Sisters Are In A Fashion Smackdown

[Buzzfoto] This celebrity sibling rivalry is getting out of hand. Two sisters are both trying to get a fashion line started up. Investors are concerned that both of them doing this separately will hurt sales and are reluctant to back them. The sisters don’t know this, but their mother approached the investors and helped back one sister over the other. We’re not sure why she’s playing favorites, but it looks like only one sister will have her dream of becoming a designer come true. 683

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  1. kscottpetra1 says

    But I’m going with the younger ones. I think that Kris supported Kendall rather than Kyle as she is the prettier/more popular of the two right now and the model.

    • amagod121 says

      Yup, and I’ll bet she used the same cold logic that you outline.

      But then, why should “celebrities” get fashion lines when real, honest to goodness fashion designers don’t? Esp. when their names are Kardashian – aren’t they given ENOUGH? Don’t these greedy people ever feel satisfied with what they DO have?

      • Stackhouse says

        The same logic has definitely been used. She’s a pimp, and she knows very well which sister to sell to earn the most – in every way. Sounds disgusting – because it is. Dina and Kris should hook up, share tips.

    • Mermaid says

      I loathe the Kardashians.

      But what they are doing is wholly understandable from a business point of view. It goes something like this:

      1) Pimp mama Kris (only married to a lawyer) sent Kim & Kourt to snotty Buckley school (the Jackson kids go there now) to hobnob with the old money & entertainment elite, hoping her girls would make good connections. Kim K did. Kim K hooked on to Parisite Hilton who taught Kimmie how to use the only thing she had (surgically enhanced T & A) to her advantage.

      2) Parisite released a s*x tape; Kim K did her one better. The student surpassed the master.

      3) Now, Pimp mama Kris could have just let Kim K “do what she gotta do” but no. Instead pimp mama Kris parlayed her sl*t’s, I mean daughter’s, advantage into an advantage for the WHOLE FAMILY by getting them all a family reality show. That’s actually pretty nice of pimp mama, I must grudgingly admit. S*cks for us, but nice thing she did for her disgusting fam.

      4) Pimp mama Kris is a shrewd businesswoman. She’s actually brilliant. Because she knows how to make something from NOTHING. She’s like Madonna who is a beyond average musician but a brilliant businesswoman who knows how to leverage the talent of others (i.e. use others) to stay relevant – no small feat in music but I digress.

      5) Any shrewd businessperson knows you must “strike while the iron is hot”. The Kartrash are trying to make as much money as they can in as quick a time period as possible because they know that time is precious & their “reign” (for lack of a better word) will only last so long. Business is, unfortunately, all about greed. Except we call it “ambition” & “business acumen”. And, no, too much is NEVER ENOUGH when it comes to business.

      6) I don’t think Pimp mama loves the daughter she didn’t back any less. She most likely doesn’t think this fashion line is a good vehicle for the unbacked daughter and perhaps something else would be better for her. Pimp mama thinks “why have 2 failures when you can have 1 success?”

      So, ultimately, I think Pimp mama is a shrewd businessperson. She’s managed to create an empire simply out of Kim K spreading her a$$ cheeks. That’s actually pretty incredible. She’s also biologically successful (5 kids! They could be called the Cockrachians.) I also think she loves her family a lot and wants them all to be successful.

      That said, I loathe the family. And I hope business practices are changing so as not to reward trash like this.

      • RedScience says

        Definitely the best part of this was the new coined name — The Cockroachians. Brilliant. :-) (or take it one step further — Kockroachchians??)

      • Singapore Slang says

        Ha, well said Mermaid! However, Mama K’s menstrual cycles may have come to an end but the Kardashian “reign” can very well continue for generations to come. Kendall and Kylie have the teen set covered for a while, Rob and his upcoming line of designer socks (rolling my eyes at that one) will keep men well-groomed, and pretty soon when Mason learns how to dance and sing, he will be the next Justin Bieber…a new youngin for the tweenies to swoon over. Maybe Mama K will put down the puppet strings long enough to join in on the fun? She can cater to the baby-boomers with a line of animal-print casual wear and a “Stay Sexy and 70!” attitude.

      • Mermaid says

        Designer socks?! Please tell me you are kidding. Out of all of them, I find Rob Kardashian to be particularly unattractive. Perhaps because he hasn’t had any plastic surgery – his facial hair disgusts me. The rest are very average looking & sounding IMO. I have never seen their appeal. But perhaps it’s something to be experienced and not seen. LOL. Khloe’s Miss Piggy features have grown on me and I now find her endearing.

      • Mermaid says

        Oh my. What a buffoon. He’s “really into it”. He “likes to wear his pants up higher so people can see his dress socks”. He believes “both guys & girls will be excited about it”.

        No, nothing else. “Just socks”. That’s what he will be concentrating on. “Just socks”. And he’s “really excited about it”. Geezus.

  2. malkatz says

    Ashlee Simpson said she was going to have a line out, but I haven’t heard anything about it afterwards… Jessica has one already, though.

    Hilary Duff had one when she was still a tween star.

    Beyonce has one.

    I’m going to have to say one of the Kardashians- they have a collection today, but not any lines separately.

    • eldridek says

      I think that the Blind meant that someone was just starting a line. I feel like it wouldn’t be the Olsen’s since they already have one together and seem very tight… not so much of a rivalry thing going on with them.

