• ODDandOFFPUTTING says

      saw Liza at the Hollywood Bowl, she was awesome & totally put together.

      i wasn’t expecting her to be so lucid as i had heard she was a mess. but no mess!

      • mrsdavis82206 says

        That’s Lucille Ball her mom- Lucie Arnaz (daughter of Lucy and Desi Arnaz) recently gave a concert tribute in NYC honoring Desi Arnaz and I remember the article talking about a “standing ovation”

  1. WaitLemmeGuess says

    I’m going with Debbie Reynolds. She was in a movie called These Old Broads with Shirley MacLaine, Joan Collins, and Liz Taylor. Liz has passed and the other two aren’t known for their singing the way she is.

      • CoCoJoe says

        I don’t think it’s Debbie. She’s been on tv a lot lately in interviews & dancing reality shows; she seems pretty on the ball. She did belt out a phrase or two and I can imagine she can still carry a whole tune.

    • Mr.75205 says

      I will agree with this answer. “These Old Broads” was the clue and Debbie is touring. Plus, I think it’s a little late for her “Career to be killed”. Isn’t she 124 years old?

  2. amagod121 says

    Sadly, I do think it’s Liza. I add the “sadly” part because she used to be a phenomenal singer but has wasted it on drugs and booze. She can barely sing any more.

  3. YesMaam says

    I’ll say Barbara Cook. She just received a Kennedy Center Honor and still sings.

    I ADORE Debbie Reynolds, but lets be honest, she hasn’t had much of a career since the mid-’60s. She’s been playing cheesy Vegas showrooms after her ex-husband Harry Karl gambled all of her money.

    Sad thing to happen to a VERY nice woman.

  4. Okayeah says

    I don’t care who it is, it’s a horrible way to say it! Unless it is Debbie Reynolds and then it’s obviously a clue, but it’s still awful!

  5. LiamForeman says

    It’s Liza. I saw her a couple years ago and she is a mess. Her vibrato came in about five measures too late, she passed out, came back out and got a standing O. Even then people were saying this was a career killer, but that’s what people expect from her these days. Her live performances are so bad that if a Liza impersonator came out and did the gig no one would know any differently and still give her the standing O. When will Lorna finally get the acclaim that she is due? She’s a great singer.

  6. NorCalDude says

    Most of the old broads being guessed here could stand on stage for 20 minutes passing gas and still have a career…