A Bearding Deal With A Movie Star

[CDAN] I guess this woman is still an actress, but she has not been in anything forever. She makes her living these days by living off her past fame and recent reality performances. Back in the day she was a solid B lister. Anyway, she has trouble getting dates so she and her A list married movie actor friend have a little deal. When he finds someone for himself, he tries to find someone who enjoys men and women. She beards for the actor and gets some fun on the side. The bonus is the A list actor does all the paying. It seems no one is willing to be with our aging actress for free.

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    • Mermaid says

      Yep, I believe you got it! Sad though, isn’t it? Hollywood – where women are used for their looks until they become “aging” and then they need to pay someone to use them.

      • amagod121 says

        I agree! It has to be brutal for older women in Hollywood. Kirstie is a good actress and I’d love to see her in a show, despite her age or weight.

      • akajenb says

        While the older men keeps getting roles where they hook up with younger female leads.Women aren’t allowed to age in hollywood, but the men are allowed to.smh

  1. mocha2009 says

    Kirstie Alley and Tommy Cruise. Although, Kirstie is a hot 60 year old woman (big AND small) and I can’t imagine her having trouble getting dates.

    I don’t understand the sentence “She beards for the actor and gets some fun on the side”. If he’s married, why would she be bearding for him?

    • CindyBman says

      Regarding the part about her not being able to get dates, it may not be here size at all – it could be her personality. I think she is funny as heck but who knows what kind of “guy” issues she has.

      My aunt is overweight but incredibly personable and funny. But when a man ask her out on a date, she gets really defensive (past hurts, I’m sure) and kinda snarky. I think she’s just trying to let them know she’s a strong independent woman (she’s in her 60s now, never married, and she’s not a lesbian) but it comes off as really gruff and “I’ll break your b@lls”. For whatever reason/s, she sabotages a relationship before it can even start. Yet, she wishes she had a man in her life. I feel so bad for her.

      • CindyBman says

        Now I am over-thinking my post. I wrote the “she’s not a lesbian” part NOT because I think there’s anything wrong with that; but I was just pointing out that I know she’s not scaring the men away simply because she has no interest in them.

      • fotobandi says

        Kirstie’s public persona is that of a horrible person, NOT funny at all, angry and mean-spirited, if you ask me. And it’s not the age or weight that’s the turn-off. Or all of the turn-off. Another terrible personality is Leah Remini…seems like a real b*. Maybe it’s because they belong to the same “group”, but ugh. IMHO of course…. :)

    • stolidog says

      i think this is a really good point…Kristie Alley seems to fit, but at no time ever, ever, ever have I believed her to be bearding for John Travolta. celebrities in the closet only need one beard, and Travolta’s is obvioulsy Kelly Preston.
      It doesn’t make any sense, so, I think we need to find someone less obvious.

      • kikipedia says

        i was hung up on this initially too, but it could be bearding in a temporary sense, as in to explain why travolta is out partying with a guy … oh, the guy is with *kirstie*

    • ilovela says

      I think she is his “beard” in the threesomes, so the third person doesn’t know he’s gay? That’s the only way it makes sense to me.

    • hannavas says

      I took it to mean she beards with the other person. In other words, she pretends the other person is in the relationship with her (and because he likes women too, she gets a little action on the side). Since she and the actor are such good friends it wouldn’t be unusual for the person to be seen with the actor since he’s in a “relationship “with the actors friend. I think this might be Kirstie Alley bearding with someone for one of the famous actor scientologists- T or J, take your pick.

      • hollyjane says

        that definately makes more sense. i couldnt understand what bearding meant, but it obviously means they pretend to be together so they can share buddies catch. so what is the friend paying for exactly?

  2. WaitLemmeGuess says

    I like the Kirstie/Travolta guess! This blind is super confusing, though. If the guy is married, his wife is his beard. I think CDAN means that the actress in the blind beards for the married guy’s DATE–so everyone appears hetero. Phew, I think I sprained something trying to work that out!

