There’s A Tape And No One Cares

[CDAN]  This actress is probably C or D list. She was on a hit television show in the sense it lasted for a good five years, but because of where it aired it was not a monster hit. She has had very little work since it went off the air but that is not stopping one of her boyfriends from trying to sell a s*x tape of her enjoying not only the boyfriend but also several of his other friends. The problem is no one really cares about the actress.


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    THE GIRL FROM CHARMED? The one that is not Shannon Doherty or alyssa milano. Holly something?

    • LooLoo says

      That ran for eight years and was syndicated. it was very popular for the first seven years. (Season eight was terrible.)

    • up2trouble says

      I was thinking Rose McGowan too. The show ran for 8 years but I think she was only on it for 5 years. She dated that Marilyn Manson freak and Robert Rodriquez. I wouldn’t put it past either of them.

  2. KWDragon says

    Sounds like Mischa Barton. Wasn’t her show on what CDAN calls the not-a-network? Poor girl.

    • PandoraWolf says

      I wouldn’t care to watch it, but she was on Supernatural a few (?) episodes ago, and she’s still looking pretty good, so I think she might get some interest if a sex tape was being circulated. Not because she’s a “star” but because she’s pretty hot.

    • luvprue1 says

      Charisma was on Buffy the vampire slayer,and Angel. Both shows were a hit,and both shows lasted over 5 years.

  3. callmedave says

    I have racked my brain and randomly come up with Brett Butler, from Grace Under Fire. I think she fits the clues maybe?

    • stolidog says

      please don’t be offended, but that might be the most oddball guess I have ever read on this site. I mean, where did it come from? The 50 year old Brett Butler in a sex tape with an ex boyfriend and a bunch of his friends. Amazing.

    • Syd Wishes says

      May I suggest you remove your brain from the rack and use it to solve the blind?

      (Sorry, Dave. I couldn’t resist.)

  4. Pomme says

    I don’t think it’s Mischa Barton, because The OC only ran for four years, and she was only on it for three. It’s probably someone we wouldn’t think of since no one cares.

  5. heytherenow says

    Shar Jackson, TV show is Moesha. Ratingswise Moesha was never huge because it was on UPN, but it did run for years and is in syndication now.

    • Singapore Slang says

      I don’t agree with the guess but I think you’re on to something. I think if it was Shar there would be a little bit of interest maybe because of her being tied forever to Britney Spears because of KFed, and especially if he was the one in the video, which I doubt. How about Countess Vaughn or Jenna Von Oy from The Parkers? Then again, if it were either one of those two, would any one even bother to write a blind about it? lol

  6. PrettyB says

    I like the Mischa guess, but my first thought is Alexis Bledel.

    hit show: Gilmore Girls..It was on for about 5 years

    It’s been years since I have seen her in a movie/tv.

    • xphile101 says

      Alexis Bledel was my guess, as well, although Gilmore Girls ran for 7 years. (I guess you could argue that only five of those were good, though, if you want to read “for a good five years” in a different way than I’m sure it was intended.) She has done a few movies since it ended but nothing huge.

  7. pat362 says

    I’m going to go a slightly different direction than JLH but I’ll stay within the family. Could this be Lacey Chabert who starred with JLH in the Fox Tv show Party of Five? The show suffered from less than stellar ratings most of it’s run but still managed to make it to 6 seasons.

  8. stillmontana75 says

    Nikki Cox from Unhappily Ever After on the WB comes to mind…that was on for 4.5 seasons so it’s close. She has had *some* work since then but not a lot…married to Jay Mohr now I think so it would seem sort of out a character? She really has kind of dropped off the radar.

    First time poster…long time lurker…love BG!

  9. usadevolved says

    The main clue is “monster” and so it leads me to believe “Monk” and the C/D actress is Emmy Clark. Monk wasn’t a big hit and Emmy has done anything significant since the show ended and that’s why no one cares about the sex tape.

    • PDMan says

      I’m not certain how monster ties in with “Monk”, but didn’t Tony Shalhoub win a bunch of Emmys and Golden Globes? I think it was a fairly popular show.

    • SnowyHeights says

      Yes, I was thinking of that “monster hit” clue too. But I also don’t connect it to Monk. I’m thinking of a show more along the supernatural lines, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer (but not this show since it was a huge hit) or something. Maybe it’s someone from Buffy’s spinoff show Angel?

  10. pricey524 says

    Hi everyone! Ok, yes I know this is a dumb question but bare with me because I am sick and have a majorrrr nyquil hangover! The blind says ” but because of where it aired it was not a monster hit”….is this referring to a tv channel or a location (ie- a foreign show on air in America or vice versa)

    • stolidog says

      no, that’s a good question. you can only guess from the blind, it could have either meaning.

    • amagod121 says

      It’s a good question, and I also wondered if the show wasn’t aired in the US. But I think it’s more likely that it was on a less popular channel that people don’t watch as much as the more popular ones.

  11. amagod121 says

    I’m rather fixated on why no one would care about the actress. You’d think that a sexy young actress would get enough takers to sell a porn take even if she isn’t popular anymore. So my guess is that the actress no longer has the looks to interest anyone in watching. So, using that reasoning, my guess if for Mischa because she oftentimes is overweight and so bedraggled as to be almost homeless looking.

    • sarahbear says

      She’s been looking pretty good lately, like she’s healthy again. I do think she’s working overseas as a high end escort though. No movies or roles for years but is photographed overseas on yachts? Suspect.
      I still think she could sell a sex tape.