1. kavitham says

    50 cent – although he’s only in his late thirties
    diddy- i wouldn’t classify him as hardcroe gangsta
    jay z- he’s 42

    • Singapore Slang says

      I think it’s Snoop. He’s 40 and would be considered a gangsta rapper. Diddy is not a gangsta rapper and Jay-Z still looks…how he always looks. haha

    • akajenb says

      I’ll go with fiddy. No amount of make up or photoshop will help jayz in that department. lol

  2. sarahbear says

    Jay-Z always looked like the Kool camel so I’m going with Diddy or Fiddy. Diddy is not really hardcore gangsta anything but who knows according to the opinion of the writer.

    • Mermaid says

      I wouldn’t be so quick to label this solved. Yelawolf is only 7 years younger than Em – that is not “much younger” IMO. Both their faces look photoshopped in that pic.

      Also, “Black don’t crack”? Really? Tell that to the remaining Jackson family members including Catherine Jackson and Joe Jackson. They look like they’ve “cracked” a long time ago (and in more ways than one!) LOL. Also, Matthew Knowles, Whitney Houston; I could go on and on. Black most certainly cracks just like everyone else.

      • sarahbear says

        Well Whitney really DID crack. Of course she looks like shizz. The older Jackson’s are like a hundred!! I’m not saying that older black people NEVER look old

      • Mermaid says

        “Well Whitney really DID crack” LOL!!

        Although .. I used to love Whitney – what a voice on her. I think I’m going go youtube one of her songs now.

      • sarahbear says

        Yeah…her debut album was the first cassette I ever begged my mom for. She was so beautiful. Hard to imagine wasting her gifts

      • Mermaid says

        Whitney was gorgeous. I think she used to be a model too. I used to wish I looked like her. IMO she had it all – beautiful face, tall (but not too tall) & slim yet busty, and incredibly talented. I just don’t think she appreciated what she had and I think it came way too easy for her.

      • up2trouble says

        Actually, we don’t crack for a very long time unless we have been living hard. I recently got carded to buy a lottery ticket and I’m Dr. Dre’s age. This is not a fluke it happens to me often.

      • Mermaid says

        Okay, the thing is, I’m kind of reticent to post anything here because some people are so quick to jump on the racism bandwagon and misinterpret my words. When they are meant innocently.

        So I’ll just say the following: aging is SO much more than wrinkles. Melanin plays a role in wrinkling as redheads and fair-skinned people are quicker to develop lines than those who have darker or olive skin tones. Also lines in those with darker or olive skin tones may be less visible due to the darker skin colour – but they are still there – they are just less visible because of the darker surrounding tissue.

        But, more importantly, as we get older, the skin loses volume & elasticity and other chemical changes, etc. occur that cause the skin to sag. There’s a whole concept about it called the “beauty triangle” – it’s been researched to death. That’s why you can see redheads & blondes in their mid-20s with lines and they STILL look like they are in their mid-20s. These changes do not depend on the colour of the skin.

        And that’s all I’m going to say. I want to say more, but I won’t because I honestly don’t want to offend anyone but “Black don’t crack” is simply not true (IMO) and all it does is encourage strife between differing cultures.

        I will say this: those with darker skin tones are at a MUCH lower risk of developing skin cancer which is a HUGE advantage these days as the pollution we humans cause (especially people like Laurie David who preaches environmentalism yet fly private jet, but I digress) is making skin cancer a very serious reality. Peace :)

    • RedScience says

      Is it me or does he look like he got a really horrid face lift a few years ago? Makes him look really evil mad sometimes when he just has a straight face. As for the guess. Sure. Sounds good. Cosign.

      • RedScience says

        except that was eminem ever really a ‘hardcore gangsta’ rapper? no, but maybe some (softer people) consider him as this…

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

        Definitely hardcore.
        Definitely NOT gangsta.

        And though he complains throughout almost every song I’ve ever heard of his, I just couldn’t see him tantruming over the way he looks.
        And watch a couple of his interviews. He’s not a diva.

      • msp96302 says

        Yes, he did have some work done on his face no doubt. I remember thinking this and actually compared a few pics of him from his early years. Many of his facial features have been altered big time. Plus, even though “gangsta”, he seems vain enough for a) plastic surgery AND b) to be intimidated by a younger artist. He IS a diva!

    • Singapore Slang says

      Changing my answer to this!! ^ And I must say dayum, Eminem is 40 now!! Time sure does fly!

    • up2trouble says

      I with you. I don’t think Snoop would be sober enough to care how he looks … and you are so right, black doesn’t crack.

    • saucykitty says

      NICE JOB! Also, goodness me, that photo is altered all to heck n back. Eminem has NEVER looked that good on his own, hahaha.

      • Stinkweed says

        That second link is to shots OF the photo shoot, not shots FROM the photo shoot. No where near the same thing as touched up vs untouched.