  3. miss smarty pants says

    I think the bearding reference is about the date. As in John Travolta likes John Doe so Kirstie Alley *dates* John Doe so it doesn’t look weird when they all hang out together.

  4. royal eduardo says

    I think that the blind is indicating that our actress is dating the A List actors boyfriend. Thus technically she is bearding for the bf.

    Sadly I think that this is Kirstie Alley

      • LolaVee says

        Yeah, I guess. But when’s the last time Kirstie Alley was romantically linked to anybody, much less an actor? Maybe it isn’t her…

      • meme01 says

        I think its her she was linked to a much younger guy this past summer makes sense it would be weird if john and kelly had a young guy hanging out with them but people wouldnt think twice if it was kristie the guy and john and kelly

    • Glennora says

      This is how I understand it: She and John are BFFs, so when John is seen spending a lot of time with Kirstie and the boyfriend, no one is suspicious about it. That way, his wife, Kelly zort of doesn’t have to be the beard in that case (even though she is).

  5. Tinkerbell says

    I interpreted the bit about “bearding for him” not to mean pretending to be his gf, attending events with him etc. as it would normally mean, because of course he has his wife for that. I thought the “bearding” in this case would refer to a case in which he had a boyfriend he wanted to be around but could disguise the time he spent with him as some other kind of gathering because Kirstie would be there as well, making it look like a double date with his old friend, her “boyfriend” and the married Travolta’s. Then again, I had to read the blind three times to get that, so maybe I’ve got it wrong.

  6. ally cat says

    I am guessing that he is looking for a guy on the side to have fun with, so he finds a guy and the actress dates him in public and gets a little action from him and the married guy sleeps with him too.

  7. GingieSnap says

    It’s common knowledge that John Travolta is gay and he already has a beard. With all his sauna escapades, he’s hardly on the down-low. At this point, why would he even bother with any of this.

    Who knows what Kirstie Alley’s situation is (heard she swings both ways), again, she doesn’t need to beard for him, he’s got one already (and does he even care?).

    I think the blind’s about someone else and it sounds like both parties are single.

  8. fparker says

    Kirsty alley and John travolta fit. The fact that he’s married means nothing when the wife does not accompany him to bars/ clubs. I think Kirstie beards for him as in takes up for her straight friend and beards for his lover, which in turn is bearding for him too. John T likely finds a bisexual guy that sleeps with both of them

  9. Tru Tru2 says

    I’m not convinced its Kirstie but its def possible. she probably scouts them out for him and plays like they are dating but them sleeping w/her is the part that is hard to beleive.

    her face and body look 60, whether she is skinny or fat.

    not to mention Travolta’s..geesh.

  10. lindseyann says

    Okay.. I really think none of your read the blind. It says this actress beards for the A-list actor. Travolta is married to Kelly Preston. She would be his beard.. not Kirstie Alley.

    • Tinkerbell says

      @lindseyann: it says the actress “and her A list married movie actor friend” so yes, the A list actor is married. Later in the blind “She beards for the actor and gets some fun on the side.” makes it pretty confusing, but it seems that it means she beards for the third party i.e. the A-lister’s boyfriend. So she does beard for him, just indirectly.

  11. CheshireKitty says

    As much sense as Kirstie makes… the way the blind reads, the married friend finds a bisexual playmate, the aging woman ‘dates’/beards for the playmate, and woman and married friend share the playtoy.

    Um… am I missing something? I can’t recall Kirstie dating ANYONE recently, let alone a pattern of these like the blind implies.

    Is there another actress associated with Travolta or Cruise who fits better?

  12. Zackster says

    Wow, I’m enjoying all the contortions as everyone tries to make this fit Kirstie Alley and John Travolta.

  13. liteNOTSObrite says

    Kirstie alley has a new 20 something year old plaything right now. i just saw it on Wendy Williams Hot Topic within the last few days.