• CanaryCry says

      She still believes people still want to invade her privacy? Seriously?

      I still wouldn’t put it past Paris to still be so stupid with her cell.

    • amagod121 says

      Yeah. My first thought was the Lohan but I don’t think she’s even a C list anymore. So I’m going with your guess.

  1. Mermaid says

    Who cares about Paris Hilton anymore? Is she still C-list? I always thought she was weird looking. Strange jaw, bird-like nose, huge feet & hips. Meh.

    • ineedtoknowwho says

      lol. i have always thought the same thing too Mermaid. her feet are huge and the rest of the things u said about her are true. besides, why ANY guy in hollywood still hooks up with her is a mystery to me. It is very well-known that she has been prescribed Valtrex…which is medicine for herpes. gross.

      • Mermaid says

        I know. It’s disgusting, isn’t it? I mean it’s genital herpes (not the cold sore simplex kind) which generally breaks out every month. I guess they hit it between breakouts. Maybe it’s thrilling for some people. Kind of like playing Russian Roulette with your health?

        And anyone who says she is a “savvy businesswoman” is out to lunch. She exploited her well-known family name and turned it into trash such that her Grandaddy, in shame, donated 97% of it to charity so that it wouldn’t go to her (and most likely to rehab the name). That doesn’t take “savvy” or even intelligence. Just desperate greed and famewh*ring. Oy.

  2. amagod121 says

    I wonder if Paris actually expects it to work after dropping it into the toilet while doing some coke?

  3. KWDragon says

    It is a sad commentary on my belief of the culture of entitlement in celebdom that I cannot even fathom how to narrow down this blind. Paris because she is a shopaholic? Heidi Montag because she is totally unaware? Could be any of them.

    • Mermaid says

      AGREE about the culture of entitlement. But, I don’t know…if I dropped my cell phone…I would most likely ask a shop assistant if she could help me fish it out with some coat hanger or something. I mean, she would have access to that. Sometimes people make innocent things out to be terrible. But, I don’t even own a cell phone (afraid of brain cancer…laugh at me, I know) so maybe fishing out a cell with a coat hanger or some such thing is really impossible. But they may have some thing so I would ask to see. But, to expect someone to reach in with her own hand into the toilet smacks of entitlement, I agree.

      • CoCoJoe says

        Well you could ask for a silicone glove, but I’d just reach in and then thoroughly wash my hands. I mean it’s just water with a bit of bacteria, after all. If you’ve had sex, or diapered babies or vomited or had diarrhea, you’ve touched things you might normally want to avoid. Big deal!

      • Mermaid says

        Okay, you do that. In a public toilet.

        Your reasoning is flawed. Why? Because people choose who they have sex with and presumably know them. Ditto for knowing your baby and yourself. You know whose “bacteria” you’re touching.

        A public toilet – you don’t know whose “bacteria” you’re touching. Perhaps regular soap won’t kill some really nasty bacteria you find in a public toilet. Who knows. Same reason why I wouldn’t hesitate to reach into my bathroom wastebasket to fish something out but would never do that in a public restroom. I heard once of someone reaching into a wastebasket in a public restroom and their hand pricked a used needle. Big deal?