The Boy Bander

[CDAN] It is really hard to believe this former A- list boy bander and now a C who kind of was his own one boy band has always been in the closet. Despite every single public romance he has had with a woman he has always wanted to come out. He has been caught so many times and given the perfect opportunity to come out, but he keeps waiting and waiting.

He dated this at the time, huge tween actress for a very long time but most of the time she was having sex with our boy bander’s brother. The brother is where she was rumored to have picked up the gift that keeps on giving. The good news for the brother was that since the boy bander was “dating” her, the brother never got in trouble for having sex with a minor for almost a year.

One time our boy bander was on tour with a different girlfriend. This girlfriend was a singer and is now an actress or she may still be both. Anyway, this actress/singer had no clue that our boy bander liked guys and was a virgin at the time. She got the gift that keeps on giving from a different band guy. Anyway, the virgin walked in on our boy bander on his knees servicing one of his male backup dancers. About an hour later the virgin was gone.

One of the boy banders best “girlfriends” was with this celebutante who made her name in some sex tape action and a reality show. Anyway, she was totally into the fact that our boy bander liked guys and was into having threesomes. She moved on though because a celebrity couple offered her more money to come stay with them for awhile.

I don’t think there is any truth to the rumor that our boy bander had sex with the celebrity father of one of his other “girlfriends.” She is also a celebrity, although I wish she was not.

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  1. gmaven says

    I can’t connect all of the dots, but Nick Carter, Aaron Carter, Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff and Paris Hilton come to mind.

    • Singapore Slang says

      Your guesses fit all the clues.

      Aaron Carter was the one who dated both Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff, right? I think Aaron is the former A list now C list guy, Nick is the brother, Lindsay was the huge tween actress, Hilary was the virgin, and Paris Hilton as the celebutante.

    • ineedtoknowwho says

      OMG GMAVEN! Thank you soooooooooooo much. Ive aaaaaaaaaaaaalways thought Nick Carter was gay! ALWAYS!!!!!!!!! But, either im oblivious and havent been attention, but Ive never heard anyone ever question his sexuality. I always thought he was and is, and back in the day, Nick and and The Backstreet Boys made a musical appearance on Saturday Night Live, and later, Chris Kattan went on a talk show, I believe it was the Rosie O’Donnell show, and he talked about how one of the backstreet boys was being very divaish and even mocked the boy bander’s feminine mannerisms………AND i TOTALLY KNEW IT WAS NICK WHOM HE WAS TALKING ABOUT! Ugh, Ive looked everywhere on line looking for this clip so that I could give you guys the link, but I cant find it anywhere!!

    • LiveForToday says

      I totally thought of Nick Carter once they mentioned a brother and the “minor” girlfriend; with that either being Duff or Lohan(Aaron dated both).

    • Jet17 says

      The Boy Bander – who is his own Boy Band: Aaron Carter
      Older Brother having sex with tween minor: Nick Carter
      Tween minor: Hillary Duff
      Virgin on tour: Kaci Brown
      Sex Tape reality tv girlfriend who moved on: Kari Ann Peniche – Couple she moved on to: Eric Dane & Rebecca Gayheart
      “Best Girlfriend” and celebrity father: Miley & Billy Ray Cyrus

      • mightyaphrodite says

        I agree with most of this, but with a few changes:

        Boy Bander: Aaron Carter
        Older Brother: Nick Carter
        Tween minor: Lindsay Lohan
        Virgin on tour: Hilary Duff
        Sex Tape reality tv girlfriend who moved on: Kari Ann Peniche (who was on Celebrity Rehab)
        Couple she moved on to: Eric Dane & Rebecca Gayheart
        “Best Girlfriend” and celebrity father: Brooke Hogan and Hulk Hogan

  2. lindseyann says

    My first thought was Nick Carter of BSB. He’s got a brother, Aaron Carter, and he dated Paris Hilton (celebutante who made her name in some sex tape action and a reality show), but nothing else fits. :\

