She Switched Teams For A Great Movie Role

[EOnline] We’ve already all fallen in love with Charlotte “Chuck” Finger-Dingle and her sexually impressive resume of bedding Hollywood’s power gals. This particular beauty seems to thrive and simply glow inside the more women she beds, but guess what?

Chuck’s also got a hot career going, which actually means more to her than her ambitious (and athletic) love life, so Charlotte just added something very different to her woman-eating Hollywood climb:

A man.

Yep, that’s right! And, of course, not just any man, but a very, very powerful and über-talented man!

One who just happens to be directing Charly in her latest project. But that’s not all.

Wanna know what’s really weird about this one? No, not that Chuck has so seamlessly switched from women to men just for the sake of a great role (trust us, lots of celebs have made that switch in this town for far less than a spectacular role), but the fact that Chuck’s new man has a woman who’s totally OK with this arrangement!

Uh, are we watching a real-life episode of Sex and the City, only with Chucky’s lover’s other half doing the same thing Samantha would?


Either that or the director’s woman knows full well that Charly’s first preference is for the ladies, and she’ll be bored diddling the director dude soon enough.

Only problem is, the way Charly’s hanging all over her lover in public (not to mention in private), that sexual fade-out doesn’t appear to be occurring anytime soon.

AND IT AIN’T: Jennifer Lawrence, Naya Rivera, Dakota Fanning

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  1. TheYellowDart says

    Rooney Mara and David Fincher – though I can’t find the name of his “woman”…

    • raslebol says

      Cean Chaffin(Fincher’s long time partner) and i “like” how Fincher looks naive here (because Fincher is not naive)

  2. ummidk says

    rooney mara was the top guess for a similar blind with that moniker. i feel like she’s been in so many blinds recently

  3. usadevolved says

    Powerful Talented Director-Woody Allen
    Charly Fingers-Ellen Page
    The Director’s Woman who is compliant with the arrangement- Sun Yi
    The Movie-Nero Fiddles

  4. Quinnie88 says

    The only person that came to my mind was Queen Latifah ???but that doesn’t seem to fit??back to the drawing board i guess….

  5. raslebol says

    rooney mara/david fincher/Cean chaffin(Fincher’s long time partner)?
    even if i think it’s untrue

    • kangaroov says

      Interesting given Baz’s obvious gay yet married with kids persona.
      Adds a whole new layer of intrigue to his marriage.

  6. luckysiu says

    Rooney Mara?? I don’t know how that one will hold up but Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a pretty amazing role and everyone agrees that she has a weird relationship with the director.

  7. itssunnyoutside says

    Whoever these people are it’s no wonder that the gift that keeps on giving is ever so prevalent. It’s a shame how so many people have no self respect.

  8. apple martini says

    I’m not sure who the director would be (the Snow White guy? On the Road guy?), but the last Chuck blind reminded me of Kristen Stewart. The Jennifer Lawrence “not” could point to how both of them are playing protagonists in teen adaptations. Dakota Fanning is the obvious Twilight link. The Naya Rivera thing stumps me though.

  9. KabeeGee says

    Sandra Bullock? The blind says we’ve already fallen in love with her and Sandra Bullock is like America’s sweetheart. After Betty White of course. =)

  10. Seanx40 says

    “We’ve already all fallen in love with Charlotte “Chuck” Finger-Dingle”

    Emma Stone and Ellen Page are really the only young actresses that the public could be claimed to have fallen in love with. And I just can’t picture Page with a man.

    Amber Heard is openly a lesbian.And absurdly gorgeous. But I don’t think the public really knows who she is. And if it were her…no one would be surprised.

  11. ItsSoColdinTheD says

    Cameron Diaz?
    I’m guessing becuz ” we’ve all fallen in love with her” makes me think of something about Mary,her ” athletic” love life- A-Rod ( last boyfriend)
    Charly – charlies angels
    And the initials of our blind is CD

  12. iHeartCoffee says

    First time guess!
    Rooney Mara and Charlie McDowell??
    BC of the change from “Chuck” to “Charly”, the “powerful” reference (his parents and step dad), and this one is a reach, but the Sex and the City reference referring to Kristen Chenoweth (NYC)?? From what I have read, he and Kristin are no longer together, but you never know…

  13. Smokeandmirrors says

    I just checked and Ellen Page just finished a movie directed by Woody Allen. Blah. The idea of that fitting the blind item really makes my stomach turn. So, thought I would share my nauseating guess with you all.

