Anything For A Prescription

[Gawker] A tipster emailed us that this actress, who is trying to whip herself into shape in rehab, was using on-set doctors to get multiple prescriptions for pain pills. The docs kept quitting because their feared for the licenses, but the producers kept finding more MDs to give her whatever she wanted. Things got so bad that she was even having unnecessary dental work just so she could get the attendant prescription.

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  1. Beatrixie says

    I guess Demi Moore, who was found to have used whip-its [whip herself into shape] before she lost consciousness last week and was sent to the hospital.

  2. amagod121 says

    Things must be bad indeed to get *dental work* done for a freakin’ prescription. UGH.

    Locklear sounds like a good guess. I would have said Lohan first but I don’t think she’s in rehab currently.

  3. julibuli says

    the ‘whip’ herself into shape bit make me think that’s Demi Moore who overdosed on whip it..?

  4. KWDragon says

    Remember all of the dental work Lindsay had done? Not the recent whitening, but the “oral surgery” before that? It was back in June 2010, and she got the okay to take pain meds, despite drug testing for probation. Wasn’t she still working back then? I think she might also be the “Broken Girl” who is trying to dry out. Poor kid. Bad parents, bad choices.

  5. rhchapin says

    Demi Moore!

    The clue is ‘whip’ herself into shape. Is was reportedly doing ‘whip-its’ when she collapsed.

  6. amagod121 says

    Oh shoot, you guys are right! Of course it’s Demi “Whip it” Moore!

    Is it possible that she got those horrible, over-sized veneers just to get the prescription drugs?

    I guess she figured she wasn’t abusing if the drugs were “legal?”

  7. SayItAintSo says

    Demi also tweeted a pic of her at the dentist almost a couple years ago.. So I am going with demi also.

  8. Tinkerbell says

    Demi, gotta be. I too think the “whip” reference is a clue — good catch on the MDs justguessing8!

  9. tonisl says

    At first I wasn’t sure about it being Demi, simply b/c I didn’t realize she was on the set for anything. Then I remembered she’s been filming the Linda Lovelace movie. Gotta be her. (Whip it!)

    P.S. Good thing she got to rehab now. If she’s been going to those measures for scripts, she’s already highly addicted. I wish her well.