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[BlindGossip] Everyone knows this cute actor, although you might be hard-pressed to name more than one role he played. He finally got engaged to his girlfriend right around Christmas, but there hasn’t been any announcement yet. Why not? It’s because he’s hoping that some entertainment news program or gossip magazine will slip him a little extra money for the exclusive. Although he is gorgeous, we’re not sure he is gossip-worthy enough that a prominent show or magazine would have slated him as their lead story or their cover. Oh, wait! We take that back. There is one TV show that just might make him their lead story.

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It’s Mario Lopez! Source: BlindGossip

Congratulations to Mario Lopez and Courtney Mazza! They had a beautiful baby girl named Gia last year, and will now be making their little family official by tying the knot this year.

They got engaged over Christmas, but the public announcement won’t be made until later this week. Although Katy Parry and Russell Brand will dominate the tabloid covers this week, Mario and Courtney will get a sidebar photo on one cover (we think it’s Us Weekly) and an article within. In lieu of payment, that same magazine will pick up the tab for the wedding. Their honeymoon destination will be a Mexican resort, which – yes, you guessed it – will be picking up the tab for the honeymoon. Mario sure knows how to work those contacts! Hey, one flash of those handsome dimples and we might have offered to pick up the tab, too! We will assume that Extra, the entertainment show he hosts, will be generous with their television coverage of this beautiful couple.

From Us Weekly:

Mario Lopez Engaged to Courtney Mazza!

Mario Lopez is ready to make an honest woman out of Courtney Mazza.

The 38-year-old Extra host popped the question over New Year’s weekend in Ixtapa, Mexico, Lopez tells the new issue of Us Weekly (on stands Friday).

“We took a walk alone as the sun was setting,” says Lopez. “I told Courtney that I wanted the mother of my children to have their last name. She was silent at first from shock, then she leaped for joy and did a little jete!”

The couple, who have been together since 2008 and are parents to 2-year-old Gia, plan to wed in Mexico later this year.

“Besides our daughter’s birth, this was the best moment of my life!” Mazza, 28, tells Us.

This was an easy one with which to start out the year. If you caught the key words EXTRA and SLATED, it should have led you directly to Mario, who hosts Extra  and played Slater in Saved by the Bell.

Guesswhat was first with the correct guess, while Annhog1 was the first to pick up on all the clues. Lots of you got this one right. Nice job, everyone!

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