Buxom Blonde Is Buttoned Up

[TheDaily] Which buxom blond local TV newscaster in New York is blaming everyone but herself for her slide in the ratings — including the audio technician whose job it was to clip the microphone to her surgically-enhanced chest? The anchor babe accused the sound man of fondling her. He was suspended for a week. “And now she’s buttoned up, right up to her neck,” said one source.


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  1. Stinkweed says

    Anyone who’s ever worked at any job in TV news in NYC will know that anyone clipping anything on the talent is part of a union, and they will not be getting suspended for a crap claim like this. They might get moved to another position or at worst fired if there’s any proof, but the union would back this guy.

    Also, the person clipping on the mic is way more likely to be the prop guy than a “sound man”.

    I can definitely tell you it’s no one on the CBS morning show, as their prop guy was definitely not suspended, moved or fired.

  2. lh8990 says

    I live in NY and have my whole life…no blondes, certainly not buxom ones, come to mind. Most local newscasters are brunette (Liz Cho, Sade Baderinwa, Kristine Johnson, Darlene Rodriguez, Kaity Tong, Dari Alexander, Sue Simmons, Rosanna Scotto) and the only blonde I can think of (Diana Williams) is hardly what I’d call buxom or provocative.
    One local newscaster who always seemed to dress a little slutty was Jodi Applegate but she’s not really buxom nor blonde. She has jumped around from station to station so perhaps it is her.

  3. MamaCat says

    Diana Williams on ABC7 totally annoys me, would LMAO if it was her

    Maybe Jodi Applegate on PIX11, I hope not, I like Michael Kay.

  4. Rosario Scarsci says

    I was thinking Heather Nauert from Fox 5 Good Day New York Wake Up. They said local. They said blond. I rarely get to see her B__B’s because she’s always wearing tight fitting sweaters but maybe it’s her.

  5. Robb Ess says

    I don’t have a guess (not being familiar with local newscasters in NYC), but I read the item and thought, “Well, this one will be obvious to NYC TV viewers.” Who knew there were so many “enhanced” news people in the Big Apple to choose from?

  6. brreze says

    Heather Nauert from the first hour of Good Day NY. She often makes snide comments on air that clearly makes her co-host uncomfortable. I can definitely see her being mean to people backstage.