1. DutchOven says

    Megan Fox and Michael Bay. The blockbusters being Transformers, the reason she got the role being that she slept with him.

  2. stratacat says

    megan fox and michael bay. girl needs work and he’s got a dozen or so projects in development.

  3. jelloos says

    megan fox with michael bay.everyone knows they didnt get along thats why she was dropped from the third movie.

  4. KWDragon says

    Megan Fox & Michael Bay? He seems like a complete sleaze, and I think she would do almost anything to get back in the game. BAG, as a fellow actor, would likely understand.

  5. rosiedoes says

    Sounds like Megan Fox, but I believe she’s married… Not that that usually stops people.

      • rosiedoes says

        Really? Because looking at her IMDb, I’m not really seeing the blockbusters – just a lot of TV and a small role in Iron Man…

    • mankothegreat says

      Ohhh I like this! Gawker posted a pic of Megan Fox with the blind!which makes me think it’s not her…

    • Singapore Slang says

      She’s not known for any blockbusters and I think she’s probably not the right answer for this, but I really do like Olivia Munn for this…maybe because she just broke up with her hockey player boyfriend. But I don’t like Megan Fox for this either. She’s only been in one blockbuster, Transformers, unless “blockbusters” is referring to each sequel that she was in too. I’m wondering if there’s someone we’re all overlooking.

    • Mermaid says

      I like this guess. Olivia, via blinds, has a reputation of sleeping for roles and just sleeping around in general. So this would not be a stretch for her.

      Also, the Megan & Bay guess: it’s odd that they didn’t mention the actress is married. Something like “despite being married and hating the director … ” etc. I think stepping out on your SO for a role is more salacious than sleeping with someone you hate for a role. I think the blind would have mentioned it. So I’m on board with Olivia!

      Also, don’t a look of comic-con people love her? She must have been in some blockbusters.

  6. gingersnappped says

    megan fox and michael bay? i know shes married… not sure about him but that doesnt really matter.

  7. YesMaam says

    Megan Fox & Michael Bay.

    He’s a horny dog! Loves ’em hot, stupid & young. My favorite blind is the one posted about Bay having a three-way with some chicks in some country & the women stole his computer gear! XD

  8. Kerzep says

    Isn’t one of the Desperate Housewives raging about how a director was hating on her? Could be them.

  9. amagod121 says

    Oh please, tell me that Megan Fox isn’t sleeping with Michael Bay!

    PS: Is she considered a B-list actress?

  10. pat362 says

    I know this will sound strange but I hope it’s Megan and Bay because that might mean that she’ll be back in the Transformer movies. The last one was a major turd and the replacement of Megan with Rosie was part of the reason. Rosie is a perfect example why so few models can make the transition from model to actress. Models look good but they can’t act.

  11. Anna Fonseca says

    OMG,how things change in
    Of course is Megan and Michael Bay…Shes married and doing this,maybe its because she wants to be in Transformers again.

  12. timesink says

    I like the Olivia Munn guess, just because I think Megan is cool and too principled for that kind of thing. Please, please don’t be Megan.

  13. ItsSoColdinTheD says

    No seriously-

    The yelling angry guy would appear to be Michael Bay, because he supposedly is like that. And Megan did publicly admit that her Transformers audition included washing a car in a white T shirt.
    My question is – he fired her on the last Transformers movie so are they working together again??

  14. sarahbear says

    The wording makes it sound as if a film about a female boxer is involved “she doesn’t have a lot of titles under her belt but is known for a few blockbusters”.

    I can’t find any dirt on a feud between Hillary Swank or Michelle Rodriguez and any directors….

    So I’ll just go for Megan Fox and Karyn Kusama who directed Girlfight. LOL

    • sarahbear says

      Got interrupted…
      She started with a role as a female boxer. She has a solid B status including lots of blockbusters. She was in the Fast and Furious movies but her last big role was in Avatar.
      I just don’t know which director it would be.
      Not too much of a stretch, though, girl’s always fighting with someone!