• ineedtoknowwho says

      ummmmmmmmmmm………..i know most people on here are saying its Tony Romo, but I swear that dude is gay. There are a few other quarterbacks in the NFL that are expecting too so I believe its someone else.

  1. Bromance1979 says

    The actress has to be Ashley Green…
    The only quarterbacks with pregnant wives are Tony Romo (Dallas) and Matt Cassel (Kansas City).

    • Juniper says

      Tony Romo and Matt Cassel were the first that came to mind as well, and then I checked, Matt Cassel and his wife had their baby in the beginning of December, so he would be out. I initially had thought the headline Ace gave the blind adding the Q4 (fourth quarter) translated to pregnancy might the cheating happened while the wife was in her last trimester, which would have fit for Cassel and their December due date, but then I saw, his wife gave birth first week in December. So the Q4 then probably just refers to the end of the year and adding some more football lingo.

      Also think it is interesting that they ask for the wife’s name. So it has to be a QB with a ‘famous’ wife. I think Tony Romo is the best fit.

  2. LolaVee says

    Tony Romo, Candice Crawford, Ashley Greene.

    There are probably more QB’s with pregnant wives, but it seems odd that they would ask for the wife’s name unless she was semi-famous herself.

    Ashley Greene just because she seems like the… er… easiest, of the cast.

    • DesertGhost says

      Yeah, that’s it…the…er…easiest of the cast. Good answer, and shall we say, the only answer that fits unless there is more about Tony Romo that we don’t know but it is the 21st century…

  3. Lizzard1012 says


    QB: Tony Romo
    Wife: Candice Crawford
    Actress: Ashley Greene just because she’s been everywhere lately!

  4. Juniper says

    QB: Tony Romo
    Wife: Candice Crawford
    Actress: just to make it extra juicy I say Ashley Greene, because didn’t she have a thing with Tony’s brother in law Chace Crawford once?

  5. nywizard08 says

    Oh that was fast…

    QB: Tony Romo (dawg) they just announced they are expecting..

    Wife: Candice Crawford (beauty queen and Chace’s sister)

    Twilight: Probably Ashley Greene she is pretty much linked to everyone

  6. Synapse3 says

    Too easy: Tony Romo and Nikki Reed. She was in Dallas for some event. His wife is pregnant. This could force him out of Big D.

  7. michaelboston80 says

    NOO! Not Tom, front and center in the pic… word around here is that Gisele is pregnant again.

    • Juniper says

      Thought Tom Brady smack dab in the middle would rule him out (that would be too obvious) and thought that it should be a QB where we know his wife if pregnant.
      BUT… since you seem to be a local and Ace’s headline with the Q4 still keeps me hesitating about Tony Romo (although I think he is a good guess and fits).

      Tom Brady is Mister Fourth Quarter! So maybe it is him.

  8. YesMaam says

    QB: Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens

    Wife: Dana Grady (his H.S. sweetheart!!! (:O Announced pregnancy in December)

    Actress: Ashley Greene

  9. gumbii2662 says

    QB: Tony Romo
    Wife: Candice Crawford
    Actress: Ashley Greene

    Just my first thought. No real reason, and I honestly hope it’s not him. Plus, doesn’t he usually go for blondes? I don’t really have any other guesses though.

  10. NVgirl says

    Hmmmm….So I see where Matt Leinart had a charity event and Kellan Lutz was there. However Matt is not married, he has a baby momma from years ago.

    Perhaps Romo?? dosn’t state that he was at the event though, unless I missed something.

  11. brreze says

    Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen. The timing was suspect when he and Gisele first started dating and Bridget Moynahan was pregnant at the time. Gisele is rumored to be pregnant again.

    Tony Romo, Matt Cassel, and Joe Flacco are all expecting babies. There could be more.

  12. DHK101 says

    This almost has to be Tony Romo. There are not any other star QB’s expecting babies and Romo is probably the most “Hollywood” of all players, except Mark Sanchez, but he’s not married.

  13. sarahbella246 says

    Actress is definitely Ashley Greene. She’s always cheating on whoever she’s dating at the time and she’ll sleep with anyone.