    • Bromance1979 says

      I was lost until the clue about the celebutante who had a sex tape. That has to be Paris, so this has to be Nick Carter. His brother, Aaron, does look like he’s riddled with STDs. Paris would totally have bee into threesomes, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she left him to be with a celebrity couple who was paying her (Blind recently about her and Nicole being hookers).
      The singer girlfriend on tour with him is Willa Ford – she sings and acts, dated Nick and was on tour with the Backstreet Boys in 2000. Can’t figure out the tween star girlfriend – Aaron was the one making the rounds of the tween stars.

  3. ClueMeIn says

    Boy bander: Nick Jonas
    Brother: Joe Jonas
    Teen actress: Miley Cyrus
    Different girlfriend: Selena Gomez

    That’s what I had/thought until I read “male backup dancers” and the last two paragraphs. Now I’m confused and have no clue.

    • bethnee641 says

      Brian Littrell has been married for years – I was in high school when it happened. (I only know this because my friend’s mother was actually at the wedding and took pictures and we spent days swooning over the fact that we had ACTUAL photographs of ACTUAL Backstreet Boys making ACTUAL stupid faces at the camera, haha.)

  4. happywash says

    My bad. I thought it fit, but the more I looked into it, the less it made sense. Guess I’ll try again…

    • La Llorona says

      Yeah I’m pretty convinced it’s Aaron Carter, but this blind is wicked confusing. Enty must be trying to get into a competition with Ted Casablanca…

    • ChiChiLaRue says

      I have to agree with this one.
      The way the blind reads, it seems like it’s saying Aaron is the one on the down-low and not Nick.

  5. fparker says

    Sound like it could involve the Jonas brothers, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. Or, the Carter’s, Lindsey lohan, Miley Cyrus, Hillary duff.

  6. MrsPatrickBateman says

    Nick Carter with Aaron Carter for the brother. Not sure of the girlfriends besides Paris though…

    • LolaVee says

      If u read the end of the 2nd paragraph closely, the guy in the blind has to be the younger brother (Aaron).

    • ryeowooks says

      No, but this sentence “who kind of was his own one boy band” fits Aaron Carter who was a boy band member without the actual boy band i.e. he was a solo pop singer who might as well have been in a boy band. Especially considering who his brother is!

  7. luvprue1 says

    Boy band member that might fit the blind.

    Nick Carter -Date Paris Hilton who because famous because of a sex tape and she was feature on a reality show.

    Justin Timberlake – Dated Britney Spear,and other celebrity.

    Aaron Carter -Dated a singer, a celebrity, and rumor to have had sex with a celebrity father.

  8. yinyang says

    Lost me on second paragraph but I’ll say the Carter boys&good ole LILO .. Didn’t read the rest but that’s what came to mind.

  9. kennepopsicle says

    Nick Carter.
    Tween girlfriend – ?
    Singer/actress girlfriend – Ashlee Simpson
    Celebutante girlfriend – Paris Hilton

  10. riddlemethis says

    Geez that just made my head spin. Justin Timberlake? Joey Fatone is married so its not him. Celebutante was Paris Hilton.

  11. paniikd says

    Robbie Williams? I found this blind really confusing but he is the only former boybander that I could think of that I’ve always thought was gay and had a successful solo career (beyond Lance Bass, but he already came out)

  12. Tinkerbell says

    I’m intrigued by this and can’t wait to see what the guesses are. The only thought I have is that the celebutante has to be Paris who def. made her name via a sextape and then “reality” show/s and she went out with Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys who woulda been considered A-list at one point (winning Sexiest Man Alive over Timberlake etc.)But his brother, Aaron, is younger than him, the bit about nailing a minor doesn’t make sense.
    The para about the virgin gf is confusing. If she was a virgin and remained a virgin at the time, how did she get the herpes-sounding “gift that goes on giving”?

