1. jonsmommy408 says

    Putting on pounds makes me think Joey Fatone, but blonde makes me think Aaron Carter. I’ll go with AC.

  2. tiger916 says

    I’m assuming everyone is in moderation. The boy banders that have participated on DWTS are: Joey McIntyre, Joey Lawrence, Drew Lachey, Lance Bass, Aaron Carter. Of those, the only blondes are Lance and Aaron. Aaron is actually listed as a singer and actor on the DWTS wiki page, so I’ll go with him (even though he wasn’t ever part of a boy band group, that was still his generall sound/fan base.)

  3. Brittany920 says

    lance bass is the only boy bander singer/actor I see when I look up competitors. which makes me sad for him. but then again, he is “public” alot so maybe it is not him we would notice a weight gain I would imagine.

    • vitaminc says

      Not blond. He did the NKOTBSB tour this summer, so definitely no weight gain there either. It’s gotta be Lance Bass.

  4. Westie says

    Aaron Carter. He was on DWTS and was the first one booted from Rachel vs. Guy “Celebrity” Cook-Off.

  5. Beatrixie says

    Former boy-banders who have been on DWTS include: Joey McIntyre, Drew Lachey, Joey Fatone and Lance Bass…. Lance Bass is the only one who’s blonde. So I suppose it’s him :). Singer in *NSYNC, actor in *cough* On The Line *cough*.

  6. vandra says

    Aaron Carter. While not technically a boy-bander, he was in that genre. And if that was posted today on NE, well today is his brother Nick’s birthday.

  7. DutchOven says

    Lance Bass. Blonde, was in N’Sync, acted in the movie “On the Line” and has since had bit parts in other movies and TV shows. I don’t know if he has put on weight because I couldn’t find any recent photos of him.

  8. MPaige says

    It is either Aaron Carter or Lance Bass. Since Lance was in a boy band unlike Aaron who was more solo, I am going to go with Lance. I can’t see Aaron buying holiday cards for anyone.

  9. heelsoverhead says

    It sounds like Lance Bass but I believe he has a radio show, so I’m second guessing it

  10. Christian says

    If you’ve seen Aaron Carter lately, you’d know he certainly has not put on a few pounds… To the contrary, he looks anorexic or cracked out.

    So I say Lance Bass.

  11. Tracy511 says

    Aaron Carter is my guess — the extra pounds being a reference to the cooking show — but my phone is being retarded…sorry BG!

  12. Mermaid says

    If only they had saved their drug money and invested it. Imagine how rich they would be now!

  13. bayougirl2 says

    Lance doesn’t look fat in recent pictures, in fact, he looks more toned. He’s also not out of work seeing as he hosts ‘the pop ten’ on Sirius radio. Aaron carter just finished something on broadway I believe and looks super thin. NKOTB just had a tour last summer so I do t think it’s Joey M either. Not Joey Fatone cause he’s not blonde. Maybe Drew Lachey? Only one I can think of.

  14. redstilettos says

    Joey and Drew aren’t blondes, so they need to be ruled out. Also, even boy banders appreciate a good deal on greeting cards. 😀

  15. rhchapin says

    The name Aaron Carter popped into my head but is he the kind of guy that sends generic, boxed Christmas cards?

    • HotTeacher88 says

      Wait a minute. Aaron Carter wasn’t in a band. He was a solo act. His brother was in the band. That leaves Lance Bass.

  16. honoraryorange says

    This isn’t Aaron Carter, people. Do even the tiniest bit of searching and you can find recent pics of him. If anything he looks coked out and thin as a rail.

    Which leaves only Lance, I guess, as far as blondes from DWTS go.