She Fired Her Agent Over A Mother In Law

[BuzzFoto] This actress has done some big films (mostly comedies) and a lot of voice-over work for animated films. She was recently asked to do a film where she would have to play the role of an ornery mother-in-law. She was so offended by the offer, especially since her character would be older than she is in real life, that she temporarily fired her agent for even suggesting it to her. 633


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    • LolaVee says

      I was thinking her too, but she’s still in her 30’s. She really would be an absurd choice to play a mother in law!

      • pattycakes says

        It does say that the character is older than her in real life.

        Plus, she is not aging well at all.

        She’s my guess too.

    • tnm0425 says

      For everyone who thinks it is just *so ridiculous* for Cameron to be playing a “Mother-in-Law” character, in 2009, she played the mother of a 15 year old girl in My Sister’s Keeper.

      Last time I checked 18 & 19 year olds were still getting married, so I think it is still credible that she could play a mother-in-law. Heck, some women are grandmothers by the time they are 40.

      • eldridek says

        PLUS Diaz is looking really hard lately. She looks late 40s in a lot of photos rather than in her 30s.

      • amagod121 says

        And I wonder if they’ll cast a GUY in his 30’s as the father-in-law? Nope, he’ll probably be late 40’s!

        It IS insulting. And sexist.

      • tnm0425 says

        And what would be wrong with that? Cameron is almost 40. The majority of women marry older men. My mom was 21 when she had me (dad was 27) and easily could have been a mother-in-law by the time she was Cameron’s age.

        Depending on how old the children would be in the script it may not be as sexist as you think it is. Plus it is much more believable to cast her as a mother than as a hot young thing that all the men are attracted to when she looks so rough.

      • LolaVee says

        Um, yeah. It’s still *ridiculous*. I’m assuming that the plot of the movie isn’t a super young couple with a 40 year old mother in law. If that were the case, then the offer wouldn’t have been insulting.

  1. linajolie says

    hmmm… this is my first post here and i must confess i’m really not much of a gossip expert but somehow mila kunis popped into my mind (comedy, voice-over) … but then again, this is completely ridiculous. mila kunis=mother in law? who would come up with that?

  2. No Kidding says

    I’m guessing Cameron Diaz too. I agree she’s a little young to be playing a mother-in-law. She only turns 40 this year. But, I guess that’s why she temporarily fired the agent. lol

  3. Ralphie says

    Bonnie Hunt?

    Lots of comedies (including the Cheaper by the Dozen films with a “big” family) and voice over work in Cars and Toy Story 3 for starters.

  4. cincytreats says

    I agree! And…I just watched Bad Teacher this past weekend and couldn’t get over how old she appeared in some scenes.

  5. amagod121 says

    Yeah, Cameron Diaz sounds right. And I’d be offended too, if I were she. She does NOT look old enough to play the mother-in-law of a grown character.

  6. malkatz says

    If it was Cameron Diaz, that blows my mind, unless the role was a younger trophy wife, or the married couple was in their teens.

  7. dee123 says

    I like the Reese Witherspoon guess.

    Glad nobody said Angie.
    She was Colin Farrell’s mother in Alexander.

  8. miller205 says

    I keep thinking J-Lo for some reason (mainly because she was also the daughter in law in the movie “Monster In Law”) but the only animated film voiceover I see on her Wikipedia is an upcoming Ice Age movie.

  9. 2legit2quit says

    Drew Barrymore? She’s done a lot of voice over work.

    First post, lurking for awhile. This sit is the perfect distraction.

  10. liteNOTSObrite says

    Katherine Heigl. Cameron seems like she has a sense of humor about herself. Katherine seems like an uptight bitch.