• Tru Tru2 says

      Russell is not affiliated with music anymore, that was yrs ago.
      he’s the grandpa–retired. He doesn’t own a label and he surely isn’t gonna work for anyone else’s.


    • Singapore Slang says

      You know who’s even classier? The women that agree to this. I know how high rent is in NYC though so I’m not hating!

  1. liteNOTSObrite says

    It would be easy to choose a hip hop exec for the obvious booty shaking and debaucherous ladden stereotypes. But i am gonna go with more of a goon, snake type and say Tommy Matolla or Clive Davis. They are old school and are much more subtle, therefore they could pull this off with a higher class of girl. Those video hoes can’t keep their mouth’s shut long enough to pull this off successfully.

    • Tru Tru2 says

      I could def see Motolla doing this..Clive doesn’t have that many young male artists, I don’t think–he’s known for creating divas, LOL

      I’m going w/your guess Tommy M.

    • holyfrak says

      I agree. Diddy doesn’t need to attract people. They come looking to work with or for him. Naah, that’s some old school Mad Men style pimpin’. Keepin’ hoes on retainer.

  2. liteNOTSObrite says

    The key to this blind item is that the Exec may not be sleeping with his harem. It has been umored that P-Diddy, Russell Simmons, and LA Reid are down low. Sooooo, if they are indeed gay and had a bevy of beauties at their disposal they wouldn’t be interested.

    I think Quincy Jones has the name and street cred to pull in talent without the harem whereas if we are going with a less obvious choice, Tommy and Clive do not have that street cred to pull in the younger urban artists that might be easier to sway by unlimited vajayjay.

    • HappilyEverAfter says

      LA isn’t gay? I always assumed he was. If he’s pretending to be straight that’s hilarious. What a waste of energy.

  3. liteNOTSObrite says

    Andre Harrell is another big name that is rumored to be gay, discovered Puff Daddy, and wouldn’t necessarily be sleeping with the harem.

    Ps, it has also been said that Puffy got caught under Andre’s desk early on in his career which sparked the gay rumors originally.

    • sarahbear says

      I’ll cosign the Jay-Z guess. This seems like something that he would do. He’s also based in New York.
      I’d bet he sleeps with them, however. This is just based on my personal opinion of the guy and rumors that already exist about him.

      • Christian says

        Jay-Z is famously (and proudly) stingy. There’s no way he would ever do something like this. If he really had to, I can see him hiring women for one-time engagements, but he’s not the kind of person who would ever maintain multiple women on retainer on him dime.

      • holyfrak says

        Naah, people want to work wit Jay-Z and he has the power to make a star. No need to keep women on the payroll. Also, why does this seem like something he would do? What rumors are you talking about?

  4. YesMaam says

    Tommy Mottola is my first and only guess.

    Clive Davis, allegedly, does more of the luring humself, allegedly, with the men…allegedly…

    and his pimp hand is said to be VERY strong when it comes to business dealings…

    Let’s just say, for example, if you are a gay/lesbian musician, don’t expect to EVER be out if you’re with Mr. Davis (hypocite)…

    Ahem, Mrs. Swizz Beats-Keyes…I’m talking to you…

    • liteNOTSObrite says

      Good question. I know he lives in the south of France, but i think most of his business is based in LA

  5. ummidk says

    Not sure I agree with the Motolla guess, his Casablanca Records current artist roster is Mika and Ryan Leslie, and his most recent past artists include Lindsay Lohan, some Brie Larson. Unless those are the artists interested in the harem girls, I don’t think it’s this guy.

    • liteNOTSObrite says

      It isn’t limited to just the artists. It also mentions influental people. That can count towards payola for radio play, investors, producers that work with their artists, publicity, writers etc. Motolla is is worth over $100 million. He is clearly more active in the industry than we think given the fact that he maintains his riches and still holds an esteemed position within the industry.

      • itssunnyoutside says

        lite you are very correct tha’t what I was going to say. The music industry is run by business people behind the scenes.

  6. auntmidgee says

    For something different I’ll say Nick Cannon. He has a label or reps artists so maybe that’s how he lures them. He doesn’t seem like he’d cheat on Ms. M so maybe that’s the reference to not using the ladies’ services.

  7. jackhammer says

    I like the Clive Davis or Mottolla guesses.

    I was a pretty decent high school football recruit, and all college visits were basically the coaches trying to get me laid at their school. They bunk you wiht a sophomore player, he is given a hundred bucks to go out and show you a good time, which means a couple of frat parties or whatever,a nd they then introduce you to a couple of girls and tell the girls, “this guy is a great high school football player, and we’d really liek to see him at our school”…whcih is where the school pride in these girls usually kicks into high gear….to be clear the $100 bucks was not for the girls, but to go buy alcohol or whatever…it wasn’t prostituiton, but finding girls who were easy….since every school did it, it wasn’t really a deciding factor, but I guess a school where no one got laid on the weekend would probably not seem as appealing… the end I opted to go to a smaller division 1aa school, and one I didn’t get laid at on my visit, and I didn’t regret it.

  8. miller205 says

    I am thinking NeYo, who besides being an artist himself, is an A&R exec who just made a big news move from Def Jam to Motown. I know his sexuality has always been a question.