The Role That Made Her Famous

[CDAN] In honor of Australia Day, I thought I would make this blind item Australian. This actress is formerly A list, but now a good solid B. Back in the day when she got her role that made her internationally famous she got the role by sleeping with not just the casting director, but also this rounadabout Australian who was a friend of the director and was already bored with his wife. A further clue is this actress got n*ked in the movie for which she was cast.


Roundabout Australian:


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    • fozzie says

      I looked up Dead Calm on IMDB and its casting director(s)were 2 women: Liz Mullinar and Wallis Nicita(as Wally Nicita). I checked and Wallis Nicita is a woman. So unless Kidman swings that way, I don’t think this is her. Other Australian actresses who were A-list at one-time: Judy Davis (My Brilliant Career) – actually I don’t if Davis was A-list but she is a great actress, and Cate Blanchette (ELizabeth) but I don’t know if either got naked in their films.

      • ineedtoknowwho says

        Fozzie, I agree with you. There is no way this is Nicole Kidman. Shes a high profile actress and has an Oscar for Best Actress. Even if she hasnt been in much lately, she is pretty much A-list forever.

      • Singapore Slang says

        I’m not ready to jump on the bandwagon yet either. I thought she was a forever A list too and I know that she was known in Australia before she was known here but I don’t think people here really paid attention to her elsewhere until Days of Thunder or maybe after that.

      • Singapore Slang says

        AND the clue doesn’t say the actress is Australian. It just says she slept with the Australian friend of the director of the movie that she was in that made her internationally famous.

      • fotobandi says

        I’m reassing my original guess, based on the replies to my post. Now, not sure who it is.

    • Caz1310 says

      Linda Kow(however you spell her name)….. who slept with Paul Hogan in Crocodile Dundee. She did that famous scene in the thong one piece and they hooked up and he dumped his long-suffering wife Noelene.

  1. liteNOTSObrite says

    Rose Byrne has a tendency to date directors such as Gregor Jordan and Brendon Cowell. She dated Cowell for over six years and he even followed her all the way from Sydney to New York bu they broke up in the beginning of 2010

    But idk what movie role she was naked in.

  2. MsShuffleupagus says

    I say Nicole Kidman in Dead Calm and the Australian was Russell Crowe, just because the only two Australian actors I can think of are Crowe and Hugh Jackman, and we all know it wasn’t Jackman….

  3. stephie says

    Naomi Watts. “roundabout Australian”, She’s English and grew up in Australia, and got naked for her break out roll in Mulholland Drive.

  4. malkatz says

    The question is whether or not she’s A/B in Australia, or internationally.

    Naomi Watts? She got naked in Mulholland Drive, correct?

  5. lpyahoo says

    Nicole Kidman – Film: Dead Calm. From Wiki: Kidman starred in Dead Calm (1989) as Rae Ingram, playing the wife of a naval officer. The thriller garnered strong reviews and brought Kidman to international recognition

  6. WaitLemmeGuess says

    Nicole Kidman? She did a nude scene in Dead Calm. The “roundabout Australian” might be Mel Gibson, who was actually born in the US but grew up in Australia. Phillip Noyce directed Dead Calm, not sure if he is connected to Mel Gibson in any way.

    • Juniper says

      I agree, think it is Nicole Kidman in Dead Calm.
      And I think Mel Gibson as the roundabout Australian is a perfect guess! I did some checking and Phillip Noyce was the original director, until he got fired/or left, of a movie in Australia called Attack Force Z in 1982 which starred Mel Gibson AND Sam Neill, who was also in Dead Calm, and Phillip Noyce was apparently the one who cast both for that movie.

      Also Ace’s picture of a Koala – well they eat eucalyptus which gets them high and all CALM… another clue 😉

  7. LolaVee says

    I don’t know about the actress, but I’m guessing Russell Crowe for the ’roundabout’ Australian.

    It sounds like roundabout was recently married at the time, so maybe a movie in the 2003-2005 range?

  8. dani948 says

    Another Australian actress that has been in the A list range would be Nicole Kidman since she won an Oscar. but she’s still considered A list even if she’s only B-level talent. I can see her sleeping her way to the top, easily, being that she was in a contract “marriage” to Tom Cruise for 10 years. And Nicole’s never been one to shy away from nudity.

    Naomi Watts is another. But was she ever A-list? There was one pivotal role though that garnered her international recognition, and where she also got nekkid: Mulholland Drive. That was her breakout role. It could be considered “back in the day” too, since it was in 2001.

    There’s also Toni Collette. But again, is she considered A list without an actual Oscar? She’s been nominated, but hasn’t won. But she has done nudity as well.

