Esteemed Actor Beat Up A Paparazzo

[BlindGossip] Long before his first statue, this award-winning actor once beat the sh*t out of a paparazzo. The actor was enjoying some intimate company at a private NYC men’s club when he was surprised by the photographer. The actor – who normally is known for being a laid-back kind of guy – went absolutely berserk. He grabbed the camera away from the paparazzo and started wailing on the guy with his fists. His friends pulled him off, paid off the bloodied photographer, and thankfully convinced him not to press charges. Good thing, too, or else the actor might not be taken seriously when he promotes peaceful solutions to conflicts.

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  1. mrkitty says

    richard gere – no oscar but other awards
    sean penn – never laid back but does lots of humanitarian
    bill murray – life aquatic = ‘wailing’ multiple winner
    apart from that i got nothing……

  2. jackhammer says

    Sean Penn…but who takes him seriously? And he beat up that pap when he was with Madonna

  3. gypjet says

    Stallone. He has a Bronze Statue in Philly and several wax statues. I think it is funny how all these midget actors like Sean Penn and Stallone think they are beating up photographers. No photog is going to fight back, and especially not with body guards around. That is their livelihood.

  4. jujubee says

    I’m going with Clooney, though I have no idea why and don’t really see the clues in the blind, though I’m sure they’re there.

  5. tkw1955 says

    Try as I might, I can’t think of anyone besides George Clooney. Didn’t he have that big anti-paparazzi thing for awhile, where they booed him when he posed on the red carpet and refused to take his picture, at the time I thought it was bit of an over-reaction, but now it all becomes clear!

  6. Lizicia says

    George Clooney. Doesn’t seem like the violent type, does humanitarian work (Darfur, Haiti, etc). Also, “long before his first statue” – he became famous in the late 1990s but received his first Oscar for “Syriana” in 2006. And “a private men’s club” also intimates Clooney for me.

  7. CatInTheHat says

    Denzel Washington? More than one Oscar, pretty laid back. Or Ryan Gosling – no Oscars but plenty of other awards. Broke up a street fight recently.

  8. Deeva E says

    Leo DiCaprio despises paparazzi, but he’s usually laid back or hides his face, he may have snapped on one occasion.

  9. danneka says

    it’s not sean penn! he’s known for a bad temper. def most likely george clooney who is generally known in the industry as friendly and cool and yes if you google peace, advocate it’s george clooney! the ambassador. it’s not leo most likely. he’s not known for that stuff and he has a known temper.

  10. Sunflower says

    George Clooney. Not only is he known for his activism in places like Darfur, he’s also allergic to marriage (although of course he was married once, years ago) and to children. Seems like he likes to purchase female companionship. Kind of strange.

  11. YesMaam says

    First statue ALWAYS means Oscar. They call it “the statue.”

    Anyway, Ace, I’m looking at you with the side-eye for this one. I know you’re doing your job- and I love what you do!-but, IDK, I’m not comfy with the insinuation.

    Were the men being physically intimate (kiss, hugging, caressing)? Men’s clubs are just health clubs that only allow men, but it doesn’t mean code for “gay s*x club.” I’m not a stan, but what man doesn’t enjoy the company of other men?! Men, women, we all travel in packs.

    Back in the 90’s,the paps were The D*vil! They used to be WORSE than they are now. Before Pncs. Diana’s death-before they took payouts from studios-paps used to invade a celeb’s private property and got away with it! They could sue even though they committed a crime first! These dudes had criminal records for terrible things.

    So, I don’t blame the person.

    • Mermaid says

      I’m completely baffled as to the insinuation as well. At first I thought it was about about a gay men’s club, then I thought it was about a men’s club that objectifies women. I don’t know what to think.

      I’m now inclined to think the insinuation was a private men’s club where members are of any sexual orientation but ONLY MEN and that Clooney (if this is him) was getting intimate with a man there. But intimate in what way? An intimate conversation (which … whatever) or something more intimate insinuating a sexual orientation? And if the latter, how did the pap find them unless it was a sauna/steam room establishment … which – that’s not what gentleman’s clubs are about right? Anyway, totally stumped! This blind needs clarification IMO.

      And yes, statue refers to the Oscar!!!

  12. Freggelkop says

    George Clooney, UN ambassador. Sean Penn has been beating up paps since his marriage to Madonna in the 80’s.

  13. riddlemethis says

    It’s definitely Clooney. I actually remember hearing about this when it happened in NYC and not from a gossip column. And it was That type of men’s club

  14. mzmarymac says

    I remember Clooney doing a press conference and some serious lobbying against the paparazzo many years ago. He actually was one of the first celebrities to make me realize how brutal some of these guys are. So I would be surprised that he would come out swinginig, but not surprised at his feelings for the papparazzo. Maybe he learned a valuable lesson from that incident and has moved onto a more congenial way of dealing with the photogs. Give them what they want and then stay out of my way.

    (Honestly-how often do you see George out and about unless it is an actual photo op. He is very private.)

  15. heelsoverhead says

    The way this is worded makes it sound like whoever it is has more than one Oscar, Clooney only has one. Not sure who else it could be though…