1. EvaDiva says

    B.O.B.? B-list, but no awards in 2011.

    Drake? Won a bunch of BMI awards in 2011, and “best friend” makes me think of ‘Best I Ever Had’. I thought he was considered A-list in Hip Hop, though.

    That’s all I got.

  2. KWDragon says

    B-lister – Drake
    Girlfriend – back with Nebby
    Friend – Cee Lo? They were all at the Times Square NYE party

    • MasterShake says

      I agree with this guess. There are pics of Nebby and his friends feeling her up on Mediatakeout

  3. VelvetyRichChocolate says

    I am going to go with Drake on this one..the girlfriend is rumored to be a video drop it and pop it been around the block type girl Dollicita or something like that

  4. SnowyHeights says

    I think Drake is more around a B+/A-. How about that kid Tyler the Creator? He’s not the most popular but he’s really big with a lot of hipsters. I thought of Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose, but Google tells me her birthday is in October.

    • Herkeda says

      The BI doesn’t state that the B-list rapper is throwing a birthday bash for her. It could be a surprise bash, just because. Or linked to when they first started dating. Or some new gig that she snagged or something….

  5. tequilafish says

    I am going to go with Frank Ocean.

    Funny that he also has a song called Girlfriend’s Best Friend. Anyway the girlfriend would be Alycia Bellamy apparently.

  6. amagod121 says

    Would someone be so kind as to explain the difference between hip hop and rap for me? Thanks!

  7. IthinkIknow says

    B-List hip hop artist: Wiz K.

    Girlfriend: Amber Rose

    Best Friend: Yelawolf

    First time posting. Had to give this one a guess!

  8. xdeveny says

    Drake, Nebby and some dude from his crew would be a good guess. I saw the post on Media Takeout too. I really doubt Amber would cheat on Wiz. Wiz is her ticket to wherever the f*ck she wants, but then again you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife.

  9. mmlovexd says

    This makes me kind of sad, because I love Drake so much, but this fits him. He is defintley A++ in the hip hop world, but in the whole realm of celebrity, I could see him being “b list.” The girl of course being Nebby, even though those pics on mto were old, but still.

  10. Herkeda says

    Drake is A-list. He also doesn’t seem to have a girlfriend. He’s allegedly going in between Dollicia Bryan (American video vixen) and some Canadian girl named Nebby right now). I doubt that this BI is about him.

    I’m gonna go with Wiz Khalifa, who won a couple of BET awards (including Best New Artist) a few months ago. His girlfriend is Amber Rose, Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend. His best friend who is cheating with Amber: Mac Miller or Yelawolf. Given Amber’s probable type, I’d say Yelawolf is the likelier suspect who she’d cheat with on Wiz.

  11. ItsSoColdinTheD says

    I’m gonna guess
    Rapper- Jim Jones
    GF- Chrissy
    Friend- Juelz

    Although it probly is WizK and Amber Rose since she’s been with ever rapper she can get her hands on Kanye, WizK, Fabulous and then some


    Was reading this and thought of Wiz and AR straight away. Could the yellow dress be a clue or just coincidence. Would like to think that it isn’t her as she genuinely seems to be in love with her man. Who knows maybe they have an agreement!

  13. CurlEgirl says

    Amber has been caught sending nekkid pics to other dudes besides WK (like Nikki Menaj’s man Safari) so I actually like that guess….