1. sweetangelz77 says

    Charlie Sheen, Jon Bon Jovi, and Jackie Chan were 3 very big ‘death hoaxes’ on twitter recently. So maybe one of them?

      • youbetterbekickinit says

        If I’m not mistaken, there have been multiple Bon Jovi ones as of late. I remember reading it twice, if not 3 times.

    • JKLSMM says

      Funny thing is that I didn’t know Sonny Moore was Skrillex until a couple of days ago, and I used to be a FFTL fan haha. The ex-fan part of me is ashamed. The rest of me is ashamed to know who Sonny Moore is…

  2. luvprue1 says

    BETTY WHITE’S!! LOL! Actually I think this one is “Abe Vigoda”. Almost every year we hear that he died, only to find that he is still alive and than he start getting parts in tv commercial and on tv shows

  3. MsPatrickBateman says

    Like Perry dies in a snowmobiling accident every few months, is he still considered a celeb?

  4. Katmandu says


    Amateurs! It’s Zsa Zsa Gabor, LOL! She’s cheated the grim reaper a dozen times in the last couple years.

    • Robb Ess says

      Yep, her PR folks — or more accurately, her Prince husband’s PR folks — regularly are planting news items about each impending step toward death.

  5. darkhare says

    Almost from the beginning of his career, Elvis death rumors abounded. They usually told of his death by drugs. Drugs was the biggest “hush, hush” cause of death in the rumors back in the day.
    Others like rock ‘n roller, Fats Domino was supposed to have died in a car crash.
    Other rumors were not so tragic, depending; like the one that Clint Eastwood is the illegitimate son of Stan Laurel, of the comedy team of Laurel & Hardy.
    Another popular attention-getter is when a celeb says something offensive about an individual, or group, then aplogizes for it, later.
    Some actually believe that any publicity is good publicity.

  6. lindsgivesahoot says

    Sure hope it’s not Whitney Houston considering she was just reported dead. That’d be pretty low.

    • xphile101 says

      Seriously, it was a little creepy to come here almost immediately after reading that she’d died and have this be the top blind.

    • La Llorona says

      I think her death is real, guys. I don’t think this is fake. There was some footage of her at a club recently trying to sing. It was so depressing to watch. She supposedly slit her wrists.

      • liteNOTSObrite says

        photos of her looking disheveled and being led out of a club with a slit wrist and streaks of dripping blood on her legs, just a few days before her death. Another entertainment show showed her popping in on Clive Davis, Brandy and Monica doing press for a Boy Is Mine revamp, and her wig was drenched with sweat, she was jittery, had dk glasses on and everyone looked super uncomfortable. I believe that was the day before her death. In other words she was effed up bad.

  7. newbatgirl says

    I guess I’m not the only one who didn’t believe the Whitney story because I kept thinking about this blind.

    • TheDais says

      Ya, I keep half expecting/hoping to learn Whitney was a hoax. Too bad that’s just wishful thinking.

  8. lindseyann says

    I saw this blind this morning before work, but as soon as I heard the news of Whitney’s passing I had to check this again to see if anyone guessed her.

  9. foofoogirl says

    I was reading this in the late afternoon pacific time and saw the maybe Whitney post, then like 10 min later it came on the news! It is shocking they can tell you on the news within 2 hours or less of a death. Anyway, any of the above answers that have hit the “top 3 Google answers”, funny.

  10. MsAries77 says

    1st time poster, frequent visitor.

    After hearing about Whitney’s death BG was the first site I went too. I prayed that this post would read ‘solved’ with Whitney’s name…. Sadly not :’-(

  11. cazkinscandycat123 says

    long time lurker, second post :)) looks sure like MJs gold coffin, so maybe one of the jackson family?

  12. Lisa0825 says

    Jeff Goldblum has had at least a few death hoaxes. He even parodied it on either the daily Show or the Colbert Report once.

    First time poster, daily reader :-)