Hot For Teacher

[BuzzFoto] We hear that this A/B list actor who started out on television and moved to film (mostly with his buddies) had always dreamed of making love to one of his high school teachers when he was younger. He vowed that when he was famous, he would do it. Guess what? He did, sort of. Over Christmas he looked her up, visited his home town and took his old teacher out on a date. Sadly for him, she’s a lesbian, but they had a good time catching up and grabbing dinner together. 688

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  1. KWDragon says

    “Mostly with his buddies” reminds me of the crew of actors Adam Sandler uses over and over again (and I like them, so that’s cool). Still, did any start on TV other than AS and Rob Schneider? Or would this be an Oceans 11 type of reference? I’m stumped.

    • samarie says

      I agree that it’s Sandler. He was on Saturday Night Live along with a lot of his “buddies” who appear in a lot of his movies like Rob Schneider, David Spade, and the late Chris Farley. He also made a weird speech last night at the People’s Choice Awards that mentioned a lot of his old teachers.

    • liberache says

      Appears in endless “buddy” or “bromance” movies – and also more recently in “bad teacher” which perhaps refers to the title of this blind.

      • WindyLAX says

        Jason Segel strikes me as someone would share this story, though, not have a blind written about it. It’s hilarious, and kind of adorable that whoever this is was still holding a torch for teacher!

  2. kittyconfidential says

    Sounds like Jason Segel. He was also in the movie “Bad Teacher” which somehow confirms this for me…

    • PandoraWolf says

      Isn’t he also unlucky in love? Something about his fetish for puppets and most grown women might be turned off by a home full of them?

      Seth Rogan (also guessed) just got married, so I REALLY hope it’s not him.

  3. malkatz says

    Maybe Ben Affleck, who did a lot of co-starring with Matt Damon and Kevin Smith before his big break.

  4. Pastelles says

    I don’t know why but I’m thinking Ed Helms from the office and the hangover. I don’t know, shot in the dark.

  5. sweeeeet says

    Buddies sounds like a Saturday Night Live reference, so someone from Saturday Night Live whose costars also left to do movies. I guess Will Ferrell