Somebody Really Got Hurt

[BlindGossip] This top actor recently engaged the professional company of an effeminate boy for the night. The following night our star was out at a bar with a group of people. The boy and his p*mp showed up with a group of his own to demand payment for the services rendered. The p*mp zeroed in on our star, a yelling match ensued between the two groups, and things quickly escalated into a physical brawl. Somebody got hurt, but it wasn’t our star, who was promptly hustled out of there. However, any stories about the event have conveniently left out the part about the ho*ker and the p*mp, as well as the fact that the fight took place in a gay bar. Our star stays in the closet and lives to fight another day.

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    • Stackhouse says

      Tom is almost honest to a fault, one of the most sincere actors I’ve seen. He’s also been very open about his past sexual encounters with men, although he did state that it was in the past and no longer a part of his present life. I believe he has a bisexual preference, which I find sexy. Haha!

      Tom is a great chap, and a rare quality actor. He is still young, but he is certainly not far away from being an actor of Gary Oldman caliber. Now, that’s something. They both truly and genuinly amaze me with their raw talent, complete and utter brilliance. Go see Warrior, and you too will be amazed.

      • wee niknak says

        yeah i totally agree ive seen warrior a few time and its an excellent movie, also he is a very sexy young man,,,he is my current wallpaper on my phone lol

    • aeduko says


      Although my initial thought was Tom Hardy. Don’t ask me why because I’ve not seen any bar fight stories.

    • amagod121 says


      I’m really not digging this item at all. First off, it refers to the hooker as a “boy” and Thailand is well known as THE place to procure child hookers. I sure hope the hooker in question was an adult, Jeremy Renner.

      • Stackhouse says

        You make a good point. Sadly, they often are. Something is very wrong when a country is well known for prostitution, and especially child prostitution. *Very* few people will get into this because they want to, and that says a lot. It makes me sick and sad all at once. One can’t help getting suspicious when someone travels alone to Thailand – or with a group of friends who just wants to ‘party’.

      • La Llorona says

        My family immigrated from a developing country and sex trafficking/sex tourism is a huge problem there as well. It’s disgusting to see Westerners try to gain something out of it when they go to other countries. It’s even worse when they take advantage of legal loopholes. If this is true and Renner slept with an underage prostitute, I have zero respect for him. I was never even a fan or that familiar with his work but honestly, the idea of anyone doing this bothers me immensely.

      • the great chrysanthemum says

        It might have been a ‘lady boy’ can’t get a much more effeminate boy than that.

      • somethingoriginal says

        even if he wasn’t underage he probably looked it which is often the appeal. not really any better is it?

    • gypjet says

      Bingo, and when they say “boy”, they mean boy. Perverts go there for children, plain and simple. Not only is it disgusting and putrid, but it fits the legal definition of human trafficking. I can’t believe any entity would support this behavior for entertainment purposes.

  1. AliMac says

    Jeremy Renner
    * bar fight in Thailand
    * top – top gun starred Tom Cruise, his Ghost Protocol co-star

  2. Northstar says

    Jeremy Renner in Thailand bar fight earlier this month. “Somebody really got hurt” and “Lives to fight another day” both reference his role in Hurt Locker.

  3. escape2 says

    ‘lives to fight another day’ actor in a movie about fighting
    Brad Pitt..The Fight CLub..LOL

    Could be soooooooooooo many!!!!!!!!!

  4. ComicalEquation says

    Jeremy Renner? He was in a bar fight VERY recently. And i have no idea what the clues are.

  5. cynicat says

    Jeremy Renner. He was apparently on the fringes of a bar brawl in Phuket. Major clue “Hurt”. As in “Hurt Locker”

  6. apple martini says

    Jeremy Renner. Happened in Thailand, I think. And Thailand has a bit of reputation when it comes to sex with boys.
    I’m sure we’re all in moderation, hah.

  7. faithrenee says

    Has to be Jeremy Renner. Reports say was in a bar in Thailand two weeks ago when a fight broke out, but he ‘wasn’t involved’ and left immediately after it broke out. Picture shows someone being stabbed, and in that bar fight someone was stabbed and seriously injured.

  8. PrincessMuse says

    I’m going for Jeremy Renner in that bar fight in Thailand. 1. Would maybe explain why he’s in Thailand (getting some on the DL) and 2. A pimp may be likely to have an axe.

  9. kvd123 says

    First time poster! Big moment!

    Is it Jeremy Renner who was recently in a bar fight in Thailand?!

  10. mrsdavis82206 says

    Actors in recent bar fights: Jeremy Renner (January 12) and Shia La Boeuf (10/11) Hmmmm

  11. obladioblada says

    Channing Tatum. He recently was involved in a bar fight in Chicago. I found it interesting that even local news outlets who reported the story made no mention of which bar he was at.

  12. dragonfire says

    It’s all over the news!
    According to the Telegraph: “Jeremy Renner, the Mission: Impossible actor, escaped unscathed from a bar fight in Thailand, his spokesman said, although a hotel manager in his party was attacked with an axe”

  13. Ralphie says

    Daniel Craig?

    Recently engaged made me think of his surprise marriage to Rachel Weisz and fight another day sounds like Die Another Day, James Bond.

    But I dunno.

  14. jackhammer says

    My guess was that Tom Cruise was with Jeremy Renner in Thailand…


    Was Bradley Cooper in Vancouver with Shia La Boeuf when he got in that bar fight…..

