Pet Shop Cougar

[National Enquirer] What blonde, B-list movie star—she’s a former beauty pageant winner and model—was recently spotted at a Beverly Hills pet shop hitting on some guy half her age after he told her he was a huge fan of her ’90s films? The three-times-divorced single mom of three may be in her early 60s, but her cougar instincts are clearly still intact!

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  1. LolaVee says

    Sharon Stone fits every single part of the description, except for the age.

    I still think it has to be her.

  2. kscottpetra1 says

    won the 1966 “Miss Teenage Memphis” contest at age 16, and the 1968 “Model of the Year” contest at age 18, making her a fashion star of the 1960s

  3. PoniTayl says

    1) Even though she’s only 54, Sharon Stone fits the bill on the rest of the clues. B list fits here. Total Recall/”Basic INSTINCT”/Sliver, etc.
    2) Jessica Lange would fit, but has never been married and wasn’t in a beauty pageant. I consider her an A list actress.
    3) Cybill Shephard is 60, 3 kids only, won a beauty pageant, but divorced only twice.

    I want to stay with Sharon Stone, but the age thing defies the clue.

  4. smd1004p says

    it is absolutely sharon stone and the age must be a typo and should have been early 50’s since she is 53 o5 54…

    • LolaVee says

      Yeah, totally agree. Cybil Shepard is the second best guess, but she is only twice divorced and is primarily a television actress who didn’t make any notable movies in the 90′.

      I’d also say that Sharon Stone has much more of a ‘cougar’ reputation.

  5. LittleFeat says

    Note that it says MAY be in her early 60s. This leaves open the possibility that she may not be in her early 60s. My money’s on Sharon Stone.

  6. LiamForeman says

    None are totally right. I’d say Cybill Shepherd, but is she a B list movie star? What movies did she make in the 90s? Plus she’s only been divorced twice, but she does have three children.

    Sharon Stone seems obvious but she’s not in her 60s, and does not have 3 kids.

    Jessica Lange has not been divorced three times, but has three kids, and is in her 60s.

    These are the only ones that make some sense.

  7. newbatgirl says

    Kim Basinger may fit. Blonde, former Ford Model and I think she competed in Junior Miss pageants at some point. She has been married more than once.

    The hangup is that she’s a PETA supporter so I doubt she’d be in a pet shop. Most PETA people are critical of pet shops. I suppose she could have been buying supplies, though and not buying a pet.

  8. newbatgirl says

    I have another guess: Loni Anderson, former Miss Minnesota runner up. Married four times, three times it ended in divorce. Starred in Night at the Roxbury in 1998.

  9. marvelle says

    Cybil Shepherd fits the description. Althought ChattyCathy hit on a good point with Goldie Hawn and the picture being of a golden retriever.

    • LolaVee says

      Neither one fit.

      Cybill Shepherd is twice divorced and not a movie actress.

      Goldie Hawn has never done pageants, is only twice divorced, is in her late 60’s, not single and her youngest child is 25.

  10. joanieindixie says

    Sharon Stone does have three kids – she adopted a couple more after her first with the guy who got his toe eaten by the dragon, if I’m not mistaken.

  11. tkw1955 says

    I agree that it’s Sharon Stone. As mentioned above, none of the other guesses match on all of the description. The blind says she “MAY be in her early 60s” and she is not yet 60. I like that she doesn’t appear to have had any plastic surgery done.

  12. Loving this stuff says

    Sharon Stone – don’t actors lie about their age? First time poster – long time reader