1. malkatz says

    One of the Trump kids? Who else do we know who does business for a living? Someone’s kid, I’m sure.

    • stanton says

      Why not be Donald Himself? He seems to be freaky… Plus he owns the Hotels! Juat kidding but it would be funny if it was true.

  2. tkw1955 says

    While he is so not “handsome” to me….is it that Scott guy from the K family? I do not even want to research this.

  3. Synapse3 says

    Randy Gerber, of course. So the question is if the woman was his wife Cindy and hiis BFF George Clooney.

    • Arcadia says

      I actually like this guess. He is a businessman and handsome. My only thought is that he is based in LA not NY unless he had Real Estate business on the East Coast.

  4. YesMaam says

    Andre B*llsacks-I mean Balzas

    I CAN’T STAND the b*stard. Ruining the planet w/ his cr*ppy high-end motels.