1. Tru Tru2 says

    Jimmy Kimmel’s ex, awww I forgot her name.
    Sarah whatchamagig..skinny annoying w/dark hair

  2. iknowiknow says

    Jenny McCarthy. She’s known for being mouthy, saying what she’s thinking and being loud. The comic was Jim Carrey, her ex and “she’s a scream” refers to her being Scream 3.

  3. BackinStOlaf says

    Bette Midler. She openly mocked Madonna at an awards she while presenting. She said “ferociously committed performances”, alluding to a review of “Evita”.

  4. CrazyInAlabama says

    The fellow comic comment made me think of Sarah Silverman. (Jimmy Kimmel being the fellow comic)

  5. Cheyanne says

    I’m gonna go with Miss Chelsea Handler.. She seems to love men and is basically shameless.

  6. Lizicia says

    My mind immediately jumped to Sarah Silverman, after the fellow comic part (Jimmy Kimmel). I’m pretty sure “she’s a scream” is a hint, not just poor grammar, but I don’t know what it’s hinting at.

  7. whitecrow says

    Whoopi Goldberg and Ted Danson.
    That’s if you count his comedic roles and his one *failed* attempt at all-out comedy (appearing at some function in blackface).