Before She Buys The House

[National Enquirer] What lovable TV personality felt obligated to ask her A-lister pal for permission before purchasing the home of her ex? The friend gave the A-OK, but added that she would NEVER set foot into the house her ex had shared with the woman he dumped her for.


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31 comments to Before She Buys The House

  • Very Unseemly

    Ellen buying Brad Pitt’s house.

  • djbrink

    What about Chelsea Handler A-list friend being Jennifer Aniston

  • Sunflower

    I’d bet on Ellen having asked Jennifer Aniston for her blessing before buying Brad Pitt’s Malibu mansion.

    Jennifer should go there for a visit – accompanied by her new beau Justin. That’d look like a nice kiss-my-* to Brangelina.

  • mymysmama

    totally ellen and jen..ellen just bought brads house…

  • Mermaid

    Will Jen ever get over it? With all the money, fame and even the new BF she has … will she ever get over it? NOPE!

    • Bromance1979

      I’m pretty sure she’s over it. It’s the media that can’t accept she’s over it.

      • Shouldbeworking

        Saying she would “never set foot” in the house because her ex lived there doesn’t sound like someone who’s over it. Of course, this is the National Enquirer speaking…they’re the engineers and chief coal-stokers of the Jen/Brad/Angelina gossip train.

      • Mermaid

        “engineers and chief coal-stokers of the Jen/Brad/Angelina gossip train” LOL

        Are they the only ones though? Doesn’t it seem that whenever there is a movie to promote (for either of the), Brad and Jen start talking about the whole Jen/Brad/Angie fiasco?

        Jen – with every film she’s had so far.

        Brad – Moneyball (and maybe others but he’s not as obvious as Jen is)

        It’s just so hypocritical … these super rich (yet not that talented) actors lamenting about the press being unable to let it go when, really, they talk about it themselves the moment it’s $$$$$ … I mean, convenient for them.

        Meh, I don’t feel sorry for any of them :)

      • Nosy51

        I agree. Besides, who’d want to set foot back in a home that produced such bad energy for them? Not me!

      • akajenb

        Jen need to get over this already. It’s just a house, its the act that Brad committed that’s hard to forget. Ellen shouldn’t have to get Jen blessing to purchase a house, I know they are friends but come on.

    • RedScience

      Jennifer shows no indications of not being over it. Any normal hot blooded being of the human variety is well within their SANE rights to have no desire to go back to the home where their ex brought the mistress. Something would be a bit wrong with her if she DID want to galavant around there. I would never set foot in the house of the ex who cheated on me and I am clearly and non-confusedly over him. It’s. Just. Human.

      • Mermaid

        It’s. Just. A. Piece. Of. Real. Estate.

        Jen milks the “the Jen/Brad/Angelina gossip train” as much as she can as long as it’s convenient for her. IMO she owes her current A-list career to the “the Jen/Brad/Angelina gossip train”. In fact, what’s with this gossip coming out now? Has Jen got a new film to promote? Is that it?

        Jen’s A-list career is powered on sympathy. There is now way this 2nd rate actress would ever be where she is today if it weren’t for “the Jen/Brad/Angelina gossip train”. And she knows it. Angie, OTOH, has always used her sexuality to get EVERYTHING she has. Brad’s the most talented of the troika, but also the weakest. JMO.

      • LolaVee

        Did it ever occur to you that maybe she just doesn’t want to be photographed going in and out of Brad & Angelina’s old house? Can you even imagine the headlines that would result from that?

        She doesn’t give off the pathetic, feel-bad-for-me vibe at all. He left her for another woman 7 years ago. She’s worked the whole time and been in other relationships – never went into hiding. And she looks better than ever! It’s the media and the obsessed fans that need to get over this breakup, not her.

      • Mermaid

        Yeah, the headlines would be something, wouldn’t they? Imagine what they would do for one of her dud movies. Would make it a success for sure!

        Jen always comments about the Brad/Angie thing when she has something to promote. Either directly via “That was so not cool”, or indirectly, such as “I *finally* found someone who is worthy of me”, etc. LOL. She peddles the Brand/Angie fiasco for all it’s worth. And why should she stop? It’s working for her.

      • saucykitty

        It’s not like she ever looked that great to begin with, IMO. She’s got this huge chin, and her nose is weird. I’ve never understood why people find her attractive, and yes, I’m being snotty.

      • Mermaid

        Actually, people in Hollywood have never found her that attractive (if what I’ve read behind the scenes is true), which caused her great insecurity especially when she was married to Pitt.

        Aniston is a perfect example of doing the best with what you’re given. I mean, she’s not ugly by any stretch.

        Jen’s always been a pudgy, average looking gal with average talent who parlayed her industry connections (actor dad & schooled with actor’s kids e.g. Chaz Bono, etc) into this HUGE career – surpassing everyone’s expectations. She’s beyond inspirational, actually. And so brilliantly executed. Da*n right she looks better than she’s ever looked – all those subtle plastic surgery enhancements done at the right time (change of hairstyle to detract from the nose job, filler, etc), relationship woes shared at just the right time. She’s very STRATEGIC. That’s why I don’t, for a second, believe any of her publicly fronted BS. Her true emotions are kept hidden TIGHT. She knows how to play the game and has lodged herself into the America’s sweetheart role. They feed off each other. Jen “dumped angel” Aniston, Angie “devil woman” Jolie, Brad “the prize” Pitt. Yeah, right.

        BTW, does anyone know if you can shave off a chin via plastic surgery? I don’t think so.

      • rita leeds


      • rita leeds

        That was meant for LolaVee’s comment.

    • Serena van der Woodsen

      Jen’s better off without that crazy dude Brad Pitt was turned into.

  • geewhiz

    Well I don’t know, she seems to have moved on better than I would if my husband, ex-husband, had been a lying, cheating, son-of-a-*. Just saying.

  • Katmandu

    Ellen, Brad, Jen. I don’t blame Jen. She can pull her car up in the driveway and Ellen can come out to chat with her, LOL!

  • SweetInfo

    EASY…Ellen just purchased Brad Pitt house!

  • Beckers

    Although this blind obviously refers to Ellen purchasing Brad’s house, I seriously doubt this story is true. Ellen doesn’t need anyone’s permission to buy a house. The only person whose opinion would matter would be Portia’s.

    • LolaVee

      It sounds pretty realistic to me. It doesn’t say she asked permission, just that she ran it by her friend to make sure it wasn’t upsetting to her. That’s just a decent thing to do.

  • tasha j

    Ellen just brought brad pitts old house with the ex being jennifer aniston .EASY.