    The only other even remotely A list Aussie actress I can think of is Cate Blanchett, whom somebody already mentioned. So it’s probably a toss up among Nicole, Naomi, Cate or Toni…?

  9. kitteekat says

    Kate Winslet in Holy Smoke (directed by Aussie Jane Campion. Not sure about the roundabout Aussie friend though? Russell Crowe? I kind of think it would be someone who might not be Aussie but lives there or is married to an Aussie…

  10. Nancy Droo says

    “Roundabout Australian” = Mel Gibson. He was born in New York and moved to Australia in his teens, and his acting career began there. “…already bored with his wife” alludes to his 31-year marriage and his longtime image as a devoted family man.

    Mel’s director friends: Peter Weir, George Miller, Richard Donner, Jodie Foster. It doesn’t say that the actress is Australian. I’ll guess Nicole Kidman who was born in Hawaii to Australian parents and is considered Australian (possibly has dual citizenship?). She starred in “Dead Calm,” which was directed by Phillip Noyce and produced by George Miller; I didn’t see the movie…was she naked in it?

    • jeannie says

      I agree that the roundabout Australian is Mel. He wasn’t born in Australia but his family eventually moved there and he grew up there, so he’s an Australian in a roundabout sort of way.

  11. Betsypaige says

    Naomi Watts in Ellie Parker w/ Scott Coffey Director? Not sure about the roundabout Australian…

    • Betsypaige says

      Oops, actually it was Mullholland Drive in 2001 – she had a nude makeout scene w/another woman and this is the role that catapulted her to stardom!

  12. Beauty says

    Nicole Kidman in Dead Calm with Sam Neil and Billy Zane. That is the movie that I first remember her in. She was really good in it and beautiful.

  13. pumpkin says

    Mel Gibson and someone (he moved to Australia as a young teenager).

    Nicole Kidman is a good guess in Dead Calm.
    The director of that movie, Phillip Noyce, is Australian.

    • LolaVee says

      It says she slept with the CASTING director though, and both of the casting directors for Dead Calm were women.

  14. fleur725 says

    I immediately thought it was Nicole Kidman but after reading the item twice, I realized it didn’t say the actress is Australian, just the guy. So who knows. I always kind of thought Nicole didn’t become an international star until after she hooked up with Cruise, which was after Dead Calm.

  15. Pinkie says

    Dead Calm was cast by two women. Not that Nicole wouldn’t sleep with one of them, I’m just sayin’

  16. PoniTayl says

    Actress: Nicole Kidman is known for doing her own nude scenes
    Move: Dead Calm opened in 1989
    Casting Director – Wallis (Wally) Nicita
    Roundabout Australian – Guessing here – Paul Hogan/Divorced in 1989

    • Pinkie says

      Wallis (Wally) Nicita is a woman. Again, not that she wouldn’t sleep with a woman, just clarifying.

  17. LolaVee says

    Why is everybody assuming that the actress is Australian? Am I missing the part where that was specified?

  18. skfeiner says

    First time poster. Nicole Kidman starred on Broadway in the Blue Room where she was naked most of the play. The play ran at the Roundabout Theatre in New York.

  19. LiamForeman says

    Why have an Aussie b/i where the subject isn’t Australian?

    Did anyone else see that picture first and KNOW it was Olivia Newton John? Koala, blue eyes. Her store Koala Blue. But upon further research, she didn’t appear naked in any movies, unless I am not coming up with the deets. Otherwise she’s my guess. Even though I’d hardly call her B-list these days. She’s not really on the list, really.

    I suppose this is about Nicole Kidman or Naomi Watts. Is Kidman now B? Was Naomi ever A? Don’t really think so.

    Still, popular opinion: Kidman; Dead Calm (that put her on the map internationally, supposedly Tommy Boy saw her in it and HAD to meet her). The roundabout? Who cares. Bryan Brown, though married. Crowe? Hogan? Why care about the roundabout? They sleep with everyone.


    Sam Neil is a Kiwi, not an Aussie. Although, if we’re going to be technical, he was born in Ireland.

  21. RoxeeGirl says

    Russell Crowe is a kiwi too and Jane Campion the directoe btw so js Nicole’s hubby Keith…

  22. caela94 says

    Nicole Kidman
    roundabout Aussie bored with wife- Mel Gibson
    Although born in USA raised an Aussie.

  23. famefoolery says

    I agreeing with the Nicole Kidman/Mel Gibson/Dead Calm guess.

    Is it me, or does the Koala Bear in the photo look a bit cross-eyed?

  24. olddominiongirl says

    The roundabout Australian can’t be Russell Crowe. The blind says the guy was already bored with his marriage. Russell wasn’t married until 2001 or 2002. Read the info people!