    So, yeah, I got nuthin’

      • Tinkerbell says

        @dee123 Yeah I took that to mean the same thing. The point I’m making is that it wouldn’t make sense for the younger brother to be “getting away” with banging the minor, it would make much more sense for the older brother to be the one who was doing that. In any case, since them I’ve changed my guess to Aaron Carter, and that makes much more sense.

    • Springtime says

      I’m assuming the virgin is speculated to have herpes & they was saying that she got it from someone else later. That she was still a virgin when she was with this boy bander.

      • Tinkerbell says

        Yes I eventually pieced that together — that she got the “gift” from a different guy later — after reading the blind several times. Thanks for clarifying. :-)

    • LolaVee says

      I’m guessing that the virgin was Hilary Duff who went on to get ‘the gift’ much later from Joel Madden.

      Also, Keri Ann Peniche fits perfectly as the sex tape girl who left for McSteamy and his wife.

  13. RangerOne says

    No idea, though there will be a thousand Jonas Brother guesses, even though not a single clue fits any of them.

  14. luckysiu says

    I’m sure that this will end up in moderation but it’s Joe Jonas. I don’t know all the girls he’s dated but I would say Demi Lovato is the one who walked in on him. Taylor Swift picked up a gift from John Mayer and Kim Kardashian was/is his buddy.

    • fparker says

      Hey, I totally agree wit the Jonas comment and said that a whole ago. I see my comment at the top but it’s in moderation, why is that? Most of my comments say that as soon as I write them. Thanks.

    • RangerOne says

      This blind fits Kim Kardashian about as well as it fits any Jonas. Did you read it? Try doing so. Now explain how this is Joe Jonas. What gf of his would his older brother Kevin have been sleeping with? What girlfriend of his had a sex tape and was a reality star? What gf did he have that has a celebrity father?

      Try again. A blind can’t be about someone because you want it to be.

      • fparker says

        Really, calm down. It could fit Nick Jonas. Just cuz it said Jonas brothers doesn’t mean u can pick the one it couldn’t possibly fit to say its off. All guesses are innocent and should be free from attack. Peace.

      • luckysiu says

        Kim Kardashian got famous off the sex tape with Ray J and E! She was also pretty tight with Nick and going to fashion shows with him before that whole weird interaction with Kanye West/Amber Rose. Demi Lovato was on tour with the Jonas Brothers and was still thought of as Disney virginal. Taylor Swift is still thought of as virginal. I don’t know the celebrity dad but will say that I take your reaction

  15. NYCMEL says

    Aaron Carter, with Lindsay Lohan, who was sleeping with Nick Carter. The virgin is Hillary Duff, the celebutante is Paris.

  16. meggyrosey says

    Band – Fall out Boy
    Lead – Joel Madden
    Tween Girlfriend – Hilary Duff
    Celebutate – Paris Hilton w/Benji Madden
    Other Girlfriend – Nicole Richie
    Other Girlfriends Father – Lionel Richie

    This is way to ridiculous to follow!!! haha

  17. judsonsmom says

    My guess is the Carter brothers, Nick and Aaron. Nick dated Paris Hilton, and Aaron dated Lilo and Hillary Duff. The blind is confusing though, are they both gay?

  18. Spanx101 says

    1. Boy Bander: Aaron C.
    2. Tween Actress: Lohan
    3. Brother: Nick C.
    4. Virgin: Hilary D.
    5. Band Guy: Joel M.
    6. Celebutante: Paris H.
    7. Father: Hulk H.

    • RyliesMom says

      All of this is what I was thinking, but I had no idea for #7. Hulk H. Wow. Did Aaron date Hulk’s daughter?

    • LolaVee says

      Swap Paris Hilton for Kari Ann Peniche and Hulk for Michael Lohan and ill agree!

      I know ppl think thy Paris is the obvious celebutante, but Peniche fits way better. She was a pageant girl briefly engaged to Aaron, filmed Celebrity Rehab and made a tape with Eric Dane & Rebecca Gayheart.

