She Really Wants You To Think She’s Perfect

[BlindGossip] This woman, who is rather thick to begin with, has always been very weight conscious. After plumping up a little recently, she wanted to sport a flat tummy at an upcoming awards show so you could marvel at how amazing and perfect she is. So she had some liposuction last week. While she’s been keeping a very low profile lately, she’s never been one to stay out of the spotlight for long, so the paps just might catch a glimpse of her out in public in either Los Angeles or New York. They might even note that she is walking slower than usual or holding her stomach. In any case, you will definitely see her at an upcoming awards show – perhaps even on stage, pretending that her flat stomach is the result of discipline and hard work.

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  1. Chocadoodledoo says

    Reese Witherspoon fit’s some of the clues..
    Walking slower…Walk the Line
    She is known for liking perfection and being very disciplined
    It was commented in some mags that she had put on some weight lately
    She has never been ‘skinny’
    Or I could be totally wrong! 😛

      • LolaVee says

        She has skinny arms and legs but a thicker mid-section. And there have been some photos snapped lately where she looks a little bigger than usual.

    • cocobeannns says

      I actually like this guess. I just saw a picture of her in a magazine where she was on the beach in a black one-piece swimsuit, looking fuller. She looked slim at the Golden Globes though. This could be her.

      • Tru Tru2 says

        there are pics of Reese jogging w/a bra top on and her stomach is not flat–not bad but not flat.

        I don’t think this is her

  2. ryeowooks says

    I want to say Beyonce just from the “after plumping up a little recently”. The awards show reminded me of the Grammys which I believe are in February. But it could be an actress getting ready for the Oscars!

    • ToadKisser says

      Definitely. Clearly at least one person in her inner-circle is talking, probably because they have a conscience and are properly disgusted by the lies and the narcissism. I’d find the whole pathological scenario entertaining, except there’s now a real live child involved with almost no chance for a healthy upbringing. Will it be better or worse for little Blue Ivy/Blind Item if the truth gets exposed?

    • NeedNoStinkinBadges says

      I think you’re probably right. Doesn’t she realize that this just reinforces the rumors that it was all fake? Enough o these 2 already. I can’t wait until all the celebrity spawn are grown so we can read their tell-all books. Or will their parents make them sign confidentiality agreements?

    • Bromance1979 says

      Surely Beyonce wouldn’t show up with a flat belly right after “giving birth”, would she?

  3. luvprue1 says

    Since they do not say if the women is a singer,or a actress. The blind also said that the person gotten a little big, so I think the person is Christina Aguilera ,or “Snookie” from Jersey Shore.

      • Mermaid says

        On this planet. Aniston has always been thick to begin with as per ALL of her pics before she hit it big on Friends. There have always been rumors about Aniston’s bizarre diets. Aniston is not naturally slim. Far far from it. That being said, I’m not convinced this is Aniston.

      • svetlana says

        In the high school pics I could pull up, I see a normal-sized person. And I’m not using “normal” to mean “fat American.” Certainly not big enough to be considered “thick,” at least not where I come from.

      • Mermaid says

        Shrug. To each their own, right?

        To me she was thick – not any more because of her fitness & diet obsession, but before – definitely. To me, her natural body type is thick. And from what I’ve heard, Aniston is obsessed about her looks and image to the point of, apparently, having a personal hairstylist who travels with her. Her image of America’s sweetheart who gets out of bed and throws on *whatever* and looks so fresh and windblown is just that – an image.

        She’s huge into dieting, exercising, etc. But maybe as she’s getting older and her metabolism slowing even more, it’s not enough. So lipo could be a consideration at this point. But, again, I don’t think this particular blind is about her.

      • WindyLAX says

        Can I just go ahead and request an alien abduction, so I can go to a planet where hopefully Jennifer Aniston sized people are never referred to as “thick”. If your criteria is she COULD be “thick” if she didn’t work out a ton and watch what she eats, then that applies to anyone.

      • Mermaid says

        No, I meant before, not now – obviously. Should have been clearer in what I wrote. But, no, I know a lot of people who are naturally slim & who barely work out and eat whatever they want and are slim. Sorry, but I do. They have the ectomorph body type.

        3 basic body types (though there are in-betweens): Endomorph, Ectomorph, Mesomorph. Ectomorph is the skinny minny.

  4. foolish says

    This is clearly Blue Ivy’s mom. I feel so bad for this child- she has no chance of a normal childhood and will definitely have to cope with her mom’s crazy expectations.

  5. ZuzuBee says

    Beyonce? She plumped up recently during her fake pregnancy, is planned to be performing at the Grammys, lives in NY but spends time in LA.

  6. LostinAusten says

    Something about the wording of this makes me think Beyonce, getting rid of her “post-baby” weight.

    • phishes says

      I agree with this. She just talked to some magazine about being weight conscious and not eating before awards shows or something.

      • Jackie99 says

        she may be weight conscious, but I don’t she’s ever been to a gym, she always looks… soft. not fit. the ‘hard work’ part of the blind suggests exercising, I think.