  14. BexSteve says

    This is our first post.

    Read a little bit on IMBD and Emma Stone has just started a project Little White Corvette with Todd Phillips (produced/directed Old School, Hangover, etc.) IMO a role in a comedy of his would count as a “great role”. I can not find a for sure on his “woman” but last gf in the tabs was Paris Hilton in July. Don’t know if they are still together but if so I bet she could look past an affair for the sake of remaining attached to someone so much more influential and powerful in Hollywood than she is.

  15. Fortuna88 says

    Freida pinto or Amanda seyfried. The former has been in a Woody Allen film or Amanda Seyfreid – set fo star in the Les Mis film adaptation – which seems to be top-heavy w/actors who are also known power-brokers/names, but since Helena Bonham-carter is also attached, I’m leanin toward Seyfreid w/Tim Burton.

    Both have the epic beauty, but Seyfreid is a more etherial beauty (which relates to the grain “glow” hinted at), and Burton/Bonham-Carter just seem more expansive (?) in their world views.

    Plus, somebody who claimed a “gaydar” here lit up on Seyfried & as a super-hetero woman, even I know nobody’s kicking her out of bed for eating chips. Just Sayin

  16. Olliebeanzmom says

    Really out there but how about Michelle Rodriguez…absolutely no clue who the director could be

  17. escape2 says

    Think this is Elizabeth Olsen. All the AIA’s from this blind, and previous one about “Charlotte” were born 1985 – 1989 (??). She has Hollywood heritage ( which relates to the previous blind) , with her famous twin sisters, and is now getting
    major roles (according to IMDB) yet she is a relative unknown actor herself.

  18. lyrelove says

    top suspect from last Charlotte blind… Rooney Mara!

    So clear it’s her– I think Über is a clue (very Scandinavian, where GWTDT was filmed and was used in both blinds)

  19. guessinggame says

    first time poster – i really think this is Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders (the director of Snow White and the Huntsmen).
    The picture really reminds me of kristen in the trailer, so i’m guessing it’s her.

      • Hlyweird21 says

        For what it’s worth, I once met Kristen Stewart WAY back in 2007 (pre-Twilight) at a Corner Bakery in Calabasas with her then BF Michael Angarano– When I walked in, they were in heavy make-out session in a back booth of the restaurant… I had worked with Angarano on a show, so I later said ‘hey.’… At that point, she was just the chick from “Into the Wild” then.

        Atleast at that point, she was DEF. into boys!

      • dani948 says

        I dunno, maybe she’s bi. Or, you know, maybe she was trying to figure herself out back when she was with Michael Angarano. A *lot* of gays have dated opposite sex people in their younger years when they were trying to figure out what they really wanted. So just because somebody once had a boyfriend in their younger years doesn’t mean they didn’t eventually come to identify themselves as lesbian.

        Or you know, maybe she’s just bi as mentioned.

        Or maybe it isn’t even Kristen Stewart. Though the picture for this blind looks just like Kristen in “The Huntsman.”

  20. raslebol says

    apparently “chuck” isn’t Rooney Mara because today Ted C said Chuck has no boyfriend and only “uses” co-stars and Rooney Mara has a boyfriend

  21. 718mom says

    Chuck FF is very beautiful, she can have any guy, agree with Emma Stone or Amanda Seyfried I guess could be Kristen Stewart too, she def. reads gay to me.

  22. EspressoG says

    I’m leaning towards Cameron because of the athletic and Charly references…have we fallen in love with Rooney? (first post)..:)

  23. rossip says

    amanda seyfriend/freida pinto have no oscar buzz (and neither have dyed hair, which is another clue ted gave)
    chuck already said that the hunger games cast doesn’t have any vices
    can’t be ellen page because ted gave a clue that said she is “american in the most rarified way”
    not kristen stewart because she has no oscar buzz and is already the top suspect for Terry Tush Trade
    and again emma roberts has no oscar buzz

    all the clues point to rooney mara. ted did throw out that chuck doesn’t have a boyfriend, but he has since gone back on that statement. he since posted that “Charlotte seems to have shied away from romance…at least in the public eye”. obviously charlie is not famous despite his family and rooney has refused to discuss her private life in any interviews and didn’t walk with him at the gg or any other awards red carpets.

    also fincher’s partner sean caffin gushed about rooney in the vogue interview and the journalist even commented how rooney was immersed in their little world.