Hello Hotel Room

[CDAN] This what now counts for an A list Tween television actress was flirting heavily with this director who is the boyfriend of this usually annoying B list movie actress. Anyway, the director was going to keep it at flirting until the tweener told him she was over 18 (barely). Hello hotel room. I’m sure the excuse he gave to his girlfriend for missing her big event was priceless. Our B list actress was out of her mind ticked off.



Director’s Actress Girlfriend:

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37 comments to Hello Hotel Room

  • Spanx101

    Actress: Kate Bosworth

    Director: Michael Polish

    Tweener: Victoria Justice

  • Brittttt

    Miranda Cosgrove?

  • YesMaam

    Actress: Kate Bosworth

    Director: Michael Polish

    Tweener: Demi Lovato

    Just to be an instigator! XD

  • morecoffee

    Aw, we think Kate Bosworth is usually annoying? I kinda like her.

  • WhoSays

    I was thinking Victoria Justice as well, but she’s going to turn 19 next month. So she’s not (barely) 18.

  • dani948

    Tweener?? Tween, as in, 10-12 year old adolescent??

    Hello jail eell, is more like it.

    (People do realize that the definition of “tween” is?):

    “Tween (demographic), preadolescence, that is, the stage between middle childhood and adolescence in human development, in the range of 10 to 12 years old.”

    Was this guy really with a 10-12 year old tweeny? Or is BG wrong in their usage of the term tween?

    • WaitLemmeGuess

      I think the blind is referring to the star’s fan base as tweens, not the star herself. She is 18.

    • Beatrixie

      In this blind, it means that the actress’s key demographic/fanbase consists of tweens, not that the actress herself is a tween.

    • combatbaby

      Pretty sure it means an actress on a tween show, or an actress relevant in the tween-o-verse

    • stephie

      I think they’re definition of a “tween” is someone who is 17-19.At least thats my take on it

      • WaitLemmeGuess

        Nope. “Tween” is a nickname for a kid “between” the ages of young childhood (0-9) and teenage years (13-19). A tween is 10-12. I know cos I have one! The blind is worded funny. The phrase “tween television actress” means the show is for tween viewers, not that the actress is a tween herself.

      • stephie

        Oh! lol I get it now.. Thanks for the clarification :) Well now I just feel silly.

    • jeannie

      The blind makes it clear that the A-list tweener is 18. The term tween is used in this instance to describe what kind of tv/movies she makes and who her audience is. Also, this is written by CDAN not BG!

    • Munchkin

      In this usage it’s someone who’s audience is tweens.

    • EastSideGirl

      Its CDANs use of tween, not BGs.

  • dani948

    *Hello jail cell, I meant. Typo!

  • suzabelle

    Actress: Victoria Justice

    Director: Sam Mendes

    Director’s Actress Girlfriend: Rebecca Hall

    With the event being the Lay the Favorite premiere at Sundance

  • fleur725

    Victoria Justice is not A list by any means.

    • jeannie

      I think the blind is pointing out that now that Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and Selena Gomez are no longer on their respective Disney shows, the standards for an “A list tween actress” have dropped. Notice the clue about how “this now counts as an A list tween actress” implying that she wasn’t before but out of what’s left on Disney/Nickelodeon the actress in question is the closest to A list there is.

      • editmethis

        Agreed. Too bad I don’t keep up with Disney.

      • prettyinblack

        But three of them are still barely out out of Disney and have yet to prove themselves outside Disney

        Not to mention that Selena and Demi are still in Hollywood Records, Disney subsidiary

        Former Disney are more fit for people whose been out for years like Hilary Duff and Shia

    • apple martini

      “This what now counts for an A list …”

  • Cocovenus

    Dani948- I think tween refers more to the demographic the actress appeals to and is popular within as opposed to her actual age

  • mzmarymac

    Victoria Justice is definitely A-list for the tween crowd and is absolutely hot! I could see her flirting up a good looking director at a film festival to get him to “notice” her.

    • HotTeacher88

      Yes, she’s A-list for that crowd, and she is a drop-dead gorgeous girl. I will never forget when Jimmy Fallon had her on his show and kept remarking about how pretty she was. She acted creeped out and said,”I’m only 17,” like ‘back-off, Chester!’

  • cjames77

    Definitely Michael Polish, Kate Bosworth and Victoria Justice/Demi Lovato

  • Warrior1461

    Cant be Demi, she was nowhere near Sundance. My guess is Victoria Justice.

  • thisisbullshit

    It’s not Victoria. 2 years and it hasn’t been solved. That would indicate y’all are guessing WAY wrong. I don’t know who it is, and I don’t care. But it’s not Victoria. What is wrong with you people?