  19. HotTeacher88 says

    Dang! I almost went blind reading this shiggedy. My first thought was Jordan Knight. Then I kept reading about these jailbait girlfriends and got confused. Now I’m guessing J.C. Chazez. IDK. I need Tylenol now.

  20. itssunnyoutside says

    So confusing! Nick Carter? Paris Hilton? There are way too many people involved sometimes I’m not sure if some people referenced are the same person or not.

  21. samarie says

    Nick Carter, from the Backstreet Boys. He was by far the most recognizable of the group. The huge tween actress is Lindsay Lohan, who famously “dated” his younger brother, Aaron Carter. The next girlfriend is probably Mandy Moore, a nice, squeaky-clean virgin of a singer/actress back in the ’00s. The celebutante is, of course, Paris Hilton, who he dated just as his Backstreet Boys recognition was beginning to fade.

  22. Lozza2 says

    Aaron Carter. With either Lohan or Hilary Duff sleeping with Nick. Probably Hilary as they were together longer.

    Brooke Hogan for the reality girlfriend.

    Oh wait – he’s not a boybander…

    Does it work the other way around? Nick – Paris. Can’t think of any other girls who fit.

    This must be easy!! Am tired…

  23. fotobandi says

    This is so confusing that the top of my head just blew off. And my long dead 5th grade grammar teacher just rolled over in her grave.

  24. KabeeGee says

    Nick Carter? I had no clue until the last clue where the blind said one of his “best ‘girlfriends'” was a celebutante who was in a sex tape and a reality show. Totally Paris Hilton.

  25. Mermaid says

    Oy. SO badly written.

    Guessing Joe Jonas for this with Miley Cyrus as the huge tween star.

    “Different” GF is Selena Gomez

    Celebutante is Kim K.

    Celeb father is Billy Cyrus

  26. jeannie says

    I don’t know if all of the clues add up, but Aaron Carter comes to mind. It’s confusing because it mentions boy bands, but also says he was his own one-boy band. Nick Carter would be the older brother.

  27. brreze says

    boy bander: Aaron Carter
    Huge Tween Actress: Lindsey Lohan
    Brother: Nick Carter
    Singer/Actress: Hilary Duff
    Celebutante: Kari Ann Peniche
    Other Girlfriend and father: Brook Hogan and Hulk Hogan?

    • SilverOnyx says

      I agree w this guess. W Hilary getting the gift from Joel madden and Kari eventually moving on to Eric dane & his wife grayheart

      • ToadKisser says

        As complicated as this one is, for some reason it seems very obvious to me that this is Aaron, Lindsey, Nick, Hillary, Joel M., Kari Ann, Eric & Rebecca, Hulk & Brooke. I’m honestly surprised that brreze & SilverOnyx are the only ones who have guessed this exact list (minus Joel). It’s the Kari Ann part that gives it away for me – I don’t even follow any of these people but I remember hearing about the sex tape with her and Mr & Mrs McSteamy.

      • ToadKisser says

        Excuse me, SilverOnyx DID guess Joel! So between the two of you, I think you nailed the whole thing.

  28. Lkaps84 says

    First post- love the site! :)

    My guess is Nick Carter. Tween actress being Lindsay Lohan or Hilary Duff, both of whom Aaron Carter has been famously linked to.

    Singer/Actress=Willa Ford

    Celebutante= Paris Hilton. He dated one of those Gastineau girls too but I don’t think she had a porn tape.

    Celebrity girlfriends father= Joe Simpson??? Hahah. He was linked to Ashlee at one point though. Homeboy gets around!!