  14. DHK101 says

    I just don’t see Tom Brady cheating on Giselle. I just don’t. They are always seen and photographed together and seem very happy. And if it is Brady, then he’s the biggest moron in the world to cheat on Giselle with any actress from “Twilight”. That’s stepping way down.

    • Ralphie says

      Bwahaha. Really? Tom cheated on Bridget Moynihan with Gisele while Bridget was pregnant. Gisele stalked the Pats locker room for months looking for him. This would totally be up his alley and serve her right.

      Brady is hardly the golden boy some fans seem to think he is.

      • NYCMEL says

        No no no Ralphie. Tom broke up with Bridget (after months of things not being great with them) and then started dating Giselle. About 2 months in to their relationship, Bridget tells Tom she’s pregnant. She was 35 and wanted a baby–so she pulled the goalie on him and got pregnant. He didn’t do anything wrong and has done everything he can to be an involved, loving dad. Who knows about golden boy but cheating on a pregnant wife? I don’t see it. Tony Romo on the other hand…he’s trash.

      • KingKatie says

        I actually think Tom is more of the golden boy than people think. I was talking to someone about him the other day and they had this to say;
        “my sister’s Latin teacher actually met him (Tom Brady) once when she was at a teaching conference that was in the same hotel he was staying in. she happened to get into the same elevator as him, and when he found out she was there alone, he had his security make sure her room was safe. no lie.”

      • LolaVee says

        Even Bridget has stated that he didn’t cheat on her. She said that they were on the verge of a breakup when they discovered she was pregnant and that Giselle didn’t come into the picture until months later.

        I also kind of doubt that he would have been present at the birth or that the baby would have gotten his first and middle name if he had run off and left her for a supermodel.

  15. zephyr66 says

    My first thought was Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari, I remember the blind from not too long ago where it said (paraphrasing) “this couple broke up, are back together now but it’s only because she’s pregnant”. But they aren’t married, so maybe it is Romo.

  16. KingKatie says

    The only thing that makes me think it might not be Romo is that it says ‘Q4’ = Fourth Quarter. His wife isn’t toward the end of her pregnancy, I don’t think.

    • Juniper says

      That is what I stumbled about as well and am still not sure about, whether Ace just added this as some extra football language or as a hint. Initially thought it might point to Matt Cassel (see above) because his wife was due in December, but they had their baby in the beginning of December, so she was no longer pregnant during the holidays and I think the wife is also famous.

      As many have suggested Tom Brady it got me thinking. While I don’t think Gisele is officially pregnant and there are only rumors she might be (but most of them seem to be from April or June 2011)…. Tom Brady is MISTER FOURTH QUARTER!

  17. MommaKitty says

    As a DIEHARD Ravens fan, I know our quarterback, Joe Flacco has a pregnant wife due in June. i would just die if this was him because that’s so crappy to do. But i feel compelled to add his name to the mix, considering no one has mentioned him yet. and as for the actress, aren’t they all promiscious(sp)?

    • LolaVee says

      Flacco’s wife is pregnant, but I just don’t see this being him. He’s probably one of the most un-Hollywood QBs in the game. Plus, his wife is not even remotely famous. I don’t think they would have asked for her name if this were about him.

  18. PlayItAgain says

    I’m not sure who the QB would be–whoever it is, he’s a dog for doing it. But why does the actress HAVE to be Ashley Green? Why not Liz Reaser? She’s single, beautiful and I can see her having friends that would put her on a sports figure’s radar.

  19. madeinBR says

    Hi there, it’s my first time here at BG, I love this website, I’m kind addicted to it lol so I know probably my guess is not that good but I would like to try:

    QB: Tom Brady

    Wife: Gisele

    Actress: Ashley Green

    The only reason I am guessing this is because there was a old BG that a famous player and his famous wife will be telling the press by February that they are pregnant of their second child. Also, I heard on the radio last week that T Brady himself dropped Gisele at the doc’s office and they were really happy leaving there… people in Brazil are saying that she might be hiding another pregnancy, but nothing confirm yet…

  20. brat365 says

    too easy. Tony Romo. married to chace crawfords sister. whats her face.the couple announced the pregnancy a little bit before jessica simpson announced hers. TOO EASY