Atlanta Housewife Files Charges

[Bossip] Has the “slave” been doin’ the “masta” dirty?

One of the blonder, paler-skinned Real Housewives Of Atlanta is rumored to have parted ways with her long-time, weave-wearing, darker-skinned assistant. After noticing that some random items were “missing” and seeing some unauthorized charges on her credit card the reality-show diva filed charges with local authorities and suspected that the assistant could be involved even though police apprehended the culprit. We’ve seen first hand on the show that there has been some tension between the two women because of laziness on the part of said employee. It is also rumored that the assistant has a new boyfriend that she brought to her surgically-enhanced employers house, and that was the straw that broke the cougar’s back!

Although she is said to be furious with her ex-assistant, she will not speak ill of her because the assistant has TONS of dirt on her and she don’t want those problems!

Looks like southern hospitality has worn itself a little thin…

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  1. foofoogirl says

    Poor Sweetie went and got herself canned. I am sure she knows some crazy Kim stuff, some juicy deets about where her $$$ comes from.

  2. randijane says

    Kim and Sweetie

    Now, Sweetie Hughes apparently been fired, at least according to Kim’s daughter Brielle on her Formspring account.

    When someone asked if Sweetie was living with the family in Kim’s new dream house, Brielle responded: “umm shes firedd.” When asked if Sweetie did anything, she Brielle got more cagey “I dont really wanna talk about it and yeah her whole familys been close for 13 years.” When pressed again, Brielle said it was a “long storyy,”and that the Zolciak-Biermann family no longer talks to Sweetie.

    • amagod121 says

      How exactly is it offensive? I’m not trying to pick a fight, I’m genuinely curious because the description of both women is apt and Sweetie WAS Kim’s assistant. That was her paid position.

      • amagod121 says

        Oops, I don’t mean “You” as in BG or Ace. “You” refers to the original writer of the posting. Sorry for the confusion.

        And I wanted to add that I liked Kim and Sweetie together. They made a good team, television-wise. Same for Kim/NeNe as foils for one another. I don’t like the new woman, Marla, at all. Too much like NeNe.

    • up2trouble says

      As a weave wearing (sometimes wig wearing), dark skinned woman, I don’t find it offensive. I find it honest and a valid description. Since it can describe many of the RHoA, the word assistant was necessary. BTW, my nails are mine. LOL

    • Singapore Slang says

      Why is the term “weave-wearing darker-skinned assistant” offensive to you? Sweetie wears a weave and she’s darker skinned than Kim for sure. Is dark skin offensive to you? Also that blind is written by Bossip, which is a black gossip site.

  3. amagod121 says

    Kim and Sweetie.

    I wish this was a bit clearer. Does it mean that Sweetie is not involved, since the culprit has been apprehended? Was Sweetie in league with the culprit? If no to both of these questions, doesn’t Kim owe Sweetie an apology?

    And speak of lazy, don’t you mean that the employER is the lazy one, not the employEE?

  4. niecy77 says

    I guess it’s offensive in the sense of mentioning weave wearing-that piece of information adds nothing to the blind item. There was also no mention of the employer being a wig wearer. I guess that would have been too obvious-as if this blind wasn’t obvious to begin with. To be fair, maybe it should have said, ” Weave wearing employee and her wig wearing employer. Kim never takes that crap off of her head.

  5. HotTeacher88 says

    Sweetie seemed to be fine until all the outraged gossip about how “slavish” she appeared hit the web. It looked like she had something to prove. Kim really did treat her like a slave and get mad if she didn’t jump fast enough.