        Every cover of every magazine in touched up, with or without the celebrity’s consent. Look what they did to Gabourey Sidibe on Elle.

      • jeannie says

        Yep. I swear I read this as solved on another website as Snoop Dog and Wiz Khalifa. After seeing the picture you posted of the cover, I’m convinced. Snoop looks younger than he’s ever looked, even when he was actually young!

    • brrcam says

      I’m on board with this guess. The pics seal it for me. Ice Cube, Ice T, Dre, etc. are all gangsta–NOT Eminem, Jay-Z, or Diddy. (Pharell? Are you kidding me?) Snoop is the only one who fits the age given who has also been recently photographed on the cover of a magazine with a significantly younger star (what is Wiz, like 22?)

  3. SiG621 says

    Pharell! He is not super “ghangsta” but he is 38 and part of his lyrics in a song are “see these ice cubes, see these icecreams”… Just guessing based on the picture!

  4. GG brought me here says

    ‘A temper-throwing dive’ makes me think it’s P.Diddy. To be honest, I am curious as who that entertainer was… maybe Justin Bieber? He is much younger.

  5. PrettyB says

    P. Diddy is NOT a GANSTRA RAPPER! Its either:

    Ice Cube or Ice T.

    When I think of “gangsta rap” these two men popped in my head.

    Also, Snoop dogg is known for smoking weed, I can not see him having a “temper” he is too mellow for that.

  6. MissFaye says

    Diddy is not a “hardcore gangsta rapper”. Snoop Dogg was from the gangsta rap era and he is 40. I also thought of 50 Cent who posed on a magazine cover with Soulja Boy, but 50’s only 36 yrs old. Sounds like 50 to me though.

    • CoCoJoe says

      I am shocked that Snoop is only 40. I had to Google to confirm this. I just assumed he is well over 50.

  7. sonnyvega says

    I thought of Snoop Dog right away for a few reasons. I think the age fits, Diddy and Em are not hardcore gangsta rappers and mostly because the ice cream cone tattoo made me immediately think of him in Katy Perry’s California Gurls video. Pretty sure he sits on some type of ice cream cone throne in it.

      • mcwmomma says

        thats why he is so entertaining….he’s always stoned!! heh heh loved him on “price is right”

        also, just me, but that tat looks like it would have hurt…alot!

  8. YesMaam says

    BG, I must tell you, “gansta rap” ended in the late 90s, and I find it offensive to associate that music with these lame, prissy no-talents.XD

    Just say “Black rapper” for Pete’s sake! I am Black. It would not offend me, and, since it’s true,that is, about a Black person who is a rapper, I doubt it would offend anyone else. If it does, f*** ’em!

    You have Amendment rights!

    The dude in the photo’s name is Gucci Mane. Anyone who would name themselves after a low-grade designer & horse’s hair is clearly “stable” enough to tattoo an ice cream cone on his face. XD

    Anyway, my guess is Diddy. I thought Eminem at first because he’s reportedly self-conscious about looking “gay” and has his own photographer. But, Diddy & Kanye are NOTORIOUS for having public fits, tantrums, and “Divo” moments.

  9. smoothcriminal says

    what Americans call a “bowl”, Australians call a “cone”, so the pic could be a hint at snoop, but after seeing that cover with Em, it HAS to be him. he looks terrible lately.

    • MissFaye says

      Ok, well why I don’t consider Eminem to be a gangsta rapper, he is turning 40 this year (who knew?). Also he was just featured on the cover of VIBE magazine with Yelawolf who is 32. So maybe Eminem is a contender if the writers of the blind consider him to be “gangsta”…

  10. Mermaid says

    Okay, first of all, I’m with Famous … Em is not gangsta.

    Second, YelaWolf is only 7 years younger (so not “much younger”) than Em AND is his protege so … I doubt Em would throw a Diva fit. And both look to be photoshopped.

    I’m with liberache’s Snoop & Wiz Kalifa guess. Snoop WAS considered gangsta rapper at some point & the diff in age between Snoop & Wiz is 16 years which can be considered “much younger”.

  11. Serena van der Woodsen says

    I know Eminem once threw a fit over some magazine photoshopping a pink shirt instead of the red one he was wearing on him.

    But Marshall is 38 oder 39 so not yet 40! Jeez 40! OMFG!

  12. damons says

    I think it’s Busta Rhymes. He is 39, and looks old! He recently had a hit with Chris Brown, and I think I read somewhere that they are going to do another song together, because “Look at me Now” was so successful. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were on a magazine cover together.

  13. Dont Know For Sure says

    It sounds like Snoop to me. He is/was classified as a gangsta rapper, he’s 40 and after seeing the photo with Wiz it seems very likely. Plus Wiz has always reminded me of a younger version of Snoop with too many tattoos.

  14. HotTeacher88 says

    After looking at both pics, I’ll have to go with Em. His pic looks artificial, especially around the eyes. You can see the concealer, but it goes beyond that with a special-effects movie kind of look to it.