1. stolidog says

    My family used to think my brother was asexual. Turns out he wasn’t, he was just a closetted gay.
    I’ll go with Paul Walker for the win.

    • Mermaid says

      I knew a guy like that. Kept assuring me he was asexual and not “weird”. Silly me, because I thought being asexual “was” weird. LOL.

    • ineedtoknowwho says

      I know two people who are asexual. One a girl and one is guy. Its so totally weird to even imagine them with someone of either sex, it actually makes me sad for them because I know they have to get lonely at some point =( I wish they would pick someone, even if it was of the same sex.

      • saucykitty says

        Asexual doesn’t mean you spend your life alone… many don’t, and there is even an asexual dating life. An asexual may have relationships; it’s just that sex may not be a factor or occurs very, very rarely.

  2. MsShuffleupagus says

    My guess is the Rock. I always got the feeling he wasn’t into women, but maybe he isn’t into men either.

    • malkatz says

      Incorrect and offensive. I may or not may be asexual, but there are a lot of people who identify as asexual with 100% certainty, and consider it their sexual orientation.

  3. somethingoriginal says

    Can’t think of anyone but I wonder if the Hollywood machine considers this to be as “damaging” to a male actor as being gay? If the reason stars stay in the closet is to maintain the illusion that females still have a chance then this would be just as bad.

    Will throw out Henry Cavill as a wild guess.

  4. malkatz says

    Whoever it is… COME OUT. I’m pretty sure I’m asexual, and there is hardly any mainstream dialogue about it.

    Channing Tatum, maybe?

  5. raslebol says

    i say James Bond!! or Bruce Wayne(i’m pretty sure Bruce Wayne is in love with Alfred in the Nolan movies)

    • amagod121 says

      I soooo agree with the Bruce Wayne guess. If he hasn’t bedded Robin OR Catwoman yet, there is no hope for him. 😉

  6. Hawgtied says

    Mussels from Brussels maybe? Jean Claude Van Damme. I don’t think Chuck Norris is A list anymore, although I could be wrong. In the fitness equipment videos, he looks totally ridiculous with that face lift and hair piece. Poor guy should go a little more gracefully.

  7. Kelley says

    Vin Diesel, perhaps? I always thought he batted for the home team, but maybe’s he’s just not a sports fan…

  8. maybe21 says

    Finally! Someone not sleeping with everyone of both sexes, spreading the gift that keeps giving or cheating on someone.

  9. karaduff says

    Vin Diesel seems like a good guess, but I don’t think he is known for his good looks. I think the Rock is a better fit.

    • liteNOTSObrite says

      He is def known for his looks. When he first came out he was the hot up and coming thing. After Pitch Black he fell off.

  10. the great chrysanthemum says

    So just because a guy doesn’t fall into the sack with every pretty face he meets he’s asexual? I know it’s an alien concept in Hollywood but maybe he thinks there is more to life and relationships than unzipping his pants every chance he gets.

  11. Mermaid says

    Jason Statham who can be considered an action star as he was in the Expendables.

    Dates models. Past GF was a model. Current GF is a VS model so he is “surrounded by beautiful women” since models generally hang together. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if his model GFs were just for show to beard for his “asexuality”.

  12. hollyjane says

    ACTION? hm. never a fan of the genre, not even sure of any action stars .. i’ll go with Sylvester Stalone. I have no idea who he has dated. And when I think action I think Rambo & Rocky .. LOL

    • goldieb says

      Sly FAMOUSLY married Brigitte Nielson; has a first wife with children; and is now FAMOUSLY married to Jennifer Flavin, ex-model and current mega-entrepreneur.

  13. AlliCat says

    I don’t care, I just LOVE how you used It’s Pat as the picture! (I think I crushed my nuts…)

  14. usadevolved says

    Never see Chris Hemsworth hooking up with any of the passed around actresses eg Blank Lively, Olivia Child and Amanda Seigfreeze- He fits the B/C actor and Thor has marvelous six pack abs-so cut! Goodlooking too! No BI about Chris being gay.

    • mellodee822 says

      he got married in dec 2010 and is currently expecting a baby. i don’t think it’s him

  15. MommyPalooza says

    “pat” makes me think it might another name that could be male or female. Action star, chiseled, I’m thinking Terry Crews.

  16. Katmandu says

    Wouldn’t some “chisled action star” be likely to be taking steroids? And wouldn’t taking steroids mess things up with him physically? Like, unable to ‘perform’?

  17. liteNOTSObrite says

    Vin Diesel for sure. In Diary’s of a Video Vixen, Karrine Steffans makes it very clear that while working on the set of A Man Apart he didn’t seem interested in taking advantage of the women that were available. she thought it was possible he was gay but then said he seemed disinterested in taking part in any shenanigans period.