• 2legit2quit says

        Apparently they’re totally into blow. Rumors about Camilla’s opiate use while modelling and using coke now are pretty widespread. I hope it isn’t true, but where there’s smoke….

      • princesslisa says

        Wasn’t there a blind a while back about a couple w/ an actor and a model who have kids and used to only do weed/shrooms. They did blow at a party and now the guy (supposedly Matthew) does coke all the time and they never hang out with their kids, and the woman (supposedly Camilla) was back into heroin as well? Any way, not married so I don’t think they’re the answer for this one, but they supposedly are doing more than weed!

    • Singapore Slang says

      I remember that blind from the other day where they were the popular guess and they fit the clues perfectly. They live in Texas, don’t they? If this isn’t them, I’ll go with Faith and Tim.

  1. pricey524 says

    Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. I have several friends in the Nashville area that have heard this rumor.

    • geewhiz says

      Agree with you pricey…I have family in Nashville–they have nothing good to say about Hill and McGraw’s “issues”.

    • Lil Debbull says

      I live in Nashville and while I’m not too in the loop, I have heard rumors for years. I thought their big love story was that they quit cocaine together, years and years ago? Well, I believed the rumors, especially when Tim started looking strung out- thin, gaunt. I’m sure now that she’s getting older, Faith wants to stay even thinner!

  2. raslebol says

    Tim McGraw and Faith Hill?
    McConaughey and Camilla Alves? she’s not famous (in my opinion)and they live in LA (i believe?)
    Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman ?

  3. luckysiu says

    I hope it’s not Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. They are based in Nashville and Keith has had drug problems in the past.

  4. smaali says

    Nicole Kidman and Keith urban?? I thought I read that urban had a drug problem when they first met

  5. missholloway says

    the blind doesn’t say actor/actress, so I’m thinking a music couple: Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. She’s very, very thin.

  6. DHK101 says

    The first couple that came to mind is Faith Hill and Tim Mcgraw. They are a superstar couple and they live in Nashville. They seem so perfect that them partying like this would be the talk of town.

  7. Deeva E says

    Nicole Kidman and Kith Urban were the first couple to come to mind. I think they live in Nashville. If not them, a couple that lives in Atlanta maybe…

  8. up2trouble says

    A previous blind hinted at it being Matthew and Camilla; however, to be ornery I’m going with Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova.

  9. phyllis says

    I think it is matthew and camilla.

    wasn;t this is another blind? that they had both gone back to drugs?

    very sad.