Reduced To Charging By The Hour

[CDAN] This former B+ television actress from a very hit series on this almost network was spending time with rich guys for money but they have started to disappear from her life because of her continued dr*g use. Her money is gone and now she has been reduced to charging by the hour and even ran an ad on Backpage.

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41 comments to Reduced To Charging By The Hour

  • persephone

    Sadly I’m thinking Mischa Barton

  • Sugar Cookie

    Shannen Doherty

    • luvprue1

      I do not think it’s Shannen Doherty. She just got married to Kurt Iswarienko in 2011,and plus she has money from Charmed. Plus she has a movie coming out in 2012 title Gretl: Witch Hunter,and a reality series title “Shannen says”

    • bunnyface

      I like your guess. I see her now in those go-to-college-at-home-in-your-pajamas commercials and think “What HAPPENED to you?!”

  • blessedjess226

    Mischa Barton

  • cindyl

    Sounds like Mischa.

  • Pomme

    Mischa Barton?

  • Shaliza

    Mischa Barton.

  • malkatz

    Shannen Doherty.

  • stolidog

    Eliza Dushku

  • hotel57

    I would love for this to be Heidi Montag but my official guess is Mischa Barton.

  • CindyB

    Mischa Barton? Or is Fox considered a real network now? As in not “almost” network?

    • CindyB

      And I don’t mean that as a knock to Fox — I just am old enough to remember when Fox was really low budget and not even considered an “almost” network… more like a non-network! :)

    • Bromance1979

      I don’t think FOX is on par with the top 3, but is definitely 4th and not an almost network any longer, like the CW.

  • neartstarlet

    blake lively

  • momtohandl

    Misha Barton?

  • thuglife

    poor misha barrton

  • Tinkerbell

    There was a very similar blind a few months ago and it sounded like the actress was from Ally McBeal. So not Calista, Portia, Jane, Courtney or Lucy, which leaves… er, what was the African-American roommate’s name? Lisa Nicole Carson.

    • Shouldbeworking

      Your guess made me Google Lisa Nicole Carson…wow. Drug use combined with mental health issues. Her family institutionalized her. Here’s the story:

      • Shouldbeworking

        P.S. She definitely has the, um, assets for a Backpage ad and as CindyB pointed out above, age might be the main criterion for whether Fox is considered a network or an almost-network. If CDAN is the same age and CindyB and me, then yeah, he might consider Fox still only a network wannabe (also, maybe Fox isn’t carried so widely in Canada, so it might look like less of a network than it does here).

  • griffinator

    Even though this makes me go “ewww”…Mischa Barton?

  • Katmandu

    Mischa? (why would she lose johns due to drug use? I would think that would be a ‘plus’ – adding more fun to the party)

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

      The woman in question is probably starting or is well on her way to looking used up. Not very appealing to men with money that can buy any type of beautiful woman that sells herself.

      She may also be so focused on the drugs that she can’t go for a long time without them so many breaks are taken, her natural personality is masked so that she’s not enjoyable to be around for long, her skill level has decreased considerably because she’s under the influence while spending time with her johns and/or other elements are at play that make her worth much less than she once was.

  • heather99

    Definitely NOT Mischa Barton! She is not that low.

  • dee123

    According to IMDB Mischa has:

    A TV movie this year in the can.
    Another film in post.
    One filming now.
    Another for next year.

    Like the Shannon Doherty guess.
    She has nothing coming up to film on her page.

  • MissFaye

    The OC was on an actual network– FOX. My thought was Shannon Doherty who I saw on a random commercial for a nursing school the other day.

  • MissFaye

    Also, what is Backpage? I am scared to go there lol.

    • foofoogirl

      Backpage is the last pages of like the free weekly bigger ciy papers like the Stranger here in Seattle where they post “escort” ads.

    • up2trouble

      It’s like a craigslist. BTW, at least 3 women have turned up dead in Detroit after advertising on Backpage.

  • InTheMix

    Taylor Momsen (sp?)

  • Bergen

    I think I read once that Mischa Barton comes from a pretty wealthy family. there was a house I can see from my back yard that is a literal mansion and a realtor friend told me her parents owned it and she lived there as well.
    would her family let her sink this low?

  • Scorpio13

    Mischa is not a B+ actress and never was, Seriously?!

  • Mermaid

    No way on the Mischa Barton guess. As someone else mentioned – well off family and her sis is a lawyer in the UK and I heard she has some sort of germ phobia or something – which would nix the paid s*x thing.

    Ditto on Shannon Doherty – just doesn’t fit from what I’ve read about her. She has major attitude and I doubt she would let men use her in that way. Plus I’ve never heard she had such a problem with drugs as to be uncontrollable.

    This is someone who is literally down in the dumps. Lisa Nicole Carson is a good guess. Also, Topher’s character’s sister on that 70s show is a GREAT guess if that show was on an “almost network” (never watched so don’t know).

    And let’s not forget Pam Anderson who seems so desperate lately. Was Baywatch on an “almost network”?

  • ImThinking

    Tara Reid, her last gig was Celebrity Big Brother 2011 in UK. She is looking pretty rough lately, just like a drug addicted would.

  • Hlyweird21

    Wouldn’t “Almost network” apply to either the UPN or WB networks? (now merged into the still ‘almost’ network — CW?)

    Just curious. I have no clue though.

  • terry123

    Yasmine Bleeth from Baywatch?

  • alwayscallandy

    It’s not Mischa Barton, she has 3 films in the can, and 1 in production now, not sounding like someone out of money. Tara Reid does not fit because as best as I can tell, she was not a regular on a hit series, unless you consider 11 appearances on Scrubs enough to qualify as a “B+ actress on a very hit series.”