• ivyleaguer says

      I just looked him up in Google images. And when they say he does p*rn, yep they were right. shocking! wouldn’t think Marc would be sleazy enough to go down that road however. My LV collection is starting to feel dirty.

  1. ivyleaguer says

    Calvin Klein’s boyfriend Nick Gruber just by chance before I logged on to BG I happened to be looking at photos of them online making out in July or August in the Village in NYC so this made this guess rather easy. Must be fate.

  2. Ninja Kitty says

    I don’t care, I am totally distracted by his choice in breakfast.. GENIUS! Clearly whoever his boyfriend is, they’re not together for his culinary skills, or to be Scrabble champions.

  3. rosiedoes says

    The spelling is silly, but as long as the kid isn’t eating babies for breakfast, I don’t see a problem.

  4. YesMaam says

    Calvin & Nick.

    None of my friends ever appreciates my celeb morsels.

    I once met Calvin Klein at a gym in Chelsea about a year ago. He got off of the spin machines. The man spends time around models all day & yet doesn’t fnd the time to steal a bit of mositurizer from them.

    The man had skin like a dried & dehydrated caramel apple. A fit body, though, and a friendly man, at least he was to me…

    *Goes back to sipping tea

  5. up2trouble says

    A lot of people eat cereal with milk for breakfast. Cookies are just cereal baked into another form. BTW, under my theories french fries (with ketchup) are a healthy side choice. They are a
    Potatoes (vegetable)and vegetable oil (vegetable). Ketchup is apple cider vinegar (fruit) and tomatoes (fruit).

      • Slammi says

        And beef, pork, and courgette were a few of the words that transferred into the English language through French, but wouldn’t you still be mad if someone whose first language uses those words couldn’t spell it right?