Going At It Backstage at Fashion Week

[CDAN] About every other Fashion Week or so there is always a blind item about someone having sex backstage somewhere and I don’t think I have ever revealed one of them. This year though, it will be revealed. So, if you want to know what former A list R&B singer and now struggling to stay relevant anyway she can saw someone she thought could help her struggling comeback while at Fashion Week. The next thing you know they were backstage and having at it. Apparently it was not just her dress that caused some attention. Our singer is kind of loud.

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  1. BitterBlondin says

    The loud part made me think of Rihanna but since she was at the Grammys I’ll go with Ashanti.

  2. mocha2009 says

    Wow, I’m going to guess Ashanti because I’ve seen pictures of her in an interesting looking barely there dress she wore to some fashion week event all over the internets this morning:)

  3. smd1004p says

    ok the clues are dress causing attention [j-lo deep v dress] and kind of loud [her song “lets get loud”}-

  4. heelsoverhead says

    Ciara. There’s a lot of blind items about her doing something pathetic to stay relevant.

    • modelle18 says

      yah i could see her being the subject of the blind. the only thing that makes me think its not her is i wouldnt consider her an former A list singer. she is big in the USA on and off but she definitely doesnt have the international exposure as an A lister normally does.

  5. KingKatie says

    Ashanti was at NY Fashion Week and wore a pretty … interesting dress so I’m going with her.

  6. Aurora7247 says

    Ashanti at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Show & I have no clue with who…

    Her dress was EXTREMELY revealing and she had an awful braid around her forehead…

  7. Beatrixie says

    Ashanti…. I’ve seen pictures of her from NYFW–she’s wearing this see-through dress that was described as being like “Sexy Pocahontas”.

  8. doomdreamer says

    Ashanti (and her ridiculous costume) for the former singer. No idea who the guy was. She was pictured with an actor, Eric West I think his name was, but I don’t think it was him.

  9. kendo100 says

    It’s Ashanti. Google her for the dress she wore recently, just begging for attention. J. Lo loves attention for sure, but she has a highly visible and well paid gig on American Idol right now, she’s doing just fine.

    The clue is ‘struggling to stay relevant R & B singer’.

  10. gumbii2662 says

    I just saw a picture of Ashanti in a “dress” (and I hesitate to call it that) that was really slu**y. My guess is Ashanti.

  11. transations says

    Ashanti. This is the outfit that caused an uproar: [links without a full explanation not allowed]

    • transations says

      should I only link to the picture next time? :/ I’m confused, I thought I explained it well enough. My apologies.

  12. Mozez808 says

    This is Ashanti. Mediatakeout.com had this as an item today, complete with a picture of her costumer..er…dress! Pretty sure this is her, particularly since there were rumors that she hit Jay-Z off in exchange for him working to make her next album a success. (Probably why Beyonce only took a month off lol) The following link is to the article on mediatakeout.com and it describes her sloring for attention with a pic of the “dress” at fashion week.

    Hey Ace-Boon! First time poster in da hizzouze!!! lol

    • court929 says

      Amerie was never A list. She had one charted song. She was married in 2011. Highly doubt it is her.

    • princesslisa says

      Maybe Ashanti and Kanye? Ciara was at his show in 10/2011- I didn’t realize fashion week was happening again. Looks like Ashanti was pictured, so was Kanye.. Haven’t seen them together, but a track with Kanye would probably help one of them.

  13. lasvegasnative says

    PS – I don’t think she sang it, but her name is linked with the song about a billion times on google…

  14. NeedNoStinkinBadges says

    I wish people would stop calling it a Pocahontas dress. That is so insulting to Pocahontas!