    • Zackster says

      Hee hee. Weren’t there blind items last year about 2 guys getting very close on set, and everyone thought it was T. Cruise and J. Renner? When they were filming Ghost Protocol.

  15. HelenaofTroy says

    My first post. Hi Ace!

    I think this is Jeremy Renner. There was a story a couple of weeks ago of him being involved in a bar fight in Thailand. ‘Effeminate boy’ is a clue to this since Thailand is notorious for its ‘lady-men’ as well as prostitution.

  16. mallie says

    Guessing this is about Jeremy Renner and that whole Thailand bar debacle where one of his friends got stabbed. He’s rumored to be gay and not necessarily in the closet, but very quiet about his personal life. Although I’m waiting for the beard to show up now that he’s an action star.

  17. Xanderbaby says

    Jeremy Renner!!!!

    I thought there was something fishy about that story when I first heard about it, but couldn’t pin it down…

  18. Mipippin says

    Jeremy Renner… I thought that Thailand bar fight story was fishy. This makes me laugh out loud!

  19. TheOtherIan says

    Jeremy Renner was involved in a big bar brawl which ended in someone being severely injured. This was in Thailand earlier this month. So I’m changing my guess to Jeremy Renner.

  20. TheYellowDart says

    Easy – Jeremy Renner – this happened in Thailand about 2 weeks ago, and reports mentioned that he escaped uninjured.

  21. dee123 says

    Cruise? Gyllenhaal? Franco? Efron?

    Take your pick.

    I think “Lives to fight another day” is a clue but what it relates to???

    Someone who’s played a superhero?

    • greygoose125 says

      Jeremy Renner is portraying a superhereo in the Avengers. He was also in the latest Mission Impossible movie and the Hurt Locker.

    • Mermaid says

      clues being: “recently engaged” – Craig was recently married and, of course, “fight another day” ~ to “Die another day”.

  22. eviestevie says

    I believe this is Jeremy Renner. Something about a bar brawl in Thailand and an axe being involved.

  23. ekie66 says

    Jeremy Renner? He is the only star I can think of who recently was in a fight in a bar and ‘hustled out of there’.

  24. JR2731 says

    Jeremy Renner was caught up in a bar fight in Thailand – somebody got hurt with an axe and he got bustled out of there….this FTW?

  25. HRPufnStuf says

    Hi BG! This may be Jeremy Renner and the recent Thailand bar fight in Phuket Town making news…interesting town name by the way.

  26. WaitLemmeGuess says

    Hmm. The most recent news I could find about a bar fight involving an actor was about Jeremy Renner, co-star in the Mission Impossible movie.

  27. PhoebeS says

    Jemery Renner – just got in a bar fight in Thailand. One of his friends was attacked with an axe.

  28. swithers says

    Jeremy Renner
    “Jeremy Renner Not Injured in Bar Fight”
    Phuket, Thailand – Jan. 5, 2012

  29. My2Brows says

    Is this about Jeremy Renner in Thailand recently? The club promoter was critically injured but he escaped unharmed.

  30. KoolKat says

    Hmmm, tough one – but the only publicised bar fights involving actors appears to be either Shia LeBoef about six months back or Jeremy Renner in Thailand a few days ago – where the manager of the bar was hurt with an axe? Jeremy Renner is in Mission Impossible, The Avengers and is the new Bourne so top actor. Didnt ping my gaydar though so am sad if this is the case. Jeremy Renner for the win!

  31. ChampagneGirl says

    I haunt this site daily, never posted before but I think I know this one!Jeremy Renner- recently involved in a bar fight in Thailand, he wasn’t injured but another person was.

  32. knowitall says

    Jeremy Renner. Knives in teh photo go with the story…

    “Jeremy Renner, the Mission: Impossible actor, escaped unscathed from a bar fight in Thailand, his spokesman said, although a hotel manager in his party was attacked with an axe. ”

    “Jeremy Renner was indeed in a bar in Phuket Thailand as a vicious attack on a patron took place but was not injured or involved. He exited as the fight took place,” his publicist said in a statement.

    Renner, who co-stars with Tom Cruise in “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol”, is currently working in the Philippines on “The Bourne Legacy” – the latest in the Bourne action movie franchise, the publicist said.

    The Phuket Gazette said on Thursday that six staff at the pub were arrested and charged with attempted murder of the general manager of a local resort hotel.

    Manager Vorasit Issara was stabbed in the stomach and slashed in the neck with an axe, Phuket police told local reporters.

    • KWDragon says

      I like this guess on Renner. Thailand is known for its sex trade and effeminate boys are a specialty there. “Live to fight another day” could reference Hurt Locker. Good catch, sinamin!

    • dragonfire says

      But Shia LaBeouf was in Vancouver and Jeremy Renner was in a very gay beach resort in Thailand, where ladyboys (effeminate boy?) are broadly available for pay. And it’s far away enough so his PR team could do damage control. And the “lives to fight another day” is a clear reference to his role in “The Hurt Locker”

      Shia LaBeouf’s fight videos are all over youtube and his fight was way too close to TinselTown in a city where he can be easily recognized. If a p*mp and an effeminate boy ho*ker would have been involved in that fight there was no PR team on earth capable to do damage control with all those videos going viral.

  33. BritishPound says

    Jeremy Renner ‘and friends’ were in a barfight in Thailand recently. Some guy got stabbed with an axe, apparently. He was hustled out with no more than a scratch…go to be him.

  34. MsShuffleupagus says

    Must be Jeremy Renner. He got into a bar fight in Thailand and a member of his group got attacked with an axe I think? That’s one old school pimp.