    • KWDragon says

      They have SO MUCH money, they would not need backing. They also have multiple fashion lines, including The Row (high end) and Olsenboye and Elizabeth & James. I don’t believe it is them.

    • PrettyB says

      remember they have that KK line already out in Sears, its doing HORRIBLE! I doubt they would do it again..I’m thinking the Simmons sisters.

  3. YesMaam says

    Solange & Beyonce: Beyonce is the stratosphere. The cards were set against Basement Baby the moment she was born.

    The Duff Sisters: No one ever cared about Hailey.

    The Hiltons: Are people still looking for them? Because we all know that Herpes is…

    The Olsens: Maybe

    The Lohans: Muahahahahahahaha! See The Hiltons comment.

    I can’t think of anymore of these twit morons…

    • amagod121 says

      Funny cause I was thinking the Herpes thought too regarding a fashion line starring Lindsay. I mean, I really and truly would not want to buy anything modeled or designed by her because, fairly or not, the big H would always be running through my mind about the clothes.

    • PrettyB says

      Now I like this SOLANGE guess! A LOT!!

      Its either solange..Or Angela and Vanessa Simmons.

  4. smd1004p says

    the mother with the most money to do so is kathy hilton so i say nikki and paris as the two sisters…

    • WindyLAX says

      Yup, that’s the same wall I hit too. The only ones I can think of that do not have one are Emily and Zoe Deschanel, and Emily, in particular, does not seem the fashion line type.

    • Courtpaige says

      This isn’t a bad guess. The Kardashians seem too obvious. But the mom thing screams Kris Jenner

  5. shelaur22 says

    The Simpson losers? Mom will back Jessica, of course. Ashlee is a big, old failure and Jessica at least has a shoe line that does well.

  6. NinjaBunny says

    The picture makes me think that it’s Kim and Khloe Kardashian.With the taller, lighter one being Khloe. Since she’s the most different Kardashian that’s what I’m going off of. Plus Kris K would totally stab one of her own like that. But it doesn’t make sense as they already have a Kardashian line. Maybe they’re trying to come up with an individual line?

  7. cocobeannns says

    Kendall and Kylie Jenner with momma Kris playing favorites?

    This would not suprise me of Kris, and the older sisters hab

  8. cocobeannns says

    Kendall and Kylie Jenner with momma Kris playing favorites?

    This would not suprise me of Kris, and the older sisters have a joint clothing line.

  9. eldridek says

    This really sounds Kardashian like- I think that their mother is most likely to push for one kid over another/ push at all. I don’t see it being the other ones that have been mentioned (MAYBE the Simmons girls, I really don’t know anything about them).

    The cracken and her sister don’t have any plans for a line do they? I could see Dina Lohan being the kind of person to interfere and make one kid more successful than the other.

    • eldridek says

      Plus, the Kardashian’s seem to have more of a sibling rivalry thing going on to begin with.

  10. commonsense says

    Will guess that it’s the Jenner girls. Didnt take “fashion line” quite so literally, but accessories, imo, can fall under that too. Makes since because it was announced a few days ago that Kendell and Kylie are now trying to start a jewelry line.

  11. stolidog says

    seriously, this could be any sister team in hollywood.
    the obvious choice is the ghastly kardashian clan, but, could also be the olsens, the hiltons, the mccords, the duffs, the simpsons…it’s not like the blind says they are new to fashion.

  12. beckybrowneyes85 says

    I’m thinking Kim and Khole as well. The girl on the left resembles Kim somewhat and the girl on the right is taller and not as tan like Khloe is to Kim. Also Khloe’s favorite color is purple and the color is pretty dominant in the picture.

  13. Kerzep says

    How about Ali and Lyndsey Lohan? Their mother is all about money, so I’d say she’ll back Lyndsey.

  14. ChattyCathy says

    uggg! hate that i even have to type it but i’ll go with the kardashians~

    Now I gotta go wash my keyboard!!!

  15. jeannie says

    The Kardashians seem to be the common guess, but it doesn’t make sense. The main three (Kim/Kourt/Khloe) already have a fashion line together, so I don’t think it’s them. The blind sounds like someone starting out. The other daughters, Kendall and Kylie are another popular guess but it was recently announced that they are doing a joint line together.

    This yahoo news link explains the announcement of Kendall and Kyle Jenner doing a fashion line together and being the “next Olsen twins”. So this can’t be them either, because this blind is about siblings being wedged apart by their momager, not working together. (I really hope I explained the link well enough to get through moderation)

  16. CheshireKitty says

    I’m on board with Solange and Beyonce. Beyonce’s prepping to do maternity gear etc. Solange has always tried to be like Beyonce, and always runs second place. I could see Tina backing Beyonce though because she’s a surer thing.

    Because the Kardashians already have a line, I’m not inclined to vote for them, and LiLo has a line already too. So do the Olsens, Jessica Simpson, and Hilton.

  17. Marissa says

    It’s probably the Kardashians, but I’ll guess Dakota & Elle Fanning, for variety’s sake. But I don’t know why the Kardashians would need start up cash. They’ve made a ton of money.

  18. CurlEgirl says

    Simmons, Mowerys, Simpsons, KarTRASHians, Hiltons, Duffs, Fannings and Knowls…none of them would NEED money to start a fashion line.

    The BLOHANS are the only ones I can think of that are hard up for money.

  19. ILoveGlitter says

    I’d love to go like… maybe 2 days without hearing the word “Kardashian” at all.