The Worst Parents In The World

[CDAN] I never thought I would find a celebrity parent who was worse than C*ke Mom. This couple is giving C*ke Mom a run for her money. He is a B list actor. Good looking. Generally television and very well known. His wife is probably a C list actress who used to be bigger a few years ago but has struggled with dr*gs for some time. So has our actor. The two of them are probably not your best candidates for parenthood in the first place and the stress of being parents while also trying to save their marriage and stay off dr*gs has not worked well. The mom is currently taking Adderall to lose weight and when that was not working to get rid of her pregnancy weight she turned to c*ke too. She wants to get back in movies but is too lazy to exercise so prefers the dr*g route. Although she has not snorted c*ke while breastfeeding she did snort c*ke while holding a bottle for her baby. Close enough? Oh and she dos breastfeed because she heard it will make her lose weight faster. As for dad? When he is not working on his show he is generally partying and drinking. He feels like if he can drink enough at night it keeps him off c*ke. He went to reh*b for cr*ck and tries to stay away from c*ke. Just booze for him although he is not above doing a little c*ke when he and his wife have friends over. Yes, while the child(ren) are in the house.

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