• amagod121 says

      Or the other daughter, Eugenie. She’s the skinny one right, so maybe she’s the better guess.

  1. MissFaye says

    Could be a member of another royal family other than Britain’s… Just throwin’ that out there.


    Obviously the Queen. I mean she must be high to wear those pastel pantsuits and tiaras

  3. helmeg says

    Princess Madeleine of Sweden. She lives in New York, and is known to be a party girl in Scandinavia.

      • ToadKisser says

        As an equestrian, I would just like to point out that riding horses competitively in no way suggests a higher probability of drug use. I do agree though this is probably Madeline and not a well-known British royal. She was previously linked to one of Paris’s exes and described in the Swedish tabloids as a c*kehead.

  4. Sunflower says

    Prince Harry. Or one of Cinderella’s step-sisters, the Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, who can’t seem to do anything right.

    “Disco dust” I assumed to be cocaine.

  5. mrkitty says

    the clue here is sporting event – zara phillips is a show jumper and her husband is a rugby player – so that opens some new possibilities? also the new princess charlene of monaco use to be a swimmer right? prince frederick met mary at the 2000 Olympics – he was a sailor i think? why do i know so much about royals??

    • Mermaid says

      I would think the sporting event they are referring to is “Polo, old boy” (said in a upper-crust Brit accent).

      Eh, what they hey, I’m putting my guess in for Camilla, princess consort. Second guess Kate – she needs a new weight suppressant since she recently quit smoking.

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

        But maybe she quit smoking so her lungs will clear up before trying to get pregnant. I would hope this wouldn’t be her weight loss solution. She has every imaginable resource to keep her looking (too) thin.

      • Mermaid says

        No, I don’t really think it’s her. I was just being humourously sarcastic (or trying to LOL) with her and my Camilla guess. I actually don’t think it’s either one.

        Personally I think it’s more than one person in the “foreign royal family” on drugs whether the person who wrote this blind knows it or not. I think a LOT of them indulge, but not Camilla or Kate (or William). I would be really surprised if either of them did. Now Fergie – totally different story. But she’s not considered royal anymore, is she? Poor thing. One of her daughters is a party-girl – the thinner one. She’s the one I would guess for this blind although, again, I think a LOT of them indulge. A lot of people in their “inner circle” are or were coke fiends … Something Something-Tomkinson is one but I think she’s sober now. Something Something-Tomkinson had to have her whole nose redone because it started drooping because of too much “hoovering” as they call it.

  6. dingopop says

    Love that the NY Post has to clarify that it was a member of a foreign royal family. Guess that means we can disqualify King Obama.

    • RedScience says

      Please leave our President and opinions of him (sarcastic our not) off of the gossip boards. Thank you.

      • jeannie says

        Agreed. This is not a political blog, it’s an entertainment/gossip blog. Unless a blind pops up about politicians (which occasionally does happen) can we please keep the politics off of here?

      • Jilliterate says

        I think you’re confused. Dingopop wasn’t making any sort of political statement, s/he was sarcastically poking fun at the fact that the NYP apparently felt like it had to clarify that said royal was a foreign-national, which should go without saying, considering they’re writing in a country with no royal family.

  7. Shelley says

    Lord Frederick Windsor, his father is the Queen’s cousin and was also Greek royalty. He is a member of the royal family and lives in the US so would be more likely to be in a new York paper rather than an English one. Not likely to be Harry, not sure he is the type and he has security to keep people away.

  8. CoCoJoe says

    Nightclub bathroom during a sporting event? What kind of sporting events happen at a nightclub? Any ideas?

  9. Krisssssy says

    This can’t be Prince Harry. He’s a pilot in the RAF and is going back to Afghanistan this year, which means that he would be tested for drugs. I’m betting this is another European royal family.

  10. Raccoon says

    Princess Beatrice?

    Huge weight loss recently, and always has a glazed/startled look about her…. And need I mention her heinous hat choice for the royal Wedding last year…?!

  11. dee123 says

    Am i the only one confused?
    It is a nightclub at a sporting event?

    Like the Zara Phillips guess.

  12. Tinkerbell says

    I think Prince Harry too. As to the reference to a sporting event — does he still play polo?

  13. Brittany920 says

    love her to death, but wouldn’t it be juicy if this is how kate middleton is staying so skinny! don’t think it is her though.

  14. dingopop says

    Hahaha, how ironic, considering your nick, you were the only one who understood what I meant.

  15. apple martini says

    I like the Princess Madeline guess. I think it’s someone who lives in or who was visiting New York, otherwise it wouldn’t be in the Post.