  7. stolidog says

    Jennifer Hudson or Mariah Carey….as if weight watchers could do that…only if part of their plan involves a lapband

  8. malkatz says

    I have no idea, but note she has no profession. My immediate thought was she was a singer, but this could be a comedian or other type of performer as well. Hmmmm….

    • Svanhvit says

      I originally thought a performer, but you are right it could be any profession. This sounds out of place maybe but what about an athlete? The blind says ‘sport’ a flat tummy….plus they are disciplined (usually). Maybe one of the Williams tennis sisters?

  9. judsonsmom says

    Mariah Carey came to mind, but she has been out at awards shows lately. I still think its her though.

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

      Madonna’s always been thin and in the past decade or so she’s been skin, bones and muscle. Lots and lots of muscle.

  10. mocha2009 says

    I love the Jennifer Aniston guess. I just read an article somewhere about her where she is talking about the weight she’s gained since she quit smoking.

  11. arimom11 says

    This has to be BeyBey… Thick to begin with? Plumped up lately and holding her stomach? Because she just allegedly had a child. Upcoming awards may be grammys or naacp image awards

  12. lilpiggy742 says

    I’m leaning towards Bey. Isn’t she planned to be at the grammy’s? And maybe she can’t get those few pounds she plumped up with while trying to convince everyone she was pregnant off. I think she’ll only be 5weeks “postpartum” and i don’t care if you’re a celeb or not, your body is still SO off those first few weeks. But i’m sure she’ll be a pro at breastfeeding with a wonderful baby who doesn’t cry and sleeps all night…. bleh!

  13. iocaine says

    Pink at the Grammy awards. Gained a ton of weight during her recent pregnancy and is nominated for F-in’ Perfect (the headline’s a hint).

  14. Mermaid says

    Totally hopping on the Beyonce train.


    Thick to begin with – OBVIOUSLY

    Weight conscious – what is more weight conscious than hiring someone to get fat & pregnant for you?

    Plumping up a little recently – nod to the fake pregnancy & prednisone

    “..might even note” – “note” so this is a singer (maybe a bit of a reach)

    Holding her stomach – the vomitous “Oh baby” video she released trying to sell her fake preganancy

    So Bey is my guess.

  15. stolidog says

    Personally, I can’t get behind the Beyonce guess at all. She either just had a baby and would be expected to have a little extra weight, or she just went through a great deal of effort to fake a pregnancy….I can’t imagine she would want to show up at an awards show a few weeks after the baby looking fabulous, that would just convince everyone even more that she didn’t carry the baby. If you’re going to spend that much time and effort trying to fool everyone, you are not going to toss that away by looking like there is no way you could have ever just had a baby.

    • itssunnyoutside says

      Yo do realize that Beyonce has proven to be not-so smart right? This could totally be her

    • YesMaam says

      I’m unsure about the Beyonce aka Queen Slag guess as well, but it’s not a long-shot!

      We cannot look past the fact that Queen Slag’s stupidly slow-witted and insecure(let me refer you to the Y*uT*be video of where she was filmed, then “9 months pregnant,” getting into her van crouched…She’s a freaking dumba**!)

      Queen Slag’s had some really quick lipo before, once where she didn’t let the scars on her armpits heal properly before she went back on tour…

      Anyway…Etta James just died, so this is amp time for the Queen Slag to come out of hiding and do some more self-promo at the Grammy’s, even if it’s off of Etta’s cooling corpse.

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

        “let me refer you to the Y*uT*be video of where she was filmed, then “9 months pregnant”

        YesMaam, I’m just as fascinated as everyone else so I went to y*ut*be and couldn’t find the clip you’re referring to. Will you (or someone) post it?

  16. RexyRum says

    Scarlett Johansson. Clues being Perfect and Marvel. She was in the Perfect Score and other Marvel films.

  17. PurpleTurtle says

    If it was someone who just had a baby, it would’ve have said so in the blind. No idea who it could be though.

  18. RedScience says

    How about Paula Patton. She looked hella thick (thicker than the MI: Ghost Protocol poster) in her LOUD yellow Globes dress and the blind references “thick” (another spelling of her hubby’s last name) and “note” referring to her hubby’s singing profession? Didn’t think it was her at first, but these clues were just staring at me.
    Either way I think the word ‘note’ somehow points to a singer being somewhere in the picture.

  19. Herkeda says

    Beyonce? The blind item uses the term “thick”, which is not a term that non-blacks generally use. However, it’s a popular term in Black America for curvaceous (not fat) women.

  20. CherryBomb says

    CiarA ftw I saw a pic of her recently of her holding her sweater closed holding her stomach

  21. roxyroks says

    I’m going to guess MiserALBA, just because the picture reminds me of the poster for the movie Honey…

    P.S. Long time reader first time poster… love blindgossip <3

  22. Serena van der Woodsen says

    No one in Hollyweird/the industry is THICK – not even Christina Aguilera. Have you guys never seen celebs in your live and noticed how stickthin they are in a 1:1 situation???

  23. skimpymist says

    It’s ciara. There’s a picture of her in LA about two weeks ago and she had a long sweater on and was holding her stomach the whole time.