    • LolaVee says

      Actually it was 2003. What’s your point? You’d have to know the actress and the movie for that to rule him out.

      • raslebol says

        if she’s Kidman for DEAD CALM(1988)or Blanchet in ELIZABETH (1998) or Naomi Watts for Mulholland Drive(2001),the Aussie actor can’t be Crowe ( he was not married at this time)

      • LolaVee says

        Okay… but we don’t know that it’s any of those 3 actresses. We also don’t know that the actress is Australian.

        I was just saying that the comment “read the info people” was inappropriate, bc the info doesn’t rule him out.

  25. holyfrak says

    It is Nicole K. The thing is, this entry doesn’t say that the casting director’s friend (she got all slutted down with) was also in the film this actress slept her way into. Besides, it’s a well known fact she and Sam Neill dated while doing that movie, so he wasn’t married. So who else is friends with Wally Nicita (Dead Calm’s casting director)?

  26. ItsSoColdinTheD says

    Besides looking like he’s on acid, the koalas eyes are blue, is that the color of Nicole K’s eyes?
    Wasn’t she with Tom during Dead Calm? Oh no that’s right it was Days of Thunder.
    Ok I’m going w NK and Dead Calm, even though it’s been guessed 50 times by now…
    Way 2 be redundant….It’s so cold in the D

  27. Hlyweird21 says

    Nicole most certainly got naked in Dead Calm! That was one of my favorite movies that year, and “that fresh, NAKED redhead” had a lot to do with it!

    (and wasn’t she also nude in that Kubrick flick “Eyes Wide Shut”?)

  28. wendy hood says

    “further clue” is a bit awkward. indicating far and away, a vehicle for nicole kidman?

  29. mrkitty says

    I am going for nic because the koala eats eucalyptus – the movie Nicole was signed on for with rusty. I then agree Mel Gibson is the roundabout. Dead calm for the movie – which btw I really enjoyed…

  30. maineiac says

    Just for fun,,, Portia de Rossi (prob not A list) from “Sirens”. She was really naked in the movie. Perhaps the round a bout actor was Hugh Grant, Sam Neil or Elle McPherson!!

  31. apple martini says

    It doesn’t say that the actress is Australian, just the “roundabout” guy she had a thing with. So it doesn’t necessarily point to Nicole Kidman or any other Australian actress. I like Gibson for “roundabout” thing though, for reasons others have mentioned.

    And the casting director for Dead Calm was a woman, according to IMDB. Doesn’t mean there still couldn’t be something there, but it’s worth thinking about.

  32. biggestbunny says

    Ok – how is this Nicole Kidman, folks?
    She’s a solid A.

    Hi, BG.
    Longtime lurker, first time poster.
    Loving your work, here in Ireland.

  33. jackhammer says

    Portia de Rossi


    not sure who the casting director was, btu the director was John Duigan who Thandy Newton claimed forced her into a relationship when she was 16….

  34. tkw1955 says

    I agree that the Austrailian is Mel Gibson (he’s got blue eyes like the koala). I’m still working on the other parts….

  35. tkw1955 says

    Kelly McGillis
    Mel Gibson

    I read the blind that she slept with the casting director, but the director is the friend of the Austrailan. Peter Weir was the director. The movie was made in 1985 and Mel was married in 1980 (already bored with his wife). Mel has piercing blue eyes like the koala bear. The casting director was Dianne Crittenden, which just makes this all the more interesting. I love BG

    • fozzie says

      This could be it. Additional facts: Kelly McGillis was nude in the bathing scene in Witness. I also read this blind that the actress slept with the casting director and also slept with the the Australian FRIEND of the director. Doesn’t say she slept with the director. And it doesn’t say she is Australian although she could be. The director of Witness was Peter Weir (an Australian), so its possible he was friends with Mel Gibson. Witness was cast by Dianne Crittenden and Kelly McGillis is now an out lesbian. It fits for me.

  36. jjonesy says

    And now for something completely different….
    Linda Kozlowski
    Crocodile Dundee
    Paul Hogan

    ..except I’m not sure if her being semi-retired from acting counts as solidly “B” list. The two have been married for 25 years this month, I believe. Paul was married to his former wife at the time the first Crocodile movie was made. And I believe the director of the movie also directed Paul in a TV show in Australia back in the early ’80s maybe?

  37. Midnight Q says

    How about Elle Macpherson for the actress (i use that term loosely), Sam Neill for the roundabout aussie and Sirens for the movie. Portia De Rossi was also in that movie but i don’t think she was ever A list until she married Ellen lol. And i know Elle was never an A list actress, but she was definetly an A in terms of recognition.