• Up the Coast says

      I have no idea…but this is a good guess, considering Roman Polanski IS a rapist, imo.

    • KissMyGrits says

      I don’t know whether your guess is right or not but I have to wonder why Hollyweird keeps this sleaze around.

    • Megley says

      I’ve heard this about these two before. If it was Chinatown, legendary director John Huston played Dunaway’s father, who rapes her in the movie and is the father of her “She’s my daughter! She’s my sister!” daughter-sister. Hmmm.

      • amagod121 says

        Yikes. Seriously. I most certainly wouldn’t put it past Polanski, the swine. Especially if the role “called for it.” (I’m saying that sarcastically, btw, with the willies running up and down my spine.)

        Sidenote: Interesting that Woody Allen is always championing Roman’s cause.

      • gippercat says

        Yes I remember Woody Allen – champion of children – coming out as an early & vocal defender of Polanski. It was laughable then & now. Agree w/Stackhouse’s boycott.

      • Stackhouse says

        After what you’ve pointed out, it’s certainly possible. Still, I find this blind to be difficult to solve as the entertainment industry is filled with very sick people, especially on top. There’s a lot of power there, and there are a special kind of people who are pathologically drawn to this type of position – and who are certainly not afraid to abuse it. In Hollywood, many have abused and many have been abused. That said, the girls Polanski raped was in their early teens at the time, this seems to be his ‘preference’, which makes him a hebephile, and I presume Dunaway was older than this. But then again, if you have crossed this line there are no other lines left to cross, so why wouldn’t he?

      • Lozza2 says

        Ick. Nothing would surprise me about this disgusting man. Whoever it was though, it’s so sad that she felt she had to keep it secret.

      • CheshireKitty says

        Considering your post on things… if her co-star rapist father was a director… a “titan” according to IMDB…

        I’m going to go with John Huston and Faye Dunaway. Why not Polanski? Even if she wasn’t willing to speak out then, I feel like Faye now would have come charging out during the scandal two years ago.

  1. Beatrixie says

    Maybe this is totally out of left field:

    Actress: Elizabeth McGovern (Oscar nom for best supporting actress in Ragtime)
    Director: Sergio Leone
    Film: Once Upon a Time in America

  2. sinamin says

    If this is true, the actress should file charges. He SHOULD NOT get away with this. Rape is rape, even in Hollywood,right?? I find this one hard to believe.

  3. CurlEgirl says

    Faye Dunaway did say that “shooting Chinatown was pure hell” and supposedly threw a cup of piss at Polanski but she’s tough I don’t think she would have just allowed that.

    Shelly Duvall, Stanley Kubrick – The Shining?

    • newbatgirl says

      Kubrick did terrorize Duvall during the filming to try to improve her performance – crazy middle of the night phone calls, etc. – but I can’t imagine he would be that much of a dirtbag as to actually physically assault her. Also, I don’t think she’s ever been nominated for an Oscar.

      I’d buy Polanski over Kubrick for this one. It’s well-established that Polanski is a piece of crap. If Dunaway did throw piss at him, I hope she nailed his face with it.

    • amagod121 says

      Wasn’t Kubrick supposed to be a professional, though? I seem to recall both Tom C. and Nicole K. raving about him.

      Still, ya never know. :-/

    • MissFaye says

      I’ll be the one to chime in here and say that people don’t just “allow” themselves to be r*ped.

      • Stackhouse says

        It wouldn’t be rape if they did. One can force someone to do something in many ways, but as long as they’re forced, there is no consent.

      • rosiedoes says

        I suspect what that poster meant – although it was badly phrased – was more that if it had happened, she wouldn’t have let it be covered up. She wouldn’t have allowed him to get away with it, rather than allowing him to do it.

    • raslebol says

      it’s true Nathalie Wood had sex with Nicolas Rey and Dennis Hopper(her partner in the movie) also but she agreed

    • thejadedentrepreneur says

      I seriously doubt that Natalie Wood “claims” anything since she’s been dead 30 years. Let’s use our heads folks.

      • raslebol says

        her love story with Nicolas ray and Dennis Hopper are in some Nathalie Wood’s biographies and if you want trash gossips on her,the rumor says Wood praticed the casting couch (with the agreement of her mother) when she was young and her first marriage with Robert Wagner ended because of her affair with Warren Beatty

  4. antiaphrodite says

    Something about this makes me think of Black Swan- so tentatively, Natalie Portman and Darren Aronofsky. Mainly because her character seems so victimized throughout the whole thing.. Don’t know if he counts as legendary though.

  5. xphile101 says

    What about Jodie Foster and Martin Scorsese with the movie being Taxi Driver?

    Although she’s an Oscar winner and not just nominee…

    • Katmandu says

      Martin Scorsese raped a closely supervised 14 year old? Who is one of the strongest most level headed people in H’wood history? What the hell is wrong with you???????

      • rosiedoes says

        “Who is one of the strongest most level headed people in H’wood history?”

        I don’t really see the relevance of this statement to his/her suggestion. Strong people can become the victim of rape and people who have been raped can be strong and level-headed. That doesn’t really make any sense at all.

      • Singapore Slang says

        Katmandu, you’re way overreacting to xphile’s comment and I’ll agree with rosiedoes.

  6. Katmandu says

    Well, (sigh) I can’t say No Way Ever. But I would think a sexually assaulted 14 year old actress would over the years ‘act out’, using a rape as an excuse to drink/smoke/snort/snarf drugs, go through meltdowns, etc. Not go on to a stellar career, go through college, work steadily in quality projects, and keep (seemingly) her nose clean and her name out of the tabloids. A rape at the age of 14 by a grampa figure is not now considered harmful to a girl’s development, I guess. My bad.

    • CheshireKitty says

      I was raped at a young age and although I had difficult periods, I got straight As throughout school including university, never became addicted to drugs, didn’t act out… I did do self-destructive things no one noticed, but I played off as perfectly adjusted for well over a decade. It depends very much on family support, upbringing, inherent personality, etc. what rape will do. I don’t think Jodie’s right either due to the level of supervision, but you’re writing off rape survivors as victims who will fall to pieces, which is demeaning and frankly insulting.