She’s Being Pursued By Pal’s Girlfriend

[National Enquirer] This female A-lister is being doggedly pursued by the latest girlfriend of her good pal, another A-list star. The blonde girlfriend is determined to make the aloof actress/director her new BFF! Who are they?



Pal’s Girlfriend:

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95 comments to She’s Being Pursued By Pal’s Girlfriend

  • SouthJerseyGirl

    Only A-list actress/director I can think of is Jodie Foster. No clue who the pal or her friend is though. I’m so bad at guessing these but I love reading them.

  • Ralphie

    Angelina Jolie, Clooney and Stacy Keibler.


    Actress/Director Angelina Jolie
    Pal George Clooney
    Pals girlfriend Stacy Keibler

  • Bromance1979

    A-list actress/director could be Angelina Jolie and the blonde, George Clooney’s latest girlfriend, Stacey Kiebler.

  • malkatz

    I’m going with Kate Winslet, and whoever Leo is seeing this week.

  • dani948

    Female A list aloof actress/director who would be pursued by another female, which also implies that she’s a lesbian? The only thing I’ve got is Jodie Foster. Have no idea who the friend and her girlfriend are.

  • Ozymandius

    Jodie Foster for the ‘female A-lister ‘?

    Who’s Mel Gibson dating now?

  • amagod121

    1. LeAnn Rimes
    2. Michelle, crazy former “BFF” of Brandi, who is claiming Brandi was schtupping Michelle’s ex, making Brandi a lying ho.
    3. Brandi G.

    In other words, I have no clue to this one.

  • stratacat

    angie, clooney, & that kibbles * that thinks she’s gonna last.

  • randijane

    Could this be Clooney/Keibler/Crawford?

  • dedhamguy

    Jodie Foster
    Ellen Degeneres
    Portia deRossi

  • buttercup

    I’m getting a whiff of George Clooney and Stacey Whatsherface. For the friend? Sandra Bullock? Angelina?

  • karlos

    actress/director jodie foster
    pal mel gibson
    pal’s girlfriend ?

  • YesMaam

    Angelina Jolie
    George Clooney
    Stacey Keibler

  • RedScience

    Angelina Jolie pursued by George Clooney’s current blonde chick (can’t keep up with their names, they change so much. Keebler perhaps?)

  • PoniTayl

    Actress/Director: Gwyneth Paltrow

    Pal: P. Diddy

    Pal’s Girlfriend: Cameron Diaz

    (I wanted to go with Courtney Love as the GF, but I don’t think she’s dating anyone currently…

  • Singapore Slang

    Actress/Director: Drew Barrymore

    Still thinking about the pal and pal’s girlfriend…

  • TM1973

    Angelina Jolie
    George Clooney
    Stacy Keibler

  • katycat


  • bigtexashair

    I kne this prob doesn’t work, but all I can think of is George clooney, Keibler and Cindy Crawford.but I know Cindy is no director.

  • lcl222

    Angelina Jolie
    George Clooney
    Stacy Keibler

  • Run4Est

    Angelina Jolie? With the blonde girlfriend being Stacy Keibler and pal George Clooney? Although I think George is more a friend of Brad’s but I think he is friends with Angelina too.

    First post! LOVE the site!!

  • mynerva



    Stacey Kiebler

  • funkyhomosapien

    First thing that popped into my mind for the aloof actress/director is Drew B.
    No clue for the others

  • leerey

    George Clooney
    Stacy Keibler as the “latest” girlfriend

  • CinderellaKid

    Actress/Director: Angelina Jolie
    Pal: George Clooney
    Pal’s Girlfriend: Stacy Keibler

  • ASBO5ive

    Actress/Director: Angie Jolie

    Pal: Clooney

    Pal’s Girlfriend: Stacy Keibler

  • LolaStewart

    Jodie Foster for the actress and Mel Gibson for the pal. No idea on the girlfriend.

  • Jordan Joelle

    Sandra Bullock
    Ryan Reynolds
    Blake Lively

    • tiggerlgh

      I Think you may have it!

    • Guestimate

      I think this is a great guess too! Didn’t they all have dinner together in a group atmosphere recently?

      As for the comments about Jolie, Clooney and Kiebler, Jolie’s too busy to make BFF’s and although Clooney and Pitt are really good friends, I can see Jolie despising him. She probably thinks that Clooney and Pitt act like a bunch of immature imbeciles when the “guys” all get together and wouldn’t want to have anything to do with them!

    • catherinetl

      I like this guess!!!

  • DGBigD7

    Angelina, George & Stacy

  • CurlEgirl

    Angelina Jolie/George Cloonie/Stacy Keibler?

  • AnotherNic2Remember

    Actress/Director Angelina Jolie

    Pal George Clooney

    Pals gf Stacy Keebler

  • LavaMama

    Actress/Director: Jodie Foster
    Pal: Rose O’Donnell
    Pal’s Girlfriend: Michelle Rounds

  • kscottpetra1

    Actress/Director:Angelina Jolie
    Pal:George Clooney
    Pal’s Girlfriend:Stacy Keibler

  • therock

    ?? Is the other A lister a lesbian or a guy????

  • jeannie

    Female A list actress/director has to be Angelina Jolie. The blond girlfriend might be George Clooney’s new girl, Stacey something?

  • LondonLady

    Actress: Angelina

    Pal: Clooney

    Pal’s GF: Stacey K

  • ILoveGlitter

    I’m wanting to say Sandra Bullock as the actress/director.. Ryan Reynolds as her pal and Blake Lively as the girlfriend. But is Sandra “aloof”? I’ve heard very nice things about her.

