The Swan and The Meat Dress

[BlindGossip] There was a big fashion controversy in the days leading up to the Grammys. This particular singer was not about to let anyone outshine them on the red carpet. “F*ck the swan and f*ck the meat dress!” they said. “I want something really outrageous!”

They changed designers and outfits several times in the days leading up to the awards show, with each iteration getting more and more controversial. When the decision was finally made, a shouting match ensued between the singer and their manager. “There’s a difference between creative and offensive, and you’ve crossed the line!” Even the star’s close friends argued passionately about the outfit. Some were calling it genius, some were calling it tacky. It will be interesting to see if there will be a backlash tomorrow… and if that backlash will hurt record sales.

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    • Rednfreckled says

      Definitely Nicki. She and her bf/manager Safaree got into a heated argument and he wrote something on twitter about it.

    • WindyLAX says

      It has to be, I cannot think of anyone else who wore something remotely controversial. Maybe that Russian with the machine gun arm, she’s not even relevant enough for me to care to look up her name and whether or not she is even a singer, though, so it can’t be her.

    • Singapore Slang says

      I wasn’t offended by that whole display but it was so tacky. She’s trying way too hard now.

    • greygoose125 says

      You hit the nail on the head with that guess – I’m so sick of this no talent woman who constantly steals her style/ideas from Lady GaGa. A real no talent.

      • please.. says

        GaGa?? please.. Madonna has been there and done that 90% of the time with these dumb chicks like it or not. Facts is facts, bebe..

    • akajenb says

      Nicki look like a * clown, and it’s offensive.I guess her crazy bf knew it was wrong as well, she is so desperate for attention.

      • ivyleaguer says

        It she actually wanted to be controversial she should should have shown up in a Burka or an Abaya. Now that would caused a hailstorm of controversy and perhaps a jihad against her as well.

  1. rajahdeux says

    Going with Fergie on this one. Clue being “outrageous,” which is the name of her Avon perfume. Also just read an article saying she chose her peek-a-boo bra and undies outfit which was “the safe choice” of the two. Guessing she didn’t pick the racy one this blind refers to.

      • amagod121 says

        Yes, it was. And the Fergie guess isn’t bad, considering it was a rather unusual choice to wear. Not too many years ago it WOULD have been THE controversial dress of the show but things have changed a lot in the past few years.

      • iammeme says

        I guess I’m the only one that thought Fergie looked pretty good. I mean have you seen her in past years?!?! And it’s the Grammys- always one of the WORST dressed award shows!

    • rajahdeux says

      Thanks for the thoughtful, articulate reply. Incidentally, I retracted my answer and went with Ms. Minaj about 10 seconds after posting my initial response – in a comment that’s still in moderation.

      As always, keep it classy!

    • betazors says

      Me too. Hey, it’s the grammies, it’s supposed to be the “shocking” awards show…and hey, a cool cape is a cool cape.

    • Tracy511 says

      Also, sometimes Catholics call on a boycott if they object — explaining the hurt album sales.

  2. brunettegal804 says

    Just saw Sasha Gradiva’s outfit…never heard of her and another person who deserves to be on the worst dressed list.

    • jeannie says

      I’m sure the blind is about Nicki but Sasha’s outfit was so terrible! Even worse than Nicki’s in my opinion. And I have no idea who Sasha Gradiva is. But the cyborg arm made out of guns was just ridiculous.

  3. jonsmommy408 says

    Nikki Minaj. Didn’t she learn f’in with the pope is a career killer from Sinead O’Conner?

  4. tonisl says

    Nicki Minaj – Little Red Attention * (Borrowed that nickname from someone else, but … tres appropos!) with a Pope look-alike.

  5. Ihave4Boys says

    Off the top of my head, the only one I remember being tacky was Fergie’s see-through lace dress with bra and underwear showing.

    • Ihave4Boys says

      Ooooo, I take that back! I forgot about Nicki Minaj’s weird pope cape/dress thing. I can see that as being offensive to Catholics.

  6. Nikita582 says

    I am about 90% sure this is Nicki Minaj because everyone I know was all ‘what the hell is she wearing’ until she sang then we were all ‘what the hell is she doing’. I say 90% sure because I figure there is a 10% chance this was Fergie ( except not really, because next to Nicki she almost looked normal). But Nicki has nothing to worry about because I think people will be talking about her tomorrow due to that hot mess performance she gave not her dress. And FYI I am actually someone who likes Nicki Minaj, I just could not believe what I was seeing.

    • SnowyHeights says

      LOL, that performance was truly a hot mess. I seriously went between laughing and wondering WTF I was watching. Definitely the most entertaining portion of the Grammys for not-so-positive reasons.

      • DesertGhost says

        I love how Michelle Branch tweeted that she changed the channel when she knew Nicki Minaj was coming on.

  7. SnowyHeights says

    Nicki Minaj and her Catholic costume? I thought it was hilarious. But she’s really trying to hard to be hip hop’s Lady Gaga at this point. She needs to go back to how she was two years ago.

    • Shouldbeworking says

      I’m with you…I wasn’t so much offended by Minaj’s outfit as “meh, it’s been done.” It wasn’t outrageous — because it was trying too hard to be outrageous. As it was, it was just silly.

  8. LoveLost says

    Nicki Minaj
    There were rumours about her and her “manager”/BF getting into an argument before the Grammys and her performance and arrival at the awards with a “pope” was offensive.

  9. ChiChiLaRue says

    Could it be any other than Nikki Minaj and her pope & priestess/ exorcism of Roman thing. Atrocious.

  10. La Llorona says

    Lol Nicki Minaj? Or that Russian singer with the mermaid machine gun outfit? There were lots of weird outfits this year.

  11. Shouldbeworking says

    And the nominees are…

    Fergie’s safety-orange lace with black underwear
    Nicki Minaj’s borrowing of Satan’s bathrobe
    Robyn’s platform boots and hideous white satin mullet dress
    The weirdo with the gun crawling up her arm

    Does Adam Levine’s girlfriend sing? Because she wasn’t wearing hardly a thing…

    I’m going to go with gunnery girl as the “winner” in this dubious category.