Designer Dogs Behaving Badly

[VillageVoice] Which designer who married really well brings her dog to work—as do some of her staffers—even though some of the other workers are allergic, and the dogs are horribly behaved, constantly fighting with one another and peeing on the clothes? (As a concession, a dog therapist now swings by every week to have a session with each creature. Meaning the dogs.)

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  1. the great chrysanthemum says

    Could be Diana von Furstenberg, she married a prince and still keeps his surname even though they parted decades ago. I don’t think it’s Georgina Chapman simply because marrying Harvey Weinstien would be ‘marrying really well’, more like marrying a frog than a prince.

  2. JellyBeans says

    Kimora Simmons..she is the only I can think of that has that DIVA attitude to do something like this.

  3. SayItAintSo says

    Lisa Vanderpump is coming out with a shoe line. Maybe that it is why the dog is in the shoe with the dog being giggy. Luv that boy though! lol

  4. ineedtoknowwho says

    Im upset that Ace did not post my earlier comment about the Village Voice. =(
    I still love you Ace!!!!!!!!!!! and this website!!!!!!!!!!!