  • VelvetyRichChocolate

    Ohhh..Juicy but no clue. Thinking Actress director only can name Madonna and Jodie Foster

  • Orayne

    Cloonies new girlfriend and Joilie.

  • MissFaye

    The Actress/Director is Angelina Jolie

  • Junior Mint

    well, the A-list director has to be Jodie Foster. The pal…Mel Gibson? GF A no-name?

  • Ayumgrace

    1) Angelina
    2) George Clooney
    3) His current girlfriend.

  • Aubergine Skye

    Actress/Director: Sandra Bullock
    Pal: Ryan Reynolds
    Pal’s Girlfriend: Blake Lively

    (P.S. Love your work!)

  • bananas

    Its gotta be Jodie Foster for the director/actress ….not sure about the pursuer yet.

  • bananas

    Ah, right..jodie foster is doing a movie with Ryan Reynolds. RIPD or something. Blake Lively is trying to weasel her way in I suppose.

    • dee123

      Can totally see this. If she becomes pals with Jodie Foster she probably thinks some class & talent might rub off onto her.

    • DesertGhost

      I like this guess too. It would be right out of the Blake Lively playbook too.

  • riddlemethis

    Aloof Actress/Director – Angelina Jolie
    Pal – George Clooney?
    Pal’s girlfriend – Stacy whatshername?

  • Miss Chief

    Angelina Jolie being the actress/director, George Clooney being the pal, and Stacey Keibler being the blonde g/f?

  • sallydoll85

    Sandra Bullock, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds ….or Angelina Jolie, Stacy Kiebler, George Clooney… I have no idea

  • mrsdavis82206

    Actress: Angelina
    Pal: Clooney
    Pal’s girlfriend: Stacy Kiebler

  • raslebol

    Actress/director: Angelina Jolie
    Pal’s girlfriend: Tracy K

  • anniemp

    Actress/Director: Sandra Bullock

    Pal: Ryan Reynolds

    Pal’s GF: Blake Lively

  • kittyconfidential

    Pal: George Clooney
    Pal’s girlfriend: Stacy Kiebler
    Actress/Director: Angelina Jolie (?)
    My only hesitation with Ange is I don’t think she and George are friends… But can’t think of anyone else in those cirlces that Stacy would be doggedly pursuing

    • Juniper

      I was asking myself the same thing: are Angelina and George friends? I always think she doesn’t like him. The other clues seem to fit well though. And on second reading, it does not say FRIEND but it says good pal…. to me that could hint at the friendship really not being so great and rather, Brad and George being the real friends and Angelina just for the media’s sake says we are pals.
      I don’t know. But why not say good friend? To me the good pal points to it just being a pretend friendship which definitely fits Angelina in my eyes.

  • rhiannon

    Just found this sight and I LOVE it!!

    Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, and Stacy Keibler.

  • AlliCat

    Sandra Bullock, Ryan R, and Lively.
    (everyone’s guessing this, right?)

    • ILoveGlitter

      I guessed this and I thought everyone else would be too. But we’re in the minority here. Still feel confident though.

    • michelle

      I initially thought of Stacy Kiebler, but I like this guess better. I think you got it!

  • letskeepitlight

    Angelina Jolie

    George Clooney

    Stacy Keibler

  • fromatoznyc

    Actress/Director: Angelina Jolie
    Pal: George Clooney
    Pal’s Girlfriend: Stacy Keibler

  • gippercat

    Actress/Director: Angelina
    Pal: George Clooney
    Pal’s Girlfriend: Stacy Keibler

    That Stacy is only in her fauxmance w/Clooney to try to make a name for herself, propel herself into the spotlight. Of course she’d love to be BFFs with Angelina!

  • jcjuno

    Julia Roberts -actress/director
    George Clooney – pal
    Stacie Kiebler – pals gf

  • njchicaa

    Angelina, Stacey Kiebler, and George Clooney.

  • ATLMama

    This has to be Angelina, Stacey, and George. The blogs always talk about how “aloof” Angelina is on the red carpet. This might be a stretch, too, but Stacey had that picture of her in a bikini with some dog that made headlines a month or so ago. Maybe that’s a clue for the “doggedly” pursing. I don’t know that the National Enquirer puts that much thought into clues.

  • definitely

    I feel like bc it says “the latest girlfriend of her good pal” it has to be Sandra and Ryan. I never got the “pal” feeling from clooney and Jolie. I feel like she’s nice to him bc of brad.

  • Lexie88

    I don’t think Angelina pals with Clooney too much. I think it is Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. Ryan and Sandra are close.

  • ldylkngb

    Actress/director Drew Barrymore, but her pals? too many to guess!! Cameron, Justin, Luke, Courtney, Jennifer??????

  • malkatz

    I don’t think she’s pursuing her romantically- it says, on the next line, she’s trying to be friends. I think this is more platonic.

  • rafaelhgc

    angie is a+

  • BitterBlondin

    I thought Jolie and Clooney hated each other.

    • Megley

      Exactly. It is no secret that she detests Clooney so they are NOT pals. She’s not exactly “aloof” either. That said, I’m going with Foster as the director and that’s all I got.

  • Dont Know For Sure

    I think it might be Angelina and George with the girlfriend hoping to be BFF Stacey. I remember hearing that Angie said that she doesn’t have any female friends and that Brad and the kids were pretty much her only friends, this could be where the part of being “aloof” comes from plus why she would be apprehensive about being friends with Stacey. They are probably embellishing the part about her being pals with the other party in the blind.

  • imjustababyduck

    How about Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and Sandra Bullock? Has Sandy ever directed?

  • phyllis

    Actress/Director: Jodie Foster
    Friend: Ryan Reynolds
    Blonde: Blake Livelee