• KWDragon says

        Not this chick! I drive my husband crazy with wanting to watch football! At least we agree on hockey, so the marriage is rock solid. 😀

      • VesperATOM says

        Wrong. YOU “think” wrong. Tons of women love sports, and tons of men don’t. Try to buy a little bit less into socially constructed stereotypes of gender.

        That being said, I can’t really see this being Matt Damon, but I could totally see this being Vince Vaughn. Isn’t he a Cubs fan? If I was his wife, I wouldn’t want to put myself through that either. (JK…just friendly ribbing Cubs fans.)

    • gippercat says

      Like this guess. Is he A list though? I’ll give Vince the benefit of the doubt. We used to see a lot of photos of Vince w. Kyla at NHL games. Maybe she’s sick of going and just not into sports.

  1. pinupgirl says

    Which A list actor’s wife needs to put her foot up his *ss, because he’s too self absorbed to realize the world doesn’t revolve around him?

  2. Capt Obvious says

    Is Patrick Dempsey considered A-list?

    What a stupid reason to get divorced. Like he didn’t know that about his wife BEFORE they got married.

  3. redstilettos says

    And he didn’t realize she didn’t like to watch sports before they married? *eye roll*

  4. akajenb says

    I know men love sports, but getting rid of your wife because she is not a huge fan is just dumb.

  5. zjzj101 says

    Hmm…I’m going to go with someone different. I’m picking Samuel L. Jackson. He’s always seen at Lakers games, without his wife and I think he’s raved about a football team in interviews. IMO, it seems like an empty nester who’s looking to spend time with his wife finally without the kids would complain about this vs. someone with a young family…

  6. SayItAintSo says

    Oh whoever it is well they are misinformed. If their wife gave birth, she got tackled and scored *a baby* So the wife was very much into sports.
    I am going with matt too. :)

  7. Herkeda says

    Whoever this is, this is just silly. Divorcing somebody because they don’t like sports as much as you do? Just go to your man-cave, invite your friends over, and chill to your heart’s content when it’s time to watch sports. See, this is why the rest of us can’t take Hollywood marriages seriously.

  8. Shouldbeworking says

    Wasn’t Matt the popular guess for the good-hearted guy who supports the child his wife had to give up for adoption? Doesn’t seem like he could fit both blinds, to care so much for his wife’s past but so much more about sports that he’d dump her.

    Married celeb “superfans” with non-famous wives (from a list of 20 celebrity sports fans): Will Ferrell and Spike Lee.

  9. redstilettos says

    This dude needs to invite his boys over to watch the game or head to the arena with them. Divorcing someone over this is stupid.

  10. PatEll says

    Patrick Dempsey?
    His wife is a non celebrity and he mentioned many times that his wife is scared to watch him race and she doesn’t like this sport.
    As his racing career evolves maybe he just can’t take anymore his wife not supporting his racing career.

  11. escada82 says

    awwww. Vince Vaughn should have married my mom, who has attended (with my father) all home and away games for the Iowa Hawkeyes for the last 30 years and counting. THATs devotion, people. :)

  12. Dana5570 says

    OMG, that is horrible! My husband is a sport fanatic and I’m only so-so on them so if it’s football season, I simply go upstairs and watch something I like. I’m guessing Matt Damon by the way!