  29. LostinAusten says

    This sounds like:

    Boy Bander – Nick Lachey
    Huge Tween Actress – Vanessa Minillawafers?
    Different Girlfriend – Jessica Simpson
    Celebutante – Kim Kardaaaaaaaashian

    • itssunnyoutside says

      Nick Carter never dated those two. It was his brother Aaron who dated Lohan & Duff. I’m going to guess this involves them and Paris Hilton

  30. sweetp1257 says

    First time poster! Ok, here’s what I’ve got:
    Boy band guy- Aaron Carter
    Brother: nick Carter
    Tween actress: Hillary duff
    Sex tape celebutante- Kari Ann peniche
    Celebrity couple: Eric Dane and Rebecca gayheart
    I don’t know who he toured with, bur I’m sure Logan fits as one of these. God I gave no life!

  31. GGgirl123 says

    It took me a bit, but I’m pretty sure this is Aaron Carter! Tween being Hillary Duff other gf being Lindsay Lohan, and the porn is the same girl who hooked up with McSteamy.

  32. Liberiangirl28 says

    Aaron Carter and Paris Hilton? She is rumored to have “the gift that keeps on giving” and she was in a sex tape and had a reality show…but then I thought of Omarion since he can’t keep the gay rumors away from him

  33. dee123 says

    Nick Carter/Aaron Carter? Some clues go with Nick others go with Aaron. (Trying to throw us off the track?)

    Though Aaron was never EVER, EVER, EVER an A list boy bander.
    For a couple of years he was popular as a solo.

    Nick ‘dated’ Haylie Duff, Willa Ford, Tila Tequlia & Paris, so take your pick there.

    Besides i always thought it was funny that the Backstreet Boys was one of the only boy bands without a gay member.

  34. Brittany920 says

    Boy band guy- nick jonas
    Brother: joe jonas
    Tween actress: miley cyrus
    actress/singer: demi lavato
    one of the “girlfriends” – ashley greene?

    when I was a teen, nick carter was my everything so I am trying real hard to think of some other answer :-( haha

    • RangerOne says

      Try as you might, this in no way fits any Jonas no matter how hard you might wish it did. Sometimes our faves are the subjects of blinds. Such is Hollywood.

      If Nick Jonas were the “boy bander” in question, HE would have been the one dating Ashley Greene and Demi Lovato. But that was Joe. And it can’t be Joe because he never dated a reality star with a sex tape or a girl with a celeb father.

    • ineedtoknowwho says

      brittany920, how do u make the little sad face appear with your comment? Ive always wondered how u guys do that on here? am i missing the button somewhere?

    • everythingthatshines says

      Nick Carter was the love of my life as a young girl also so I’m trying to think of other people too haha. I’ve always prided myself on my gaydar, and it’s never gone off with Nick…maybe it’s cause I haven’t met him in person but I was thinking maybe this is one of the new kids…Jordan McKnight? I don’t know who he’s dated though and this was super hard to follow

      • Brittany920 says

        that’s what threw me off too. I have a really good “gaydar” and nick NEVER rang any bells for me… but now that I am older, I can totally see it. any boy band member that comes out shocks me like crazy, but at the same time doesn’t. it’s mostly the 15 year old in me that is shocked lol.

      • Brittany920 says

        oh and jordan knight has kid/kids I think, and I know his brother jonathon is for sure gay. but I doubt jordan. oh god, my poor little heart couldn’t take nick AND jordan hahahahaha

      • tiggerlgh says

        That’s because its the younger brother Aaron that is gay and Nick was the older brother sleeping with the teen, while she was “dating” Aaron.

  35. Aurora7247 says

    Nick Carter

    —>best girlfriend “Paris Hilton”-sextape & reality show
    —>As for the girlfriend singer/actress that would be Wila Ford
    —->As for the father of one of his girfriends “Poppa Simpson” bc Nick cheated on Paris with Ashlee Simpson (& everyone wishes Ashlee wasn’t a celebrity)

  36. sweeeeet says

    What does “kind of was his own boy band” mean?
    That might refer to a side project and both Joe and Nick Jonas have done side projects. But were they ever really A list tho. I don’t think so. When I think of former A list boy bander I think of like, Timberlake, Nick Carter, Taylor Hanson, Donnie Wahlberg from NKOTB, or Ricky Martin. But Ricky’s out now. I saw Joe Jonas on a talk show recently though and I’ve also met the Jonas Brothers personally, and let me tell you, none of them appear to be remotely gay. They think its hilarious that people think they might be gay.
    Nick Carter? Maybe……I havent heard from him since the Carter reality show so I don’t know. Robbie Williams doesn’t quite fit but my gaydar has always gone off on him.

