Comic Actor Goes Crazy At Hollywood Club

[BuzzFoto] This B list comedian and film actor has a membership to an exclusive Hollywood club which he almost lost over the last month after going on a dr*g binge and str*pping off all of his clothing, trying to assault a waitress. 693

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44 comments to Comic Actor Goes Crazy At Hollywood Club

  • sabbythom

    I’ve been hearing a lot of things lately about Dane Cook. Maybe this could be him??

    • leshabe

      AV Club has a recent article about Dane Cook having an awful set (well, worse than usual…) over the weekend and the picture makes me think of him. I’m going with Dane, too!

    • ShennanigansOHoolihan

      I concur. Allegedly, his recent behavior has been horrific. I still like to think of Jim Carrey as A-list.

    • Singapore Slang

      I like this guess. He’s def B list.

    • saucykitty

      Just read the AV Club article. I’m down with this guess.

    • La Llorona

      Yup, soon as I read this, he sprang to mind. Lots of websites are reporting that he cut into Bobby Lee’s stand up and went on a misogynistic rant. He basically responded by spewing some self righteous crap about how he’s rich.

      I wonder when this spiral is going to go public. Has the video of this incident leaked yet?

      • La Llorona

        Okay, so, thought I’d throw in a TRIGGER WARNING because this is about sexual assault.

        Since the blind mentioned assault but wasn’t specific, Dane performed in his stand up that he had assaulted a girl. This was another eyewitness account, taken from ONTD:

        My friend was actually booked for this gig too! But he was bumped by Dane Cook. This is a text that he sent me:

        “It was the worst. He started crying just slightly at one point, and wanted to feel bad, but then you remembered he was talking about he basically raped a girl earlier that day.”

        and then: “Well, I mean, he didn’t basically rape her. He raped her. But his therapist said he needs to embrace and own the power of fame, so it’s okay.”


      • NJDevilGirl14

        Wow! I just read the article. Damn, I knew I couldn’t stand him for a reason and now I know why.
        Dude should be in jail, if he did in fact assault someone.

    • CollegeGirl

      I agree with the DC guess

  • wee niknak

    jack black or jim carrey

  • meggyrosey

    dane cook???

  • LavaMama

    This screams Jim Carrey to me.

  • Beatrixie

    My guess is Zach Galifianakis. Why not… !

    • saucykitty

      Because he’s actually a really nice, shy, down-to-earth guy? I’ve met him a few times; this is definitely not him.

  • kitteekat

    Tracey MOrgan – based on the news today about his Sundance breakdown

  • raslebol

    i don’t know who is Dane Cook or rather i don’t visualize his face but i say DANE COOK

  • SayItAintSo

    Jim Carey, He was in mask which was green and if I am not colorblind, this looks a bit green to me. lol

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

      Jim Carey is known to manipulate his face in all sorts of odd ways and the guy in the above pic is at an angle to emphasize his nostrils -which seem photoshopped to look even larger. So maybe it is him. And I think there’s a blind or two about a comic/actor that’s not doing well these days and Carey was one of the popular guesses? Not positive.

      Then there’s Will Ferrell who was known to strip off his clothes for more than one of his SNL skits and behind the scenes, would do so just for fun. I could see him getting drugged up and before he knew what hit him, becoming brash and naked. He’s been in plenty of movies and is a truly funny man but then has been on television a lot as well…so, um..

      Dane Cook impresses me as being on the C- list but that’s my subjective impression. I heard a radio interview of him a couple/few years ago and it sounded as if he was ready for a big come back. Maybe it didn’t go so well and he went off the deep end, ending up as the sad answer to this blind.

  • CurlEgirl

    Is Jim Carrey “B list” though?? I like the Dane Cook guess..

  • gippercat

    Jim Carrey

  • Spanx101

    Jack Black

  • morecoffee

    There is no way Jim Carrey is B-list.

  • malkatz

    Dane Cook or Andy Dick.

    • up2trouble

      Andy Dick is not a “B” lister and what Hollywood club has he not gone nuts in?

    • Singapore Slang

      If this were Andy Dick, it would have been in the papers already. I feel like I read something salacious about that guy all the time.

  • Confusus

    I can’t think of a single comedian who is actually a bitter, unstable person, possibly with substance abuse issues.

  • tawse57

    It sounds the sort of thing Roger from American Dad would do.

    I think it would kill him to be thought of as a B lister though.

  • RealTinReality

    Andy Dick – although I don’t consider him B-list……

  • Incuriosity

    Jim Carrey. The picture reminds me of some of his antics in “The Mask” and the “Ace Ventura” films.

  • dee123

    Jack Black. I don’t wanna live in a world where Dane Cook is B list.

    • saucykitty

      Well, that’s good, seeing as how Dane is now C-list.

    • ILoveGlitter

      Agreed on the DC comment. In my mind he’s negative Z list. Can’t stand him and his ridiculous “comedy.”

      • saucykitty

        ^Agreed, totally.

        I found his bit about the girl trying to open the car door after a BJ to be amusing, but other than that, I can’t find anything funny in his fratboy spewing. Also, he’s stolen jokes from Dmitri Martin and other comedians – just do a search on YouTube.

  • Deeva E

    I don’t really know who Dane Cook is so I’ll go with Jim Carey or Jack Black. On the other hand, this screams Andy Dick behavior but he is far from B list.

  • RealTinReality

    @Deeva E – exactly – this is from huffington post regarding andy dick’s behavior just last week:

  • shannonhumphreys

    It depresses me that Dane Cook is even B list, but this has GOT to be him. He’s the worst.

  • rabbitears

    Andy Dick just read it on Perez, shows pics of him withou any pants on stage.