• ummidk says

      hasn’t tom hardy already ruined his career by appearing in This Means War? he had so much promise when i saw him in Inception and Tinker Tailor. he’s pulling a Kate Hudson

      • Jennifer says

        What Raslebol said — Dark Knight Rises is going to be huge. A couple of rom-coms won’t kill a career. Natalie Portman did that awful one with Kutcher post-Black Swan, and she’s still an A-lister.

  1. Jennifer says

    Up-and-coming British actor: Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s brilliant as Sherlock Holmes for the BBC and got all sorts of praise for his role in Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy.

    Director: J.J. Abrams

    Project that will pull in big numbers: Star Trek XII movie that’s currently filming. Cumberbatch is rumored to have been cast as the villian.

    (And I so hope I’m wrong because Cumberbatch is a brilliant actor!)

    • julio2 says

      Oh god, please don’t be him. Then again, does J.J Abrams really have the power to ‘ruin’ his career? He’s doing pretty well with other projects, like Sherlock and The Hobbit.

      • Jennifer says

        Completely agree that he’s brilliant in Sherlock, but he was only a supporting role in Tinker, Tailor and is only doing voice work in The Hobbit (as Smaug the Dragon). Trek will be the first time most folks here “across the pond” see his onscreen. With his string of hit shows and movies, J.J. Abrams has way more Hollywood and star power than Cumberbatch.

      • Jennifer says

        Good point Rosie! It looks like that’s a BG title though, not the original source’s title. I don’t know if it counts as a clue . . . unless Ace already knows the answer to this bit of gossip?

  2. tkw1955 says

    “might” have slept with the wife? Could the movie be Man Of Steel, which is about Superman? The actor being Henry Cavill and the director being Zach Snyder. The director’s wife is Deborah Snyder, who produces his films. Or am I putting too much thought into this?

  3. PlayItAgain says

    Robert Pattinson has been known to sleep around, but I don’t think his next project has been announced yet. It’s rumored to be Child 44, but I don’t think it’s been confirmed. The director is Ridley Scott.

  4. julio2 says

    Well, my guess is Eddie Redmayne, who’s currently signed on to play Marius in Les Mis. Now I don’t know if Tom Hooper is married or not, but I can’t find any indication that he isn’t. (ehh, I know, not the most solid thing to go on).

  5. luvprue1 says

    Michael Fassbender. (From X -Men:First Class),

    The movie:Prometheus

    The director: Ridley Scott

    or Joseph Morgan ( actor from Immortals)

  6. UrbanFox says

    Possibly Martin Freeman in the Hobbit and the director being Peter Jackson, whose wife is Fran Walsh? Or Benedict Cumberbatch? Hope it’s neither of these, because they both are brilliant actors………

    • rosiedoes says

      I can’t really imagine Martin doing that; he seems to be a pretty devoted family man…

      Also, the very idea of anyone calling his a stud is… well, grumpy puppy fits the bill more!

  7. Jordan Joelle says

    I am just so impressed, on how many people that post here, know so many actors and directors. I have never heard of most of the ppl you all just posted aboout. lol!My guess would have been, whoever is starring in Steven Spielberg’s next movie. lol.

  8. ComicalEquation says

    My guess is Gregg Sulkin. He’s British, up and coming, David Henrie calls him stud i think, not sure about the project though.

  9. MoeschaB says

    Wow – you are all are impressive. I have no original guess. Was stumped at “up n coming” Brit. Was there a new, young englishman in MidNight in Paris who fancy’d Woody’s wife? (big stretch i know)