    • RangerOne says

      Joe Jonas for sure isn’t gay, despite how badly people seem to want him to be. If he is, he’s had an awful lot of gf’s. And I’m not talking publicly, the ones people call beards. He’s had far more gf’s no one ever knew about. I’m friends with one of them. They dated for a few months. He’s a good guy.

      • Sugar Cookie says

        So you’re a friend of friend who dated him and that makes you an expert on his sex life? Get over yourself already. You don’t know jack about anything.

        I don’t think this blind fits Joe, but so what? No need to jump down everyone’s throats about it.

        Please do us all a favor and go back to and calm yourself down. Really.

      • InTheMix says

        Ranger, please see yourself to the exit. Nobody is taking this seriously aside from you. If you’re friends with a celebrity then go spend time with them & stop trolling message boards.

    • Brittany920 says

      nick had a solo album called “now or never” it was more “rockish” than the bsb stuff, if you can even call it rock. that is what I was thinking with that clue

  37. sofia123 says

    Aw man… if it is Nick Carter all my teenage dreams are crushed. I’ve been living a lie! LOL.

    Anyway, I like the Jonas brothers’ guesses but it was very public that Aaron Carter slept, had a thing or whatever with Paris Hilton, who was NC’s gf.

  38. InTheMix says

    Hmm. When I hear gay + boy band + in the closet I immediately think JC Chasez but the only famous person he’s dated is Tara Reid. Now Nick Carter has the younger brother who dated Lindsay Lohan & Hilary Duff. Lindsay has a famous father (if you consider that famous) & i guess Hilary could have been the virgin in question but my first thought was Mandy Moore. I’m sure there is some rhyme & reason there. I never dug Nick (I was more of a Kevin guy) but you’d think a guy that was THAT loved by the ladies would be settled down by now. I could also be 100% incorrect & this could be Joe Jonas, my gaydar always goes off for him.

    • RangerOne says

      Have your gaydar checked. Joe isn’t gay in the least. Or if he is, he’s fully unaware. He’s certainly not dating guys on the downlow though. Besides, nothing in this blind fits him.

      • Sugar Cookie says

        I don’t think this blind fits him either, but my gaydar goes off for him too.

        But I still think he is cute as heck. :)

      • InTheMix says

        Ranger, you are aware of the fact that nobody really cares about this & that the Jonas brothers don’t even know you exist right? Now excuse me because my gay lover, Joe Jonas, is coming over & we are going to watch a Top Chef marathon.

  39. ComicalEquation says

    I was thinking Jonas Brothers in the beginning, but after reading it full, my guess is Carter Brothers.

  40. CrossingTheLine says

    I feel like this is someone older? Maybe a Mark Wahlberg/Donnie Wahlberg situation? But my head is spinning trying to figure out who the gals are.

  41. republicanbunny says

    Aaron Carter dated Kari Ann Peniche who was in a sex tape with celebrity couple Rebecca Gayheart and Mcsteamy they could be the couple the girl left for.

  42. ItsSoColdinTheD says

    Ugh I can’t decide between Nick and Aaron Carter or Benji & Joel Madden.
    Joel def dated Hillary duff while she was underage for a couple years ( gross)
    But I highly doubt Good Charlotte has backup dancers since they’re rock n roll
    So I’m gonna go with Nick/Aaron/hillary/ lindsay/& Paris the the size 13 foot lack of talent

    • LolaVee says

      Benji and Joel are twins though (same age). The end of paragraph 2 seems to imply that this guy must have been a minor while his adult brother was sleeping with his gf

  43. nutkin says

    I was watching Guy vs. Rachael Celebrity Chefs on the Food Network a few weeks ago and Aaron Carter was on. I was thinking that he HAS to be gay. So, that’s my guess. First post.

