sex with a man. She’ll ask him, ‘Are your ready for your date with destiny?’”

Ben Flijiniajiakjanik is getting exactly what he deserves.

So these two idiots will be engaged for about fifteen minutes and she’ll parade around wearing a big diamond ring that he didn’t pay for and they’ll do a couple of magazine covers and they’ll have a fight and they’ll break up and get together and they’ll do another magazine cover and break up again and go their separate ways and both try to get on another reality show and then she will pursue an acting career and an FHM or Playboy spread and one of the girls who got rejected will become the next Bachelorette and then this f*ckery will start all over again and… and… oh, who cares.

Congratulations to everybody who got it right, starting with WTFOMGLOLROTFL and Moonshy!

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