  44. Procrastination says

    First time poster! This is all so much fun.

    former A- list boy bander: Nick Carter (Carter began his performing career at the age of seven, as the lead singer of a local band, Dead End. Wiki)
    Brother: Aaron Carter
    Dated Huge tween actress for a very long Time: Hilary Duff (dated her for over a year)

    On tour with different girlfriend/virgin/was a singer/now an actress/both: Samantha Mumba (Movie: Time Machine and other flop films & Disney Concert: Aaron Carter and Samantha Mumba In Concert)
    A different band guy: Mumba’s ex Sisqo (Band: Dru Hill)

    One of the boy banders best “girlfriends”: Kari Ann Peniche
    Celebutante: Paris Hilton

    Boy bander had sex with the celebrity father of one of his other “girlfriends.”
    Father: Hulk Hogan
    girlfriend: Brooke Hogan.

  45. Tinkerbell says

    New geuss: boybander is Aaron Carter (I know he has never been in a band, but the blind says he: “kind of was his own one boy band” and while I would never have thought of him as A-list and wouldn’t call him C list now, those letters might be a clue (i.e. his initials)
    Huge tween actress: Hilary Duff
    The brother that gave her something: Nick Carter, who would have been 21 when she was 14.
    The other girlfriend has me stumped. Lilo is the obvious guess but I doubt she was a virgin. Duff is a more believable virgin but I wouldn’t describe LiLo as a “tween” when they were involved.
    Celebutante: Paris Hilton
    Celeb father: Hulk Hogan
    Daughter: Brooke Hogan

    • Singapore Slang says

      You got the two actresses confused. Lilo was definitely the huge tween actress…she was in those Disney movies (Parent Trap, Herbie) and her fan base was mostly tweens at the time. Duff was the virgin.

      • Tinkerbell says

        Yeah, I think you’re right: tween actress = Lilo, virgin = Duff. Lohan wasn’t actually a tween herself at the time which I took to disqualify her as a tween actress, but the blind probably means she was working in tween films as you say above. So… yeah. :-)
        And Duff got the herpes from Joel Madden. Yuk!

      • Singapore Slang says

        Oh yeah, I forgot the little clue about her being with another band guy. Joel Madden for sure! Ewww! lol

  46. Smokeandmirrors says

    Hi – Wanted to chime in on the last bit. Aaron Carter received about a million dollars in gifts from Bruce Willis at some point. Willis said that he gave these gifts to Carter because his daughters (Rumer) loved his music, but there was/still is a rumor that Willis seduced/slept with/molested Carter. Relieved to hear this rumor is probably false. But, there is the last piece of info for the blind item.

  47. QueenGreen says

    I don’t know if I can believe this is Nick. He has been dating a photographer named Lauren Kitt for a few years now and it doesn’t seem like a beard. I’m going to cast my vote for Aaron. He seems to fit the clues better. And he DID pose for NoH8…(not that straight people haven’t as well)

  48. GyThanksGd says

    I find it exceptionally difficult to believe someone who claims to be somehow connected to a male celebrity, especially when it is to deny that the celebrity is gay.

    I would not put it past publicists, etcetera to go to websites like this and contradict the “true” rumors.

    • LolaVee says

      Ha. Agreed! Especially somebody as un-masculine as Joe Jonas.

      However, I will say that this blind is not about him. Anybody guessing anybody other than Aaron Carter is just ignoring the clues.

  49. twinknyc says

    All these guesss sound good, but since it shows 4 guys in the photo, no one thinks it could be the brothers from 98 degrees ? jus a thought.

    Or i had thought what about jessie mccartney because he was in the boy band dream street? jus a thought, again.

    • Fortuna88 says

      Hahaha – that was who came to mind for me (tho I aged out of any peripheral awareness of ‘boy bands’ after Duran Duran).
      But I have random awareness Jesse mcCartney had been in boy band as his backup, is known also for his solo touring/ association w/the Jonas Brothers (always possible the bro isn’t his) and public relationship w/Miley Cyrus & Katie Cassidy (whose dad, David Cassidy, is still kinda cute), but this is where my pop culture knowledge dead ends.

  50. ItzNyssa says

    Boy Bander: Aaron Carter
    brother: Nick Carter
    tween actess: Lindsay Lohan
    virgin girlfriend: Hilary Duff
    Celebutante: Kari Ann Penche or Paris Hilton (leaning towards Kari)

    Yea, I know, nothing much different from what others have been saying, but he and Nick really were the first two I thought of….

    Anyway, first time posting, long time browser. :)

  51. mellodee822 says

    new here!

    one question, would Aaron Carter had been A-list at any point in his career though? i don’t think so…lol.

  52. burntnostalgia says

    Something about this picture … I’m not sure if it’s the hair (which looks like Aaron’s when he was little) or the puka shells/black shirt. I feel like Aaron Carter was wearing that in a video or something when he was younger. Any way, I watched him on that celebrity cooking show and I can co-sign this is probably him.

    I would have thought Nick was the gay one, but alas. Aaron did a good job hiding it until recently, I assumed he was a douche/tool bad womanizer. Good job dude

  53. dani948 says

    The first thing I thought of was Aaron Carter for the gay kid (he always looked and seemed to me to be gay) older brother Nick for the straight one hooking up with the minor girlfriend, who was Lindsay Lohan.

  54. nywizard08 says

    Id bet even money on Aaron Carter..

    He was dating Lindsay Lohan who wrote that song “First” about him as a slap against Hillary Duff, who “stole” him..

    Hillary Duff claimed to be a virgin at the time when she was dating him..

    Nick Carter, his brother, is a known ladies man, having dated or been linked with everyone from Paris Hilton to Willa Ford and Paris Hilton who is widely said to have Herpes, so he could have easily spread it to Lindsay, not to mention the myriad of other guys shes dated

    It fits pretty well

  55. xotitaniaox says

    Boy bander wit his own one boy band: Aaron Carter *Nick was a member of the BSB not a “lead”
    Huge tween actress: Lindsay Lohan
    The brother: Nick Carter
    The Virgin Actress/Singer: Hilary Duff
    Band Guy:Joel Madden
    Celebutante: Kari Ann Peniche (Why would Paris go to three somes for money, it does not make sense… besides there’s tape involving Kari Ann and celebrity couple Dane & Gayheart)
    Father: Hulk Hogan, they didn’t have sex Aaron looks a lot like Nick Hogan… Oh wait XD Her gilfriend and daughter look a like but I don’t think Hulk is gay at all

  56. gemini13 says

    Ok y’all. This is what’s up:

    This is totally about Nick Carter. Read between the lines very carefully on this one.
    Nick (not Aaron) is the “Boy Bander” and is arguably famous enough to have been his own boy band. Aaron has never been in a boy band. While Nick has been a member of the Backstreet Boys for 20 years now, he hasn’t been A-List for over 10 years now. His family white trash drama show “House of Carters” ensured he became a C-List celeb.
    Point is that Nick is the closet case. Aaron may be too, but this article is about Nick.

  57. gemini13 says

    Oh, and remember that all of Nick’s many reported “girlfriends” were actually his beards, probably paid handsomely to date him. It is no coincidence that he announced his engagement to manly fitness trainer Lauren Kitt (with photos of the proposal splashed all over US Weekly!) during the BSB 20 year anniversary celebration this year (upcoming tour, book, BSB